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Bloody Spell Is a Hack ‘N’ Slash Soulslike With Bikinis & Thongs

The game satisfies the needs of players on several levels... ;-) Often, intense close combat meets intimate melee.

Bloody Spell is very trendy right now. The action RPG offers dark, intense battles à la Darksouls. But, the game provides even more attractions for the players with the help of several mods.


The Hack ‘n’ Slash RPG Bloody Spell is a hit on Steam and has many active players. In August of last year, the title got a fresh major update, in which the developers also reworked the sixth chapter of the main story. But what is so unique about this title?


What the game is about

Bloody Spell is an indie action RPG from the Chinese studio Elong Games. The game’s story takes place in ancient China. You follow the protagonist and his sister, who train to become assassins in a monastery. After a demonic clan kidnaps your sister for some unknown reason, you embark on a mission to rescue her and seek revenge. The game features a variety of rival clans and demonic creatures to battle, and you have to make your way through nicely designed ruins, dungeons, and tombs.


Bloody Spell gameplay offers you more than just heavy combat

The game’s combat mechanics are fast-paced and challenging, with a difficulty level similar to Ninja Gaiden. Besides many hack-and-slash and boss fights, the game also features puzzles and platforming sections. In close combat, you have a range of weapons and combos and can perform impressive melee moves. If you don’t want to face this adventure alone, you can let two other friends join for 3-player Co-op and go on the journey as a threesome.

The player fights on a dusty meadow with a huge sword against two big demons. The gameplay of Bloody Spell is very fast-paced.
Bloody Spell screenshot (Source: Elong Games)


What mods are available for the action RPG game?

In Bloody Spell, you’ll play a male protagonist. However, the game allows you to fundamentally change your character’s look via mods from a muscular warrior to a charming female warrior without clothes. Given the storyline, this may seem strange, but obviously many players enjoy precisely that. The available alternative content of the game can be found in the Steam Workshop.


Get Bloody Spell on Steam or for a discount

If this game sounds like something you might enjoy, you can buy it at the regular price via Steam or at cheaper rates via Kinguin (affiliate link). With the variety of mods and difficulty level, this is definitely a title that has a lot to offer. Be water, my friend – and/or naked. The choice is yours.

The player fights an assassin in a field between wooden huts. A typical gameplay moment from the game.
Screenshot from Bloody Spell (Source: Elong Games)


If you want to dive even deeper into brutal fights

Pretty warrior women are beautiful to look at and have appeal. However, if you want to focus solely on fierce contests on the battlefield, we can recommend our ranking of the best Souls Like Games. For more exciting multiplayer games to play with your friends on the console, our favorite PS5 Multiplayer Games are also worth checking out.

Also, the upcoming Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8 will undoubtedly provide intense PvP duels. If you instead prefer hunting witches and demons, Witchfire should be on your radar.


Are you a fan of Bloody Spell? What do you think is the biggest strength of this Soulslike title? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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