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Call of Duty for Nintendo Switch: Microsoft Makes Promise for CoD

In the future, a well-known shooter is likely to outrank other Switch titles. Microsoft sends its regards. and welcome news, so shortly before Christmas.

It’s a very big promise from Microsoft and let’s hope that it will be kept. Call of Duty for Nintendo Switch should become a reality. This agreement will reportedly be part of a reconciliation strategy and, at the same time, raises questions.

In the context of the planned Activision Blizzard takeover by Microsoft, a surprise happened last night. Microsoft and Nintendo have signed an agreement in which they determined that the Call of Dury series will come to Nintendo consoles within the next 10 years. They also assured that CoD will still be available and playable on Steam.


Protest from Sony about the acquisition

Microsoft has assured Japanese entertainment giant Sony that it will continue to make Call of Duty available for the PlayStation after they filed a protest with antitrust watchdogs. In-depth reviews by authorities are underway in both the EU and the U.K., and in the U.S., the Federal Trade Commission is reportedly working on a lawsuit against the proposed deal, according to reports in the New York Times. Microsoft apparently now wants to regulate this legal pressure with a charm offensive, to maintain the favor of the gaming community but also to calm cartel examiners. Part of this concession is apparently that Call of Duty will also be released for Nintendo Switch in the future.

The new map of Al Mazrah is shown in this screenshot. We are looking at the large desert city from the top view. In the foreground, a large turquoise river is shown flowing from the lower left corner of the foreground to the upper right corner of the background. As it does so, it flows around an island in the center of the image a bit further in the background. Down in the foreground runs a large brown old stone bridge with a gold-colored metal fence on top of it, over which an asphalt road leads. Numerous different colored oriental-looking buildings and palm trees are in the city. At the top left of the image, there appears to be an industrial plant, as large black smoke rises from a chimney. Further back, slightly above the center of the image, a large radio antenna rises into the sky. In the distance, we can see yellowish mountains and above them the blue sky with some white clouds. It remains to be seen whether Warzone will also be released as Call of Duty for Nintendo Switch.
The new map Al Mazrah in Warzone 2 (Source: Infinity Ward/Activision)


Warzone for Nintendo Switch?

Until now, Call of Duty games were only available on consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation. Call of Duty for Nintendo Switch was out of the question, let alone Warzone on Switch. That is supposedly about to change. However, it also causes a certain mistrust because there are reasons that speak against a CoD for Switch, as the console hardware should pose a challenge. Porting between Sony and Microsoft consoles hasn’t been a problem because of their comparable performance. Nevertheless, Nintendo addresses a completely different target group with its consoles. That’s why they also have different hardware requirements, which are usually a bit lower.

A screenshot from Call of Duty Vanguard can be seen. An intense combat battle is depicted in a dusty landscape during the day. In the foreground, we look over the shoulder of an Asian fighter pilot sitting in a blue airplane, which rises out of the picture in the foreground and can only be seen in the crop. He is firing an MG42 machine gun at onrushing enemy soldiers, who can be seen as dark silhouettes in the dust in the background. The soldiers are on a sandy road that curves to the right coming from the background and runs out of the picture to the right. On the left and right side of the picture, two M4 Sherman tanks can be seen in the wide shot. The one on the left is shown from behind and the one on the right is seen from the front. In the background are numerous palm trees, heavily shrouded in rising smoke and dust. On the bottom right, we look at the title of the game in white capital letters "Call of Duty Vanguard". Below that is the date in white capital letters "November 5".
Screenshot of Call of Duty Vanguard (Source: Sledgehammer Games/Activision)


It begs the question of whether the Switch can carry a game like Warzone performance-wise. So it will take a strong effort to port Call of Duty for Switch, and the game will certainly need to be simplified graphically. Another hurdle is that there is no “CoD” fanbase to speak of on the Switch level. This also means a great deal of effort because marketing measures are required here to achieve this. Still, Microsoft made this agreement with Nintendo last night, and we are very curious to see how it will show up on the Nintendo sky in the future.


Bringing Warfare to Switch will take quite some time

We will have to wait until a CoD-Switch release. In the meantime, however, you can discover the brand new Warzone 2 on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation and improve your skills.

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When do you think Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch will be released? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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