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Endless Dungeon Boosts Excitement With New Artwork

Welcome to a tower defense adventure, where your death is by no means the end but always a promising new beginning.

The fact that Endless Dungeon is an ever-expanding universe is once again proven by the developers with brand-new concept art. The “Endless Concepts” meet the fans in the right mood for the already fixed release date.


It all started from scratch. In this game, a variety of different alien creatures scurry around, from bugs to insect-like beasts. But also, the ENDLESS™ universe has an origin. In a recent tweet, the developers give a glimpse of various concept art for different creatures, which you can check out below.


Tower defense and roguelite unite in Endless Dungeon

In this game, you’ll find yourself in an abandoned space station. Your mission is to defend a precious crystal from seemingly countless waves of monsters. ED is a roguelite game, so be prepared to die a lot, but each death brings new rebirths that will make you stronger as a fighter. The Saloon is your spawn point and hub, where you can upgrade your heroes and weapons, including placed guns, to better face the hordes of monsters.

But better don’t go for it alone, as Endless Dungeon is best played in Co-op mode with a team of up to three players. Assemble your suicide squad from legendary heroes who all have their special abilities, and get to know their secrets and motivations better. If that sounds appealing to you, check out the pre-order trailer for the game below. Intense battles and unique character madness.

In Endless Dungeon, you'll also be able to interact with players in the so-called saloon and watch a music band, for example.
Endless Dungeon screenshot (Source: Amplitude Studios/Sega)


Endless Dungeon is available for pre-order in different editions

If you’re eager to jump into the action, you can pre-order Endless Dungeon already. The game will be available for PC in different editions, both physically and digitally. You can get it on Steam, in the Epic Games Store, or for a lower price on Kinguin (affiliate link).

Choose between the Standard Edition or the Last Wish Edition, which also comes with Closed Beta Access, 48h Early Access, and “Final Rodeo” OpenDev Access.

Console gamers can also rest easy knowing that Endless Dungeon will be released simultaneously for PS4/PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. And there are also plans for a Nintendo Switch release in 2023. So gather your team, choose your edition, and get ready to take on the never-ending fight of Endless Dungeon.

Here, players are currently shooting many insects flying toward them in a spaceship area.
Screenshot from Endless Dungeon (Source: Amplitude Studios/Sega)


If you love the challenge of space

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How do you like the mix of tower defense and roguelite? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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