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2-Player PS5 Games: Five Multiplayer Hits on PlayStation 5

What's better than playing alone? That's right! Playing games with others. Having fun together, sharing laughter, and cheering along. This is the good life.

Many PlayStation 5 games are much more fun together. Especially couch Co-op is very popular and in demand among gamers. These 2-player PlayStation 5 games particularly impressed us, and some of them also offer room for more companions.

It’s one of those rainy days you don’t feel like going out, but you have one or more people you could play some games with? For this purpose, we have compiled this list of PS5 2-player games for you, which even has room for more players here and there. Let’s dive in:


5. Borderlands 3

Since its launch in 2009, the Borderlands series hasn’t changed much in terms of gameplay and innovation. But it doesn’t have to. This very humorous action FPS game is a lot of fun and offers gameplay full of carnage and looting with the third part. Play the exciting campaign in pairs – either horizontally or vertically. Numerous side missions in a huge open world await you. Or go on a mission as a foursome and loot all the weapons and items together.

We can see a screenshot from the game Borderlands 3. You can see a combat robot and a player with a minigun. This game is one of the very good 2 player PS5 games.
Borderlands 3 (Source: Gearbox Software/2K Games)

The game supports up to 4 players in local Co-op, and you can purchase it for PS5 via this link.


4. FIFA 23

Thanks to HyperMotion technology since FIFA 22, the sports simulation series from EA has developed into a real next-generation title. Especially the latest installment of the series provides an extremely realistic gaming experience. Both in its game mechanics and graphically. FIFA 23 now offers local multiplayer with up to four players in offline mode, i.e., 2 vs. 2. Only one player needs to have a PS Plus account, and the others can join as guests by pressing the triangle button on their controllers.

Play digital soccer in FIFA 23, one of the best 2 player PS5 games. This cover from the game impressively shows an intense soccer match.
FIFA 23 (Source: EA)

The game supports up to 4 players in local play, and you can get it for PS5 via this link.


3. Human: Fall Flat

Do you prefer to slow things down and look for a comedic play? Then you should definitely give this ragdoll physics-based title a try. Many different levels and character outfits await you here. Grab the PlayStation 5 controller and play alone or with your partner/friend. The goal in this game is to get to the end of each level with the help of physics and the amusing nature of your characters. Teamwork is very much in demand, and funny situations are inevitable.

Play fun PS5 2 player games such as Human: Fall Flat. Here we can see a screenshot of the game, where the typical white character is standing in front of a castle and is currently holding a stone in his hand. Enjoy this game in pairs on PlayStation 5.
Human: Fall Flat (Source: No Brakes Games/Curve Digital)

The game supports 2 players in local Co-op, and you can get it for PS5 via this link.


2. ARK: Survival Evolved

This action adventure from Studio Wildcards is all about two things: Crafting and dinosaurs. If you’re a fan of Jurassic Park and Minecraft, you should definitely check out this title, which is graphically very impressive on the PS5. The game has evolved very well over the past few years, adding many new mechanics and features. This now includes a two-player mode, which works exceptionally well locally for couch Co-op. However, if you want to play online on servers, you might need to wait for a future update.

Play Ark: Survival Evolved on PlayStation 5 and go on a hunt for a T-Rex, as shown here in this screenshot. This game is one of the highly recommended PS5 2 player games.
Ark: Survival Evolved (Source: Studio Wildcard/Snail Games)

The game supports two players in local Co-op, and you can get it for PS5 via this link. But as it’s a PS4 port, you need to have the latest firmware on your PlayStation 5 installed.


1. It Takes Two

As the title suggests, this PlayStation 5 game from Hazelight Studios offers a two-person Co-op adventure. You’ll play two characters the size of an insect and have to try to get back to your normal size and find the way back to your daughter. Your path will take you through toys, household appliances, gardens, and many more strange places. It is one of the PS5 2-player games which encourages you to work together very intensely. The game plays impressively well both locally and online and is without question one of the best 2-player PS5 games on the market. In case you like to get some inspiration on more games like It Takes Two, we have you covered in our other article.

Play It Takes Two in pairs in local co-op mode and experience challenging and fun adventures as illustrated in this cover of the game.
It Takes Two (Source: Hazelight Studios/Electronic Arts)

The game supports 2 players in local and online Co-op, and you can get it for PS5 via this link.


More games to discover for PS4 & PS5

If you are looking for more interesting titles on PS5, then you might find a good read in our lists of the best Survival Games on PS4 / PS5, best racing games for PS5games like Dark Souls.

Do you think there’s still a key title missing? We would be happy to add it to the list. Feel free to tell us about it in the comments below.


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