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Dark and Darker Tips & Classes Insights to Secure Your Escape

Greed for wealth has already been the downfall of the dwarves. It is a driving force, but you have to be careful not to go to ruin because of it.

Do you love medieval RPGs and Escape games? Then you should definitely check out this original title. Learn how to master this dungeon crawler and how to choose the right classes with our Dark and Darker tips.


Titles like Escape from Tarkov have led the way and created an absolutely new genre: Extraction games. In these games, the focus is a little less on shooting/fighting. Instead, the focus shifted also to collecting valuable items and taking them off the map with you.


A fun mix of genres

Dark and Darker also makes use of this very popular formula. However, instead of guns, medieval-style weapons like swords and magic wands are used and the pacing is a bit slower. After several successful playtests in the past, there is currently another free demonstration period via Steam until February 13. So don’t miss this opportunity! If you just get started with the game, take a look at the Alpha Playtest Teaser below to get your first impressions of the gameplay (but keep in mind that in the last 5 months, a lot of improvements have been made during the continued development).


Eight helpful Dark and Darker tips to master the dungeons

In this first-person PvPvE title, you enter an underground dungeon alone or in a group of up to three and try to recover as much treasure as possible. But will you make it out of the dungeon in one piece with your loot? Numerous sinister monsters and real players will try to steal your valuables. If you die, you lose everything (unless a teammate manages to revive your soul and your body isn’t looted yet). Our Dark and Darker tips will help you get safer through the dungeon, get rich and escape more often.


1. Get to know the Dark and Darker classes

Let’s start from scratch. You should know the pros and cons of each class to be able to act as effectively as possible. There are 6 Dark and Darker classes in total, and more will probably be added in the future.

Here we see a collage in which the classes of Dark and Darker are arranged horizontally next to each other. Each class is pictured here with artwork and illustrated above with its title and a brief description. On the left, we see the Fighter class with iron armor, helmet, sword, and shield. Next to it is the Barbarian in Viking-like war armor, with long blond hair, and two axes in his hands. To the right we see the Rogue in a more cautious stance with a green robe, hood overturned and daggers in his hands. Next to him is the Ranger in a brown leather outfit and cocked bow, then the Wizard in a smart robe, blue wizard hat, and blue glowing wand. Lastly, we see the Cleric on the far right in white and red cloth garb and a drawn sword. How to use the Classen correctly and when to use them, you will learn in this guide with helpful tips.
The classes in Dark in Darker (Source: IRONMACE, YOURGAMES.TV)



With this class, you deal high damage in close combat, but also move slowly. The Barbarian has inherent magic resistance, high health, and a damage bonus when fighting with two-handed weapons. Among other things, his abilities allow him to stun enemies and smash doors and crates.



Be a true thief and master of stealth. With a high attack and movement speed, you sneak through the dungeon with two daggers. You know how to pick locks and avoid traps. However, your damage and health are quite low.



If you’re looking for an all-rounder, the Fighter might be the right choice. This class is versatile and equipped with most armor and weapons. You have the ability to sprint, but you can’t use spells.



If you want to act more from the background, the Wizard is a good pick. Equipped with a staff, you can support your team with spells. Keep in mind, however, that your Mana can become exhausted, and you will have to renew them through mediation. But in battle, they prove to be extremely powerful and useful. A bit more difficult to play in the first levels, but later a very deadly opponent.

This image shows the character selection menu of Dark and Darker. The style is very old-fashioned, and with the backgrounds of the user interface it reminds us of yellowed scrolls. On the left side you can see the class list, with the six classes, Fighter, Barbarian, Rogue, Ranger, Cleric and the selected Wizard. These are provided with small preview avatar images that seem hand-drawn and are in a fantasy style. In the center of the image is the hand-drawn Wizard in large against a dark background. He wears blue robes including a hat. His movement is directed forward to the viewer, and the staff with a glowing blue ball at its tip also points at us. He seems to be casting a spell on us, and at the same time his face is very strained and he seems to be shouting. On the right side is the class info with the details about the class. At the bottom there is a field where the character can be named.
The class menu with the Wizard in Dark and Darker (Source: IRONMACE, YOURGAMES.TV)



As a ranger, you also take out your enemies from a distance with a bow. But in close combat, it looks less promising. You have to be all the more careful with this class to avoid being surprised by enemies. But you have the ability to quickly start bonfires and set traps.



With this class, you can protect and heal yourself and your team members with the help of holy power. You can wear plate armor and fight with blunt weapons. But it’s better to act from the background because you generally don’t cause much damage, and you’re also a tad slow.


2. Study your enemies

In addition to many real players, you must also skillfully eliminate the various AI-controlled opponents. Get to know the weaknesses and strengths of your different types of opponents and study their movement patterns. They have different attack behaviors and different defenses and also use special attacks that you should memorize. This will surely make you die a few times in the beginning, but you’ll get better and better at parrying and attacking the different monsters.


3. Keep it smart and slow, cover your tracks, and clean your ears

Beware of your own greed! It can blind you, which often means death in the Dark and Darker. Remember, you are not alone, and real players will also be in the dungeon! Take your time and think twice before looting a valuable treasure chest to the disadvantage of your safety. Because if you die, all your gold and loot is gone! Move around the dungeon, peek through doorways, and scan the rooms before you enter them. And know that other players, monsters, and traps are also lurking in the dark. It can also help to cover your tracks, so close the doors you have opened. This will give you a bit of a time lead, and you’ll also hear the sounds when they reopen. Because sound is indispensable in this game. In this respect, you should definitely play with headphones.


4. Use your torch

In this game, as the name suggests, you’ll often be in very dark corridors and rooms. But the darkness can be of great use to you in your treasure hunt because it makes you almost invisible to enemies. Conversely, great dangers lurk in the shadows and are an excellent hiding place for monsters and enemy players. If you’re tired of being constantly murdered by rogues, press the “3” key on your keyboard and take out a magnificent torch to bring light into the dangerous darkness.

It is recommended to internalize some Dark and Darker tips in advance, including the correct use of the torch, as illustrated in this screenshot: The player holds a large burning torch in his right hand. This torch can be seen in the foreground of the right image and illuminates the stone vault in which the player is currently standing. On the walls in the foreground and on the ceiling we see spider webs. The floor is made of rough stone. Directly in front of it, we see a kind of open cell door with metallic bars. Behind it stretches a large dungeon-like room, at the end of which two torches shine on the wall to the left and right, and another door can be seen in the middle. In the middle of the room, there is again a chest.
Use the torch in Dark in Darker (Source: IRONMACE)


5. Keep track of your map and the portals

You should always keep an eye on the map at the bottom right of the screen and also internalize it. The rot (the red zone) is getting closer and closer, and in it, you quickly lose your health points and die. In the middle of the map, there is always a boss that you have to watch out for. But some can also be found elsewhere (e.g. behind the funny door with the QR-code-like decorations). Take your time, observe your surroundings and the sounds. The portals to escape (blue) or those to get to the next, harder level (red), only appear later in the game. When spawning, these also make special sounds that you should memorize. A good strategy is to open a portal and then, if necessary, loot something in the vicinity or start a fight. This way, you always have a quick way out (touching the portal already makes you invulnerable). But be careful, others can snatch this away from under your nose too.


6. Fight or run

In Dark and Darker, you should think twice before getting into a fight. Especially against other players, it is often advisable to retreat. If you’re playing alone and encounter a group of players, it can quickly turn deadly. Use the shady spots to hide, and when in doubt, let monsters and players run past you. Or wait until the others’ fights are finished and strike for a surprise attack before the enemies recover.


7. Always take care of your health

At the beginning of the game, you will surely die a few times. There are several ways to preserve your health and heal yourself. Many players love to hoard healing potions like treasures. However, in Dark and Darker, you should use them regularly to maintain your health and be prepared for surprises. Find and remember health shrines. You can revisit them when necessary to replenish your health. This is especially true in solo mode. If you are playing in a team, you should have at least one cleric to maintain the health of the group. The surgical kit and bonfires are also very helpful for healing.


8. Pay close attention to your environment

As briefly mentioned above, sound is in Dark and Darker a very important element to pay attention to. Everything makes sounds: doors, treasures, but also monsters, and players. Remember that your footsteps also make sounds. Therefore, you should often duck and walk slowly so that you can accurately perceive your surroundings and use them to your advantage. This will make you less vulnerable to enemies. Also, always keep an eye on the kill feed to see how many players are still in the dungeon and when the portal spawns. This will provide information about your chances of survival.

The player can be seen here again in a basement dungeon with a sword and a round-holding shield. He is currently in the middle of a room. Torches blaze on the walls and iron chains hang down. In the back center of the picture, two wooden ladders leaning against a stone wall. On both the left and right of the image, two corridors with vaulted ceilings are shown, leading to more dungeon-like rooms. On the right of the picture, at the end of a straight corridor, we see one of these other rooms. There, again, is a chest in the center.
Watch your environment in Dark and Darker (Source: IRONMACE)


The Dark and Darker release date changed

The release date shown on Steam was previously Q4 2023, which has now become a “coming soon”. We assume that the plan to go directly to version 1.0 has given way to the Early Access path. The current build plays excellently once again, and in this respect, a release soon doesn’t seem entirely unlikely.


That’s it with our eight tips on how to get better in Dark and Darker. Practice these strategies in the current demo at your own pace and take your time. Then your treasure chest should fill up far better with more escapes. Good luck and see you in-game!


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What is your preferred play style for getting your loot in Dark and Darker? I look forward to reading about it in the comments below.

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