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Final Fantasy 16: Unleash the Eikon Beasts Already in the Demo

It still remains a mystery what exactly happens to Joshua Rosfield in FF16. Hopefully we'll know more after the release date.

The tension is rising—Final Fantasy 16 gears up for its release date on PlayStation 5 this month. Now a demo is available, allowing players to experience the essential gameplay features of FFXVI. Discover everything you need to know about this highly anticipated title with our preview.


Most RPG franchises have yet to achieve the worldwide fame and popularity that the Final Fantasy series enjoys. Another reason for the hype is on the horizon as Final Fantasy XVI is set to release exclusively for the PS5 on June 22nd. Besides, there is not only a lot of gameplay to marvel at; you can even test the game for free before its official release.


Play the new Final Fantasy 16 demo

The announcement occurred during a pre-launch celebration, which was also live-streamed for the community. According to Producer Naoki Yoshida, the FF16 demo for the PS5 allows you to play the prologue, offering approximately two hours of gameplay. It’s a fantastic way to become familiar with the world of Final Fantasy 16.

What’s cool: you can carry over your demo progress to the full version of the game. Upon completing the prologue, you unlock the “battle demo” to test Clive’s combat skills and his “Eikon abilities.” Download the Final Fantasy 16 demo directly from the PlayStation Store.

A dark giant creature is seen in close-up looking grimly at flying crystals in Final Fantasy 16.
Screenshot of Final Fantasy XVI (Source: Square Enix)


The war has broken out in Valisthea

The story in FF XVI takes place on the medieval continent of Valisthea, consisting of six kingdoms divided into the Eastern half Ashra and the Western half Styrm. As expected, it is again about a lot of magic and crystals.

These crystals are the emblems of the kingdoms built around them and the source of the Aether or magic in the areas in question. Only so-called Dominants can use this magic. These are persons with a deadly power called Eikon. Some Dominants are treated like kings; some are banished or abused as weapons.

In Final Fantasy 16, the order of the world is in danger. Rot spreads and causes the lands to die off. The Aether, the basis of life in Valisthea, vanishes. As a result, the war of the Six Realms has broken out over the remaining resources. During this war, your adventure begins as the protagonist Clive Rosefield, who has sworn to protect his brother Joshua.

Joshua Rosfield can be seen in princely red clothing, looking into the camera. In FF16, he is also a Dominus.
Joshua Rosfield in Final Fantasy XVI (Source: Square Enix)


Joshua has been appointed heir to the throne of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria. He is also a Dominus who controls Phoenix, the firebird’s power. However, for reasons still unknown, Rosaria is invaded and a tragic incident occurs that leads you to embark on a vendetta.


Final Fantasy 16’s gameplay comes with a new combat system

Final Fantasy XVI introduces a significant innovation in its combat system, which happens in real-time, providing more action-packed and dynamically engaging fights. A crucial aspect of the system revolves around the “Eikon Abilities.”

Eikons are powerful mythological beings that can form connections with specific individuals known as Dominants, granting them their power. As Clive, we can access some of these skills while continuously encountering new Eikons to unlock more powerful abilities.


Benefit from the different Eikon abilities

As Clive, you can determine two different Builds you can switch between, each incorporating another Eikon and, thus, playstyle. The Eikons harness various elements, such as Rahmu unleashing lightning-based attacks or Phoenix providing fire support in combat.

In addition to offensive Eikons, passive ones focus on counter-attacks or defense rather than dealing damage. Some are designed for targeted assaults, while others can affect multiple enemies simultaneously, such as Phoenix. With numerous combinations available, there are plenty of opportunities for experimentation.


You have fluffy company

While discovering the word of Valisthea, you are not alone, as Torgal, a loyal wolf, fights alongside you. This faithful companion has been with Clive since childhood and provides valuable support in battle. Torgal can attack enemies, toss them into the air, and even heal you when needed. You can give him commands like “Heal,” “Sic,” or “Ravage,” and you can also have him search for the right path, which proves to be a helpful feature during exploration.

The following video playlist lets you dive right into the world of Final Fantasy 16 with its  combat mechanics and epic story:


Final Fantasy XVI comes in two editions

The game is available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store in the Standard and Digital Deluxe Editions. Here you get a brief overview of the contents of the two editions:


Standard Edition – $69.99

  • Pre-order bonus: Braveheart
  • Pre-order bonus: Cait Sith’s Charm
  • Pre-order bonus: Scholar’s Spectacles


Digital Deluxe Edition – $89.99

  • Digital Mini Artbook
  • Digital Mini Soundtrack
  • Pre-order bonus: Braveheart
  • Pre-order bonus: Cait Sith’s Charm
  • Pre-order bonus: Scholar’s Spectacles
We see a gigantic eikon that looks like a powerful fiery demon.
Screenshot from Final Fantasy XVI (Source: Square Enix)


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