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New Doraemon Game: The Characters Back on PC, PS5 & Switch

The character is as well known as Mickey Mouse (at least in Asia). Doraemon and his friends are ready for a new adventure - are you too?

The world-famous cat robot from Asia returned today with the newest Doraemon game in the series. It is titled “Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom” and is available now on PC via Steam, PS5, and Switch.

Things are getting colorful again. Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscape of the brand-new Doraemon Game and experience a lovingly designed story about the Doraemon characters. The farming simulation is equipped with real natural features, such as the changing of the seasons. Enjoy wonderful moments with your favorite anime characters on the planet Illuma, be it the sunrise or a fireworks spectacle. You can even play the game locally with your partner or friend.

Build a magnificent garden together with your friends in the new Doraemon game, as this screenshot impressively shows: In isometric perspective, we see a richly planted garden from above during the day. The garden consists of six square beds and is surrounded by a stone wall. The fields are separated by an ornate stone path. We glimpse crops grown on top, carrots on the left, red beets and sunflowers below. On the left is an apple tree and on the right a tree with magenta berries. In the center of the picture, a yellow-colored farmer is walking along the stone path to the lower left.
Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom (Source: Marvelous/Bandai Namco Entertainment)


Doraemon and Nobita land on a new planet together with their friends. There they meet a new friend whom they help build a dream farm. Cultivate the fields together and bring in the harvest. Relax while fishing and enjoying a delicious meal. Get an overview via the launch trailer here.


The game is released along with the Season Pass for PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The Pass offers the following content:

  • Furniture and Costume Set 1-3, which each contain costumes, furniture pieces and
  • Different seasonal DLCs
  • Season Pass purchase bonus: The Seed Set “Premium”

The first DLC, “Winter Tales”, from the Season Pass is already available. You can get an impression via this Trailer:



The different bundles for Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom

On all platforms, you can obviously buy the standard edition. However, there are also platform-specific versions of the game:

  • Deluxe Edition for Steam
    Base game
    Digital Soundtrack
    Season Pass
    Purchase Bonus: Seasonal Vegetable Seed Set
  • Special Edition for PlayStation 5 & Nintendo Switch
    Base Game
    Season Pass
    Purchase Bonus: Seasonal Vegetable Seed Set

In addition, fans can still look forward to more game content in the future. We hope you have fun exploring and farming together. If you want to get it, you can grab the base game for Steam via this link, for Nintendo Switch here, and for PS5 via this link.

In this screenshot, we see two of the many Doraemon characters enjoying a sunset. The two are shown in a long shot in profile on the right side of the image. They are standing on a grass-covered rocky outcrop, looking to the left at the sea shone on by the evening sun. On the horizon, on the left side of the image, you can see the setting sun, which causes beautiful lens flares in the foreground. The sky gets a yellow-magenta-purple gradient and the clouds appear warm-brown. The sea is turquoise and on the left side, a bit in the background, a pointed brown mountain rises out of the water. But there is much more to discover in the new part of Story of Seasons.
Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom (Source: Marvelous/Bandai Namco Entertainment)


If you want to see more than the Doraemon characters

Winter is on the rise and thus main gaming season. If you’re looking for more co-op titles, take a look at Games like It Takes Two, or the best 2-Player PS5 Games.

What is your favorite thing to do in games like Doraemon Story of Seasons? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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