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Summoners War Chronicles: Beginner Tips & Tricks to Succeed

Gotta catch 'em all! Summoners War Chronicles reminds us a lot of a game from a previous era.

The MMORPG Summoners War Chronicles currently has many captivating players on Steam. If you want to get into the game and get an edge over other players, look at our tips and tricks.


It is a game that is very similar to Genshin Impact in its gameplay, and the vast world includes more than 1000 monsters. Summoners War Chronicles by Com2US is celebrated by millions worldwide and has been available for Android, iOS, macOS, and PC since October 2022.


Protect the kingdom in Summoners War Chronicles

It’s up to you to protect the kingdom of Rahil as a guardian from a vast conspiracy. In Summoners War: Chronicles, you’ll discover and explore a massive world with your summoned companions in the familiar universe of the Summoners War franchise. The following trailer already gives you a good insight into the game:


Become a fearsome Summoner with these eight tips

Finding your way around Summoners War Chronicles can be a challenge at first. The game has many ways to progress and level up your character. But with patience and the right know-how, you will find your way around the MMORPG. Our Summoners War tips and insights will hopefully be helpful for you.


1. Tutorial

It is obvious, but many players are too impatient and immediately skip this stage. When you start Summoners War Chronicles, the tutorial is your first important task. Do not skip this step! In this phase, you’ll learn the helpful basics of gameplay and gain an overview of the title and how it works. It’s also a safe boot camp where you can learn by trial and error. Upon completion, you will already have a considerable amount of know-how that will be useful to you.


2. Main quest-line

As an RPG, Summoners War Chronicles also has various side quests that you can focus on. However, the main quests are a crucial part of the game, and it is worthwhile for you to focus on them. You will get the most currencies and rewards if you follow these. Furthermore, only through this can you experience and understand the complete story.


3. Daily events

Maybe you have heard about them before. Daily events come in different forms, and they are worth completing. You should pay special attention to these events in Summoners War Chronicles. Here’s why:


Daily dungeons

Certain dungeons are available on different days of the week to give you special rewards. The dungeons grant you extra bonuses. For example, in the Hall of Fire on Thursdays, you’ll get Fire Essences, while in the Magic dungeon on Mondays, you’ll get Magic Essences. To access the daily dungeons, click “Dungeon” in the main menu and select “Daily Dungeons.”


Daily missions

You can complete several daily missions to get rewards such as energy, crystals, or mana stones. Your tasks can be, for example, summoning monsters, winning specific battles, or upgrading runes. If you complete all the dailies, you can even win bonus rewards. To access the daily missions, click “Events” in the main menu and select “Daily Missions.”


World boss

This event is a unique adventure where you can cooperate with players worldwide to defeat a massive boss and win lucrative rewards. The world boss is available daily, but only for a limited time. To challenge them, click “Events” in the main menu and select “World Boss.”


Dimension hole

Face extraordinary challenges with this event to get unique rewards. The dimension hole is also available every day. You can enter it to complete a unique quest to get valuable items like Dimensional Crystals that can be used to upgrade Dimensional Monsters. To access the dimension hole, click “Dimension Hole” in the main menu.

Learn essential tips and tricks on how to win Summoners War Chronicles against nasty beasts, as shown here.
Summoners War Chronicles screenshot (Source: Com2uS)


4. Combat system guide

Summoners War Chronicles has an accessible but strategic combat system that is interesting for beginners and advanced players alike. Below, we will give you an overview of the game’s combat mechanics.


Fight with monsters

You collect monsters in the game and train them for battle. Each monster has unique attributes and abilities. You can also improve their abilities with runes.


Turn-based battle system

Summoners War Chronicles includes a turn-based battle system. You alternate turns with your monsters against your opponent’s monsters. Whoever still has monsters at the end wins the battle.


Skill system

Your monsters can use several skills in battle. These can heal, inflict damage, weaken, strengthen, or cause other effects. Through events and contests, you get Skill Stones, which you can use to increase these.



With the help of runes, you can make your monsters more effective fighters and optimize their abilities. You will find six types of runes, each with its own effects. If you combine several runes of the same type, you can level up the rune.


Skills of the five elements

The skills are based on the elemental system, meaning each skill is strong and particularly weak against another. Water, fire, light, darkness, and wind are the five elements. For example, fire is weak against water but strong against the wind.


5. Tips for progressing

The key to success in the game is gaining experience and leveling up. The gradual ascent to higher levels and the collection and training of suitable monsters are crucial. Besides the fundamental main quest, you should also complete explorations and side quests to level up in the game and ensure a smooth progression.


6. Level up your pets

You can use four methods to strengthen your monsters, regardless of their rarity. You have these four options in the game.


Leveling up

The easiest and most effective way to increase your monster’s overall stats is through classic leveling up. Let your pets fight and gain experience, regardless of victory or defeat. This will increase their basic Attack, Health Points, and Defense.



With this method, you not only improve the stats of your monsters but also change their appearance simultaneously. It also gives them new abilities and makes them more robust.


Skill up

We have already mentioned this method above. It allows you to improve the stats of your monsters’ abilities. This will give your pets even better damage, buffs, debuffs, and other effects. You can increase skill levels by feeding a Devilmon or Duplicate Pet Fragments.

Devilmons are one of the rarest currencies in the game. That’s why you should spend them only on 5-star pets. When you skill up, you automatically invest a point in the complementary skill of the monster, which you can’t undo then.



It’s a perfect way to boost your monster quickly because you can increase the base stats tremendously. Evolution essentially means increasing the star value of your monster. With enough resources, this allows you to upgrade from a 2-star to a 6-star pet.

We see four characters in the foreground, standing in front of a vast blue and red dragon in a dungeon.
Screenshot of Summoners War Chronicles (Source: Com2uS)


7. Guild guide

A guild is a group of like-minded players with whom you can strategically cooperate and exchange ideas. It also offers unique benefits and access to better rewards and exclusive events.


How to join a guild

To become part of a guild, you must be at least level 10. In the main menu, click “Search” under “Guild” and search for some or create one yourself.

However, when searching, you should pay attention to factors such as the number of members, special requirements, and the activity level of the guild. You can also apply for an advertised guild position by clicking “Apply.”


Create your guild

Creating a guild also means caring for the administration as a leader. You can set requirements and rules, promote members, produce and manage events, and even host guild wars. To access guild management, click the “Guild” button in the main menu and “Manage.”


Build your dream team

Last but not least, we want to give you this Summoners War Chronicles tip: the key to success in this game is the perfect composition of your team. Therefore, ensure you have a balanced group of characters with different skills that complement each other perfectly. Avoid redundancies, i.e., the same characters, at all costs. This way, you’ll be able to fight most effectively.


That’s it for now with our tips for the game Summoners War. If you’re a PC or macOS user, you can start the free-to-play adventure on Steam and prove yourself a worthy guardian of the realm.


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Do you like the gameplay style in Summoners War: Chronicles? What pets will you be summoning? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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