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Dave the Diver is Gameplay as Rich as the Ocean: Our Review

This underwater indie title is by far not only about diving. The game combines several genres and is just a real steam favorite.

Ubisoft Fires up the Blaster With Star Wars Outlaws + Gameplay

Get ready for a whole new Star Wars game experience. Discover the variety and scale of the game and learn all the important details thanks to extensive insights from Ubisoft.

Alan Wake 2 Strikes Back With Strong New Gameplay Trailer

Remedy Entertainment again proves its greatness regarding convincing psychological thrill with a brand-new trailer. The second installment about the tortured author Alan will be a blast and hit the markets in October.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Soon Unleashes Its Tremendous Power

The new Star Wars title from Respawn Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games is in the starting blocks and can already be pre-ordered. Find out what the sequel promises to do even better.

Atlas Fallen Release Date Shifted: Is the Gameplay Worth It?

Deck13's new ARPG prepares its fan community for the upcoming release and presents exciting in-game scenes that speak for the title's potential. Unfortunately, the date has now been postponed.

The Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition Will Scare You to the Core

Konami and the Bloober Team are working hard on the renewed Silent Hill title. The polished version shouldn't be far off and provides an even creepier atmosphere.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Release Date, Classes, Races & Companions

The popular adventure RPG from Larian Studios is preparing for full release. Early Access already offers a lot of compelling game content. Get to know it better and dive into the new 3D world of BG.

Wizard with a Gun: All Details About Gameplay and Release Date

A new survival co-op sandbox shooter strongly resembles a very popular scary 2D survival adventure. However, there is more to the title than you might have initially thought.

Layers of Fear Invades Your Psyche Again Soon With Remake

The award-winning indie horror from Bloober Team is entering its final round. The third installment of the series returns to its origins, and a brand new trailer gives clear details about the release in 2023.

Endling Is Now Available on Mobile Devices With iOS & Android

Curtain up for an extremely emotional game that sends a clear message to humanity. The title has already been released on numerous platforms such as PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch and is now also playable on smartphones and tablets.

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