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Game Pass for November 2022: Plenty of New Games to Play

In November, Xbox Game Pass members can look forward to a whole range of new content again. Get your hands on these new titles and don't miss the deadlines.

The Xbox Game Pass in November 2022 has some really exciting titles in store for you. We’ve summarized everything you need to know about it, including schedules and deadlines.

Here we go again. Today, Xbox revealed what’s changing for Game Pass in November 2022. Enjoy new titles, updates, and more.


New available games in November 2022 on Xbox Game Pass


  • November 1
    The Legend of Tianding for Cloud, Console, and PC: Protect the city of Taipei in the 20th century and fight as a hero for justice. Use your formidable Kung Fu against the Japanese occupiers.

    The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Complete Season for PC: Go on a quest to find your family in a world thrown into total chaos by zombies.
    The Walking Dead: Michonne – The Complete Season
    for PC: Immerse yourself in the story of one of the series’ most beloved characters. Michonne faces the dark shadows of her past. Unravel the mystery!

Play The Walking Dead: Michonne as one of the new games in November 2022 with Xbox Game Pass. Here we can see a screenshot of the game, which features the protagonist.
The Walking Dead: Michonne (Source: Telltale Games)


  • November 3
    Ghost Song for Cloud, Console, and PC: An impressive 2D adventure full of cosmic creepiness, ancient puzzles, and powerful creatures to conquer.
A screenshot of the game Ghost Song can be seen. This title is part of the new games that will be playable with Xbox Game Pass in November 2022.
Ghost Song (Source: Old Moon/Humble Games)


  • November 8
    Football Manager 2023 for Cloud, Console, and PC: Become the master of the many different management factors of the popular ball sport and lead your team to the World Cup.
    Return to Monkey Island for Cloud, Console, and PC: Return to the island as Guybrush Threepwood and continue the exciting adventures of The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2.
With the Xbox Game Pass, you can play Return to Monkey Island as one of the new games in November. Here we see Guybrush Threepwood on Monkey Island in this screenshot.
Return to Monkey Island (Source: Terrible Toybox/Devolver Digital)


  • November 10
    Vampire Survivors for Console: Play against time in this roguelike and try to kill vampires, collect gold and survive the night. A very challenging game awaits you.

  • November 15
    Pentiment for Cloud, Console, and PC: Take on the role of a journeyman artist who gets involved in a variety of murders in this special medieval thriller.
    for Console and PC: After an alien invasion, the end of Earth is near. Stand by your family and protect them in this hand-painted Sci-Fi story.
We see a cover of the game Pentiment, which will be playable in Gamepass for Xbox from November.
Pentiment (Source: Obsidian Entertainment/Xbox)


These new DLCs and updates await you

  • November 1
    Sniper Elite 5: Up Close & Personal Pack and Free MapSave 10% as a Game Pass member when you buy this game pack! Be well-equipped with upgraded weapons and a new character look.
  • November 3 – 17
    Sea of Thieves: Return of the DamnedIn this time-limited adventure, you’ll be initiated into the mysterious ritual of Captain Flameheart.
  • November 8
    Halo Infinite: Winter UpdateA bunch of multiplayer content awaits you. Including two themed events, two new arena maps, and a free 30-tier Battle Pass. Feel free to get more information in our article about the Halo Infinite Update.

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition
    All Game Pass members can play this edition for free. Explore the skies and impressive locations with a variety of different aircraft.


Game Pass November 2022 Deadlines

  • November 8
    Football Manager 2022 for PC
    Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition
    for Cloud, Console, and PC
  • November 15
    The following six games will be leaving the Game Pass library on November 15, and a membership discount of up to 20% can be applied to save these games in your Game Pass library:

    Art of Rally
    for Cloud, Console, and PC
    Fae Tactics
    for Cloud, Console, and PC
    Next Space Rebels
    for Cloud, Console, and PC
    One Step from Eden
    for Cloud, Console, and PC
    for Cloud, Console, and PC


Play the Xbox title on the road

If you want to enjoy your Game Pass membership on the go and search for the right device, the Xbox Game Pass compatible handheld Logitech G Cloud might be interesting for you. Play your favorite games anytime and anywhere.

What do you look forward to the most in Game Pass for November 2022? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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