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Tekken 8’s Characters Grow With Nina + New Game Mechanics

With new game mechanics, the new part of the Tekken series will be hot, and UE5 provides a lot of eye candy.

The popular fighting game series enters the next generation with Tekken 8. Fans can look forward to new characters and gameplay features. Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, the graphics will set new standards in the genre too.


Those who know Bandai Namco know that the developers like to use gaming tournaments as an opportunity to spread fresh news about their games. This was also the case during the Tekken World Tour 2023. Fans were able to marvel at a fresh gameplay trailer, which revealed a new female character.

From a top view, we look down on a stone battle arena. At the bottom left and top right is one player each. They are engaged in a melee duel with fists so that the fighting axis goes diagonally to the top left of the image. Both characters have free muscular upper arms, and black hair and wear reddish combat gloves. The left character's fist again emits the red glow sparks, indicating a charged combo. The players are partially shown in motion blur as they are in rapid motion. Snow falls down from above on the players and the stone ground is illuminated by the moon. Tekken 8 is already impressive with fascinating gameplay and we look forward to seeing a release date.
Tekken 8 screenshot (Source: Bandai Namco)


Nina Williams joins the Tekken 8 characters

Just a month ago we got to see impressive fight scenes in a Story & Gameplay Teaser Trailer. Now another video is causing a stir among fans. The new trailer introduces the Silent Assassin Nina Williams, who will become available in Tekken 8. The extremely nimble blonde is not only deadly in close combat but also merciless with her two pistols. In addition to Nina, the following other characters are considered to be secured for Tekken 8:

  • Jin Kazama
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • Devil Kazuya
  • Lars Alexandersson
  • Jun Kazama
  • Jack-8
  • Paul Phoenix
  • Marshall Law
  • King
  • Devil Jin


T8 comes with a brand-new gameplay feature

The eighth installment of the series brings a completely new mechanic to the game: The Heat System. This allows players to use aggression tactically and integrate it into their offensive fighting style. This feature works as follows:

  • You can enter the Heat State in two ways: Either you hit your opponent with a so-called “Heat Engager”. This hit activates the Heat State automatically and there are about five Heat Engagers for each playable character. The second option is the Heat Burst method, where you press the R1 button to reach the Heat State.
  • In Heat State, your character is surrounded by a blue flame. During this phase the heat timer runs, which expires after 10 seconds. In a fresh introduction video, the developers explained this core feature along new gameplay scenes:


What about the Tekken 8 release date?

So far, the developers have not announced an exact release date. On the official site, a “TBA” has been set for the game so far. However, a late release in 2023 is not completely off the table, although 2024 is somewhat more realistic. As soon as we know more, we will keep you updated via this article.

Here we look again from the front at another character. This one wears an impressive white coat with a high collar and on his back, he has a kind of short cape. He wears black leather gloves and has brown hair shaped into spikes. We see him in the center of the picture in the semi-close-up. He is standing in the middle of a street intersection, which is blocked off by a police car on the left and right. In the background, we can see various futuristic-looking building facades with brightly colored neon signs extending into the background. The many lights are reflected in the night on the wet street floor. The character holds both hands ready to fight to the right and his left shoulder just lights up turquoise.
Screenshot from Tekken 8 (Source: Bandai Namco)


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Are you a fan of the Tekken series? Which character(s) will you choose in Tekken 8? Let us know in the comments below.

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