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EVE: Uprising Is the New Expansion for EVE Online and Out Now

Welcome back, Commander! o7 Now your expeditions and battles will be even more exciting and epic. Which empire are you fighting for?

The empire strikes back, or rather the empires. A variety of improvements and new content await you in the galaxies of EVE Online. The expansion “EVE: Uprising” is available now.

Today developer CCP Games has announced in a blog that the expansion pack “EVE: Uprising” for the popular spaceship MMO EVE Online is released. According to the developer, the expansion is supposed to introduce a significant change in faction wars. It also aims to increase the motivation to defend one’s favorite empire. There will also be more opportunities and events to keep new and old commanders busy in the DLC.

In this picture we see many different spaceships fighting each other right now.
Space battles in EVE Online (Source: CCP Games)


What the EVE: Uprising DLC has in store for you

Head to New Eden as a battle-ready capsuleer and make a vital contribution to an exciting and intense future for the galaxy. With the expansion, you can expect a lot of brand-new spaceships as well as many new features. Each empire will receive new Destroyers, Dreadnoughts, Frigates, and Battlecruisers. These can be exhibited in new beautiful hangars of players in certain areas of the game. Also, the DLC includes numerous new options for interacting, exploring, and fighting for the capsuleers. Performance and graphics have also been improved. In combat, an expansion update offers more options, where you can claim territories for your empire, for example. Check out the brand-new trailer here:


Also, capsuleers can decorate their ships with many different alliance and company emblems. In addition, more customization options will be added, such as holograms. Already implemented are tweaks to the graphics and sound of the title. And these are just a few examples of the many new features that the expansion brings. There is much more to discover and unlock!

You can find more information about EVE: Uprising on the developer’s blog.

Control many new spaceships in Eve: Uprising, the new expansion to Eve Online. In this picture, we see a spaceship of the game in front of a fiery red planet in the middle of the Galaxy.
A spaceship in EVE Online (Source: CCP Games)


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Which of the new EVE content are you most excited about? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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