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Suicide Squad’s Kill the Justice League Release Date Changed (Again)

Make injustice happen very soon again in the new title from Rocksteady Studios and defeat the heroes of the DC universe. Now the developers surprise us with new exclusive material.

Pizza Tower: Game Release, 6 Tips & Tricks

Kids of the 90s (and everyone else) take note: A freshly released indie game has been causing quite a stir lately. The title makes use of the strengths of a very popular Nintendo series.

Best Fighting Games for PC: Find Your Next Finishing Move

The quality of a good punching title lies in its depth and complexity. It must offer the player endless fun through numerous movement combinations and the visual presentation must be right. This article reveals which games have paid special attention to this.

New Doraemon Game: The Characters Back on PC, PS5 & Switch

Dive into the colorful, lovingly designed world around the cat robot. Farm, fish and eat or simply enjoy the sunset - together. Many things are possible in the new farming simulation from Bandai Namco.

Age of Empires on Xbox: Microsoft Brings AoE 2 & 4 to Console

Next year, Microsoft will finally bring its RTS legends to its in-house console, and a popular strategy spin-off will also get a facelift. Finally, we can enjoy the historical classics from the couch.

Genshin Impact: Update 3.2 on 2/11 for Mobile, PC & Consoles

The story around the popular anime action role-playing game goes into the next round with the new update and has a variety of innovations in store for you. Learn what's upcoming with "Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises" for GI.

P.T. Video Game: Download a Free Remake of the Horror Jewel for PC, Mac and Linux

It was one of the scariest gaming experiences we had at the time. The game teaser for an unfortunately cancelled Silent Hill game has been the buzz ever since. Playable via the PlayStation today only with many circumstances, there are some free options for non-console players.

Your Neighborhood Gets Bigger: The Sims 4 Will Be Free to Play

The neighborhood gets bigger: The Sims 4 Will Be Free to Play on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Mac.

Need For Speed PC Delayed, Upcoming Consoles Beta

Shifted Release Of The Upcoming Racing Game Need For Speed   The developer Ghost Games and publisher EA have confirmed today, that the PC release of their...

Is My PC Good Enough For That Game?

Is my PC good enough for that game? Can my computer run it? These are the questions that pop up whenever I am considering a new game. As someone...

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