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Dune Spice Wars Is Landing on Xbox Game Pass “Soon”

Now it's getting spicy - and sandy! Beware of the storms and the sandworms when you accompany your troops into the desert.

Welcome back to Planet Arrakis! The desert is calling, because Dune Spice Wars will now be available for Xbox Game Pass too. Many players are still wondering if the game will include a multiplayer mode.

Xbox announced at Paris Games Week 2022 yesterday that Dune: Spice Wars is going to be available for their Game Pass. “Soon” subscribers of the service will have the possibility to get back into the red dust.

Enjoy the impressive gameplay and lead your faction to victory in multiplayer, as illustrated here in this screenshot. Here, a battle between two factions is taking place in the middle of the desert.
Screenshot of Dune Spice Wars (Source: Shiro Games)


How is the gameplay?

The 4X real-time strategy game, developed by the creators of the fan and critically acclaimed Northgard, is about the struggle of different factions for supremacy on the harsh desert planet Arrakis. The title is still in the late Early Access phase, but it already makes a very good impression. See for yourself in the official Trailer from Xbox:


Does Dune Spice Wars have multiplayer?

In June, the developer Shiro Games released a major update that added numerous new features – including a multiplayer mode for peer-to-peer connections and dedicated servers. Now you can engage in epic battles in the desert and compete in 2v2 matches. In the free-for-all mode, even with up to four players. If you’ve got no foes or friends around, you can, of course, also play against AI-controlled factions, and the difficulty can be set from Easy to Insane. Which faction will you lead: The Harkonnen, Fremen, Atreides, or Smugglers?

In Dune Spice Wars you can lead four different factions into battle. In this image, we see the four factions side by side, each with a different color background and look. The game will soon be available on Xbox Game Pass.
The Factions of Dune Spice Wars (Source: Shiro Games)


An exact release date is not yet known. But at least it is certain that the title will be released “soon” and thus certainly for Xbox Game Pass. We can be curious. In case you don’t want to wait for the release via Game Pass, you can grab the game on Steam via this link.


Hungry for more epic multiplayer matches?

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What is your favorite thing about the Dune universe? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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