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Baldur’s Gate 3: Release Date, Classes, Races & Companions

Character creation isn't something you do on the fly in BG3. Get a drink and take your time with it. It will pay off in the end.

Baldur’s Gate 3 will finally open its doors for full release this August. Now is an excellent time to get into the popular title and check all the classes, races, and companions the next-gen Dungeons & Dragons RPG offers.


Part III of the popular adventure RPG is already available on Steam as Early Access for PC and macOS since 2020 and is an absolute favorite among gamers. Let’s get you up to speed with everything around races, classes, companions, and the full release date. But let’s start with a brief story overview:


The story of a god

The Baldur’s Gate saga revolves around the events of the children of Bhaal, the god of killing. In the first title, you’ll play one of his children, and you’ll have to fight with your half-brother Sarevok. The second part is set in another sphere, in which you’ll have to fight against a mage called Jon Irenicus, who tries to steal your divine essence. Then, in an addon to the Baldurs Gate 2, the final battle happens between the different children of Bhaal.

Baldur’s Gate 3 takes place 100 years after the events of part 2. Memories and narratives integrate the previous story into the third part as a myth. However, you will occasionally meet old acquaintances from the old installments. In Baldur’s Gate III, you have to save the continent of Faerûn from a Mind Flayer invasion. As a player, you and other prisoners are infected with parasites that mutate you into Mind Flayers. After surviving an airship crash, your search for a cure with five other characters begins. The fate of the Forgotten Realms is in your hands. Here you can watch the Release Date Reveal Trailer and more videos about the new Baldur’s Gate:


Available Baldurs Gate 3 races

When you create your character in the game, you have many races and classes based on the D&D universe at your disposal. However, not all races and classes are available in Early Access yet, but some more have already been added. In the EA version, you can reach a level of 4 so far. In the full release, the leveling should be much higher. However, there is no exact information yet. You can play the following races and, if available, subraces so far:



The Dwarves are an extremely tough race with a Constitution of 2+ and are good with axes and hammers. They are also resistant to poison damage and possess Darkvision.

Gold Dwarf

Your Dwarf gains Dwarven Toughness, making them especially good as a tank, as they can take a lot of damage.

Shield Dwarf

This gives the Dwarf a subrace bonus of +2 Strength. With this addition, they can deal exceptionally high damage in combat and next to having a good defense.



The Drow are the result of an ancient split between the elven gods Corellon Larethian and Lolth. This race is fast on the move and good with short swords, rapiers, and crossbows. They can also see exceptionally well in the dark. However, there is little dispute between the subraces.

Seldarine Drow

This subrace has been driven underground and is now searching for allies throughout Faerûn to settle their conflict with Lolth.

Lolth-Sworn Drow

These Drow pay homage to Lolth. The goddess gave her followers red glowing eyes that are feared throughout Faerûn. They can also illuminate dark areas over a wide area.



It is the most widespread race in Faerûn. The Human is an all-rounder with very balanced strengths. All Abilities have a value of +1, making it an excellent choice for beginners to get a balanced start in the game.



This rare race loves to fight. The Githyanki are reminiscent of orcs, fight with silver swords, and usually ride red dragons. If you’re looking for a true warrior, the Githyanki are excellent due to their armor and strength bonus.



The elves are good rangers, mages, and rogues.

High Elf

The descendants of the mystical Feywild possess a particular magic bonus.

Wood Elf

The forests of Faerûn are their home. Wood Elves have a bonus for supernatural speed and archery.



Tieflings can see well in the dark, have fire abilities, and are very resistant to fire damage.

Asmodeus Tiefling

The Asmodeus Tiefling is at home in the deepest layer of hell and certainly not welcome as a villain on Faerûn. Many people fear and do not trust him. But they are especially good as a mage and as warlocks.

Mephistopheles Tiefling

They are descendants of the archdevil Mephistopheles and have very good skills in arcane magic.

Zariel Tiefling

These Tieflings are descendants of Zariel’s bloodline and characterized by their impressive strength. They can torment enemies with scorching flames.



Halflings bear a solid resemblance to Dwarves. In addition to +2 Dexterity, they can reroll on critical failure with the “Lucky” Ability.

Lightfoot Halfling

They are particularly good at stealth, and it is recommended to combine this race with the Rogue class.

Strongheart Halfling

This halfling resists poison damage and can be highly robust in combat with +1 Constitution.



They are a combination of humans and elves and get some bonuses from both races. They are only half as good forest runners and mages but more versatile.

High Half-Elf

The High Half-Elves have a preference for magic but have not received any special training. If you want to cast spells but also be good at melee combat, this class is decent, as each subrace of Half-Elf allows selectable attribute improvements.

Wood Half-Elf

The spirit of the forest still dwells within them. However, the nimble Wood Half-Elf
prefers to travel through the world rather than live in the hidden woods.



Unfortunately, there is no official information about this race yet. However, it is planned to be added in the full release.

Choosing the right class is crucial in Baldur's Gate 3. Here we see a character in dark cloth with a bow on a field.
Baldur’s Gate 3 screenshot (Source: Larian Studios)


Baldur’s Gate 3 classes

In addition to the races, you can access many classes and subclasses in Early Access to get your optimal character build.



This class is excellent at scouting places and enemies unnoticed due to his sneaking ability. With them, you rather avoid confrontations. The subclasses are “Thief” and “Arcane Trickster.” They are well suited for: Wood Elf, Wood Half-Elf, Human, Drow, and Lightfoot Halfling.


With this subclass you refine the skills of the rogue. Stealth, thievery, and climbing skills are your trademarks.

Arcane Trickster

They are rogues with good use of magic, enchantments, and illusions to keep enemies at distance.



This class is similar to the Rogue and is suitable for spotting enemies. However, this is primarily a ranged fighter who can even summon a wolf or bear. His subclasses are
“Beast Master” and “Hunter.” It is well suited for the races: Wood Elf, Wood Half-Elf, Human, Drow, and Lightfoot Halfling.

Beast Master

They can summon a beast as a companion who fights by your side: from a sneaky wolf to an armored bear.


The Hunter is always looking for the most dangerous prey on Faerûn: from massive hordes of undead to mighty dragons.



The standard class in any role-playing game. They do the most damage in close combat and can withstand much damage. With him you leave the wand at home and fight on the front line. It is well suited for the races: Dwarf, Human, Githyanki, and Zariel-Tiefling.

Battle Master

The Battle Master continues to forget magic skills and focuses more on close combat.

Eldritch Knight

They boost their brute melee with some spells and are better at defending against damage with magic.



The barbarian is characterized by its particular strength in combat. It is well suited for the races: Human, Shield Dwarves, Githyanki, and Half-Elf.


Violence and untamed rage go hand in hand here. You throw yourself into the chaos of battle and revel in it without paying much attention to your health.


Your connection with nature and its beasts inspires your anger, and it gives you supernatural power.



You have a choice: will you serve justice and holy means, hunt down your enemies, or renounce your vows and command the undead as a demonic death knight? This class is well suited for the races: High Elf, Human, Shield Dwarves, Githyanki, and Tiefling.

Oath of Devotion

You set a good example and emulate the image of the ideal knight. Your actions are characterized by virtue and honor.

Oath of the Ancients

You fight on the side of light against the darkness to protect the beauty of nature and the sacredness of life.


You are on the side of darkness because you have broken the sacred oath while you strive for power and greatness.



They are known for their magical abilities. What sets them apart is their Metamagic, which allows them to manipulate the effects of spells, making them very versatile. His subclasses are “Wild Magic” and “Draconic Bloodline.” It is well suited for the races: Wood Half-Elf and Human.

Draconic Bloodline

You are descended from a mighty dragon ancestor and possess draconic magic.

Wild Magic

The forces of chaos are within you, threatening to break free and unleash their powers at any moment.



As a wizard, you have a more comprehensive selection of spells but fewer slots. You have more control over them on the battlefield and can specialize more here. Your subclasses are “Abjuration School” and “Evocation School.” This class is well suited for the races: Human, High Elf, Mephistopheles Tiefling, and Asmodeus Tiefling.

Evocation School

The wizard becomes more powerful when casting elemental magic. They can fire burning meteors, powerful lightning, huge rocks, and cold rays at enemies.

Abjuration School

Gain the defensive skills of a cleric with this subclass and protect your allies while banishing your enemies.



Through a pact made with an all-powerful patron, as a Warlock, you possess unique magic and supernatural abilities. Your subclasses are “The Fiend” and “The Great Old One.” It is well suited for: Humans, Drow, Half-Elf, Tiefling, and High Half-Elf.

The Fiend

He achieves his goals in a destructive and corrupt way and receives hellish blessings in return.

The Great Old One

Bound to eldritch beings in the Far Realms, these warlocks work toward unfathomable goals and gain strange powers over the mind and entropy.



With this class, you play the medic in the group, so to speak, and can resort to healing spells and similar. The subclasses of this character are “Life Domain,” “Light Domain,” and “Trickery.” This class is well suited for the races: Elf and Human.

Life Domain

The Life Domain contains many spells that restore and protect the body, mind, and spirit.

Light Domain

It is granted by the Majesty, Primal Flame, and the Deities of Justice and allows spells that harm the undead and banishes the darkness.

Trickery Domain

Those who channel Trickery specialize in deception and illusion magic, a domain used by evil, chaotic, and mischievous deities alike.



You are deeply connected to the forces of nature and can transform yourself into any beast.
Your subclasses are “Circle of the Moon” and “Circle of the Land.” It is well suited for the races: Gold Dwarf, Wood Elf, and Human.

Circle of the Moon

If you are a friend of shapeshifting and want to expand this area, you will surely like this subclass.

Circle of the Land

This form puts a strong focus on the use of natural magic.



This class combines speech and songs with magic, giving you exceptional power. The subclasses are “College of Lore” and “College of Valour.” It is well suited for: Wood Half-Elf, Drow, and Human.

College of Lore

You are on a quest for truth, beauty, and knowledge, and you know how to use your gifts to impress enemies and audiences alike.

College of Valour

You walk the land to witness and recount the deeds of the mighty, to keep alive the memory of the heroes of the past, and to inspire the heroes of the future.


In Baldur’s Gate III, some races are better suited for certain classes. Therefore, the right combination is crucial for later effectiveness when creating your character. The human race is generally considered an all-rounder, as it can get along well with any class. However, it is not particularly effective in any class. You can find more details about character creation in the Fextralife Wiki.

Here we see the character creation menu in Baldur's Gate III, showing a female warlock.
Screenshot from Baldurs Gate 3 (Source: Larian Studios)


Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions & Coop

Besides your character, you can recruit unique NPCs to fight alongside you and help you on your journey. They are called Companions or Origins. Currently, there are five of these supporters to choose from:



A human with a single goal: to become Faerûn’s most extraordinary wizard. However, his insatiable thirst for magic has led to a catastrophe. Inside his body is a Netherese Destruction Orb ticking, threatening to cause havoc that could destroy an entire city. Gale is optimistic that he can handle the situation, but the clock is running out.



Shadowheart, a High Half-Elf Trickster Domain Cleric and one of Shar’s dark followers, has been entrusted with the dangerous task of stealing a highly desired item. As she struggles with her faith and her unpredictable magic, Shadowheart faces enemies from all directions and a hidden truth she must unravel.



As human warlock and nobleman, he has earned his reputation as brave “Blade of Frontiers.” Although he hides his contract with the devil well, Wyll longs to free himself from the infernal agreement – even if it means saving the seductive being who made the contract.



Lae’zel is an extraordinary fighter, feared even among the ranks of the Githyanki for her fierce abilities. However, when faced with the prospect of transforming into the very creature she has sworn to destroy, Lae’zel must prove that she is worthy of rejoining her community. In doing so, she risks execution if she fails to do so.



He served a cruel master as a vampire spawn for centuries until he was taken away. He now has the opportunity for a new life, but the question remains whether he can escape his dark past. The High Elf acts as a Rogue.


But not only AI characters can be helpful to you on your journey. If you prefer real companions by your side, grab up to three other friends and play Baldur’s Gate 3 in 4-player Coop.

If you also want to enter the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 but at a slightly lower price, you can find good deals on Kinguin (affiliate link).

The full release offers a lot of new content and maybe more classes. Here we see the attack of a female sorcerer.
Baldur’s Gate III screenshot (Source: Larian Studios)


Baldur’s Gate 3 release date

Since October 6, 2020, Baldur’s Gate 3 has been in Early Access, and this phase was initially supposed to last only one year. This has now turned into three, but what lasts long will finally be good, right?

The Baldur’s Gate 3 release date seems fixed now and is August 31, 2023. We are looking forward to finally being able to leave the level cap behind us and dive further into this fantastic world.


This summer will be great

Anticipation is high for the official release date of Baldur’s Gate 3, and the hardcore Co-op groups are already preparing. But apart from Faerûn, many other RPG adventures await you: find out what the Best Free RPG Games are.

If you prefer the Sci-Fi genre, Endless Dungeon, Returnal, or Atomic Heart might be the correct titles.


Which race and class do you prefer? Do you operate at the front or do you like to be supportive from the background? A good team ideally complements both sides. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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