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Armored Core VI: A Game-Changer or Just a Soulsborne in Space?

FromSoftware's new stroke of genius is about to be released. But how much genius is in the new installment of the mech series? A look behind the scenes.

Star Wars Outlaws Is Big but Authentic (Dev News)

Ubisoft''s new open world Star Wars title is taking shape. In a newly released dev deep dive, we got new insights about the iconic worlds we can travel to as Kay Vess and more.

Ubisoft Fires up the Blaster With Star Wars Outlaws + Gameplay

Get ready for a whole new Star Wars game experience. Discover the variety and scale of the game and learn all the important details thanks to extensive insights from Ubisoft.

Starfield Takes off With Extensive Jaw-Dropping Gameplay Insights

Bethesda is known for storytelling, skill systems, and great design. As a brand new gameplay showcase proves, the upcoming new sci-fi title benefits from these strengths.

Armored Core 6 – Exciting News About Release Date & Gameplay

Fans of the Mech series eagerly await the release of the sixth installment by FromSoftware. The rumor mill is bubbling because a publication date seemingly has been set.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Soon Unleashes Its Tremendous Power

The new Star Wars title from Respawn Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games is in the starting blocks and can already be pre-ordered. Find out what the sequel promises to do even better.

Falling Frontier: Sci-Fi RTS Sparks Excitement for Release Date

Stutter Fox Studios is pursuing big galactic plans with its new RTS space simulation. Now another trailer is causing a stir, which at the same time leaves questions unanswered.

Starfield’s Release Date Is Finally Set: Welcome Aboard, Captain

Bethesda's next big IP will come in 2023. We can provide you with more information about the massive space RPG, and you can be sure to get even more exciting news about it in the very near future.

Returnal Review – Is The New PC Sci-Fi Shooter Worth Your Time?

It's a game that will challenge you to the hardest but also rewards you. An innovative roguelike that has many strengths and few weaknesses. Our extensive review clears things up.

Lightyear Frontier Is the Interstellar Answer to Stardew Valley

Escape the conventional farming simulation titles and head to alien planets that have all their own plant and animal life. A world full of secrets and a healthy amount of variety awaits you.

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