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Baldur’s Gate 3 – 12 Things You Should Know Before Buying

The third installment of Larian Studios' revolutionary D&D based RPG will soon celebrate its full release, and many gamers are wondering what will be changed and added in 1.0. A lot!

18 Things About Atlas Fallen You Need to Know

Deck13 leaves the sci-fi universe with its new game and delivers a massive fantasy adventure that couldn't be sandier. In which aspects does the newcomer differ? Find out.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Its History of Success + Outlook Part 4

Mario, Kirby and Joshy are cute, but we can't forget a great JRPG franchise as a Nintendo exclusive. The series from Monolith Soft has continued to develop successfully. About time to take a closer look at it.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Soon Unleashes Its Tremendous Power

The new Star Wars title from Respawn Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games is in the starting blocks and can already be pre-ordered. Find out what the sequel promises to do even better.

Ark 2 Will Be Jaw-Dropping, but the Release Date Changed (Again)

The eagerly awaited successor to the dinosaur survival game will be delayed even longer. But according to Studio Wildcard, the postponed release should significantly affect the quality of the new title.

Final Fantasy 16: Fight for Vendetta in FFXVI to Restore Peace

Square Enix loves to enchant players with gameplay impressions. Learn everything you need to know about the latest installment of the popular RPG series.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Release Date, Classes, Races & Companions

The popular adventure RPG from Larian Studios is preparing for full release. Early Access already offers a lot of compelling game content. Get to know it better and dive into the new 3D world of BG.

New Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Mod for Online Co-op Incoming

So far, we have only been able to discover the world-famous magic school and all its secrets on our own. But this seems to change thanks to a very ambitious team.

Elden Ring DLC “Shadow of the Erdtree” Is Your Next Big Terror

The adventures of the award-winning Souls-like Elden Ring continue in the new major expansion. FromSoftware reveals first details.

Stunning Cinematic Trailer Preps the Release Date of Forspoken (Update)

A journey into an enchanted but also very dangerous world will begin very soon. A new trailer showcases a true cinematic spectacle and prepares for the title's release. Find out everything you need to know about the new fantasy RPG and where you can play it.

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