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Film Director Reveals New Silent Hill Games and Movie in the Making

Finally more details for moviegoers, horror game lovers, and fans of the game series to increase excitement.

In a recent video interview, Christophe Gans talked about several upcoming Silent Hill games and also about a new Silent Hill movie that is being worked on. We have gathered the details for you.

As the director of the suspenseful horror film “Silent Hill” released in 2006, Christophe Gans now revealed a lot about the franchise’s development plans in the game and film fields in a French video interview a few days ago.


Not just a single new Silent Hill game, but multiple

In the video interview with the French website MaG, Christophe Gans acknowledged that multiple new Silent Hill games are in development. He said he is currently working with the original creators of Konami Games, the Silent Team. He met Silent Team while filming his first Silent Hill movie which was released in 2006. At the same time, Christophe Gans mentioned that he was not directly involved in game development. He did not work with Kojima. When the interviewer mentioned that the Bloober Games team is also working on the Silent Hill 2 Remake, Christophe Gans replied with approval. In addition, he confirmed that there are several different teams. Each is currently working on the development of the new Silent Hill games.

Silent Hill is a well-known psychological horror video game series published by the Japanese game company Konami. The first game was released in March 1999 and was developed by Konami’s Silent Team until the fourth sequel.

On this crop of the 2006 Silent Hill movie poster, we see the young girl Alessa in the background with her eyes wide open in a close-up and with a fearful look. In front of her, in the lower part of the picture, there are, due to the framing, some cut undead running in our direction as viewer. A good example for a possible new Silent Hill movie cover. The style of the picture resembles an old slightly crumbling oil painting.
Alessa Gillespie on the 2006 Silent Hill movie poster (Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment)


A new Silent Hill movie is also in the works

As one of the successful cases of game adaptation movies, a predecessor to the one from 2006 was released in 2012, directed by Michael J. Bassett. Unfortunately, it seemed to have not continued the audience reputation of the first one. However, Christophe Gans has revealed that he will be directing the new Silent Hill film. Production is set to begin as early as February 2023.


The director also said that he would add more psychological and psychoanalytical elements to the subsequent Silent Hill film. He wants to show moviegoers that it is not only a strange maze that changes shape but also a tortured projection of the soul. Sometimes even a projection of a sense of extreme contradiction between mad love and violence.

Recently, we already wrote about a Silent Hill Game Sequel: For those who want to shorten the wait a bit for a new game and movie, we can also recommend the free remake of the P.T. game which was a teaser for a canceled Silent Hill title and one of the scariest games we’ve played so far.

What was your most terrifying experience with the Silent Hill franchise so far? We look forward to your stories in the comments below.

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