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Among Us Alternative From Top 3 Best Steam Games to Flop? (Update)

The merciless war between geese and ducks has made headlines in recent weeks and has now become an international (and absurd) affair. So today also the player numbers.

A free Among Us Alternative is currently posting record numbers on Steam in terms of simultaneous players and came remarkably close to the throne of the best steam game. Can it keep the players?


Quack. We are talking about the free-to-play indie game Goose Goose Duck. The title is currently so trendy that it recently overtook (or should we say fluttered over) the top dog Among Us, whose game concept it is very closely based on. GGD is an online deduction game in which ducks must try to kill actual geese while they are disguised as such, while the geese must work together to complete several tasks and unmask supposed ducks. Sounds like a quirky title? It is indeed – containing a lot of fun!

Here we see a sceenshot from the original title, which has recently been overtaken by the Among Us alternative Goose Goose Duck in terms of simultaneous player numbers. The image shows a kill moment. In the middle, you can see the Imposter on the left and a Crew-mate on the right in a long shot. The Imposter is a turquoise-colored astronaut in a comic look and the Crew-mate looks the same but has a yellow color. The Imposter spears the crew member's head with a pointed tongue and wide open mouth. The gruesome scene is underlined by a huge bright red flame running horizontally through the image behind the two characters. In the background, we see a section of the spaceship from an isometric perspective, which is very similar in shape to the spaceship from GGD.
killing scene in Among us (Source: Innersloth)


Update, January 17, 2023

The abrupt drop in player numbers looked suspicious when writing the article. Websites like SteamCharts showed stagnation without further significant swings to only a few thousand players between January 9 and 12. Subsequently, however, the graphs returned to their old popularity, and everything is as it was. Apparently just an anomaly due to server or software difficulties, which now seems to have been resolved.


Original article, January 10, 2023

Among Us Alternative is especially trendy in Asian countries

According to the numbers on Steamcharts, it is clear that the free Among Us spin-off was very trendy, especially in the Asian region. There it was able to record a new peak value of 640.324 current players. Thus, the game ranked after Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (1.133.610) and Dota 2 (748.150) in third place among the best Steam games at this time. But this peak is no exception. GGD has already been measuring comparable heights for several weeks, and the trend has kept increasing, especially in the Asian regions.


The well-known industry analyst Daniel Ahmad noted in a recent tweet that the Among Us Alternative is especially popular in South Korea and China. This type of game is excellent for live streaming online, and according to Ahmad, the title has ranked as the 8th most streamed game in China in the last two weeks.

A very comparable kill scene from Goose Goose Duck can be seen. Instead of the astronauts, there are two cute-looking birds here, which are a gray-colored duck on the left as the Imposter and an innocent goose on the right as the Crew Mate. The goose is about to be grilled by the duck with a flamethrower, so it is in the middle of a big orange flame. The scene is underscored here not with a large flame but with a large blood stain. Here, too, the spaceship area and location of the action are still shown in the isometric perspective in the background.
Similar killing scene in GGD (Source: Gaggle Studios)


However, it remains to be seen whether the trend can continue. Since yesterday evening, it seems that far fewer players are currently returning to the title. Only around 5% of the typical amount of players came back at the time of writing. This could be a possible anomaly, for example, because the game servers are experiencing technical problems. It might also just be declining popularity.

But this appears to be very abrupt regardless of that and is quite noticeable. Another, more far-reaching, alternative could be that the number of players in the last weeks did not quite correspond to the real facts and was “helped” with unfair means to generate fake numbers for a higher player count. However, this is only one of the possible explanations at this point, which cannot be confirmed. We will continue to monitor this and keep you up to date.


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