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2-Player PS5 Games: 20 Multiplayer Hits on PlayStation 5

What's better than playing alone? That's right! Playing games with others. Having fun together, sharing laughter, and cheering along. This is the good life.

Many PlayStation 5 games are much more fun together. Especially couch Co-op is very popular and in demand among gamers. These 2-player PlayStation 5 games particularly impressed us, and some of them also offer room for more companions.

It’s one of those rainy days you don’t feel like going out, but you have one or more people you could play some games with? For this purpose, we have compiled this ranking of PS5 2-player games for you, which even has room for more players here and there. Let’s dive right in:


20. Guilty Gear Strive

Are you looking for a title to solve the differences with your friend? Then get Guilty Gear Strive and immerse yourself in the fantastic gameplay that awaits you with extravagant graphics and a magnificent soundtrack. It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or a fighting game veteran – both sides are welcome in this one. Use the extensive tutorial mode to advance from student to master and challenge each other.

Duel with your friend in intense close combat in the side view and use powerful combos.
Screenshot of Guilty Gear Strive (Source: Arc System Works/Bandai Namco Studios)


The title supports up to 2 players in local Co-op and has an online multiplayer mode for up to 32 players. Get a copy for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


19. Chicory: A Colorful Tale

This title is certainly one of the much more casual 2 player PS5 games on our list. The lovingly designed 2D game combines the gameplay of old Zelda titles with the excitement of coloring books. Use the power of your paintbrush to bring back the peace and joy of painting. Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a cute game and suitable for children, due to its accessible gameplay. But adults will also have fun with the two player coop mode.

Adorable PS5 2-player games that you can play with Chicory: A Colorful Tale. Here the coloring book-like world is shown.
Screenshot of Chicory: A Colorful Tale (Source: Greg Lobanov/Finji)


Chicory: A Colorful Tale supports up to 2 players in local Co-op. Purchase it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


18. WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship

How about an off-road duel with your friend? In WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship, you’ll experience hyper-immersive driving adventures thanks to the DualSense wireless controllers. Feel every brake, acceleration, and rattle of the terrain in your hands and enjoy an incredibly realistic rally car simulation while your adrenaline level skyrockets on the way to victory.

With WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship, you'll drive off-road cars and get one of the incredibly great 2-player PS5 games.
Screenshot of WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship (Source: KT Racing/Nacon)


The title supports up to 2 players in local Co-op and has an online multiplayer mode for up to 8 players. Grab it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


17. The Jackbox Party Pack 8

Bring yourself into the perfect party mood with this five titles game pack. Get ready for challenging, edgy, and fun party titles that will have you and your friends laughing and chatting. If you’re looking for two-player PS5 games in the coop realm, check out the game Poll Mine here: split up into teams and prepare answers to questions that the other team will have to guess in the appropriate order. But there is a whole lot more to discover.

Here we see the cover of the game with turquoise background and the five different games in the form of pie symbols.
Screenshot of The Jackbox Party Pack 8 (Source: Jackbox Games, Inc.)


The Jackbox Party Pack 8 supports up to 10 players in local Co-op. Purchase it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


16. The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me

The last title of the first season is a thrilling adventure game that will take you and your friends to a trap-filled hotel of death, where the famous serial killer H. H. Holmes is said to have been up to his bloody mischief. The game is especially recommended in local multiplayer mode, which you can play with your best buddy or up to four friends. Every wrong step can be your last … or your friends’. The Devil in Me is the ultimate friend loyalty test and will strain your nerves!

In The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me, you'll play five different characters with friends, as seen here at a table.
Screenshot of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me (Source: Supermassive Games/Bandai Namco Entertainment)


The title supports up to 5 players in local Co-op and has an online multiplayer mode for up to 2 players. Grab it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


15. Haven

While many Co-op titles are also highly recommended for friends, Haven is an exception and is especially good for couples. Why? Because this game is also about a pair of lovers who find themselves on an enchanted planet with many bizarre creatures and must adapt to this alien habitat. It’s both an addictive and relaxing game for the PlayStation 5 and offers a lot of exploration as well as exciting moments of combat where loving cooperation is required.

Explore an enchanted planet with your partner in one of the 2 player PS5 games, as shown in this screenshot: The playable lovers are shown from the back in the bottom left in a long shot. They are standing on a meadow with high grass and look to the right into the background towards the evening sun, which bathes the scene in a pleasant warm tone light. The couple is holding hands. The man on the left has white clothing and black short hair. The woman wears a light gray dress and has long white hair hanging down. In the lower right of the picture we see pink slime and in the background a mountain range is visible in a reddish mist.
Screenshot from Haven (Source: The Game Bakers)


Haven supports up to 2 players in local Co-op. Purchase it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


14. Fortnite

Nowadays, everyone should be familiar with Fortnite. The free-to-play Battle Royale shooter is especially popular in online play, with up to 99 players on one server at the same time. The goal is to survive and win either in a team or alone as the last player (last-man-standing). However, not everyone knows that Fortnite even has a couch Co-op mode for up to 2 players for PlayStation 5 and Xbox. So if you and your teammate like this kind of shooter, grab your controllers and jump off together. Have a good flight (and a good landing).

In this screenshot from Fortnite, we see the player as a female character in the third person in the wide shot at the bottom center of the image. He is hanging from a futuristic parachute and glides straight down to a very green landscape, in which numerous hills with many fir trees can be seen. In front of him in the center of the image, there is also a red beam reaching up into the sky from the ground, representing a marker. Games like Fortnite are very popular among 2 player PS5 games on the PlayStation and Xbox. The character has short black hair, and wears a dark green top and beige combat pants. The scenery is bathed in an orange-red light from the setting evening sun, which we see very strongly in the background in particular, and also colors the sky very strongly orange. A minimap is shown at the top right and a weapon and item display for the player is shown below it. At the bottom of the screen in the middle is a health and shield bar.
Fortnite screenshot (Source: Epic Games)


The title supports up to 2 players in local Co-op and has an online multiplayer mode for up to 99 players. Grab it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


13. Outriders

In this title from Square Enix, you’ll form a combat squad with two other friends to eliminate many alien legions on your way. Welcome to a sci-fi loot shooter and one of the highly recommended 2 player PS5 games. Numerous wild shootouts await you and your friends, embedded in an epic story. You might think that Outriders is a descendant of Borderlands, and we truly understand that! The game has already received many deep updates, such as a transmog-system that lets you customize your player. For an exciting endgame, you’ll find heaps of legendary equipment. And if you end up wanting more, there’s also the Outriders Worldslayer expansion to discover.

In the foreground of this screenshot of Outriders, a playable character can be seen in half-total from the front. He wears a steampunk-like leather combat suit and has a wooden construction on his back. He wears a strange mask that covers almost his entire face. On the left and right side of his legs, he has holstered two blue flashing pistols and he holds a very futuristic looking Rifle with golden ornamentation and two horns in his hands. Calmly he strides towards us. In the background, to the left of him, the rear of a white armored jeep can be seen. We are on an alien planet in a stony landscape during the day, and we can see a tree and a mountain range to the left. With Outriders, you play a wild loot shooter and one of the most exciting 2 player PS5 games.
Screenshot from Outriders (Source: People Can Fly/Square Enix)


Outriders supports up to 3 players in online Co-op. You can get a copy for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


12. The Quarry

The Quarry, inspired by predecessors like Until Dawn, is a survival horror game. The special thing about it is that it has a very interesting couch Co-op mode. Unlike other PS5 2 player games, you play with a single controller, which you pass on to each other depending on the situation. It is an “interactive video” based on the teen horror of the 80s and offers you and your friends the possibility to enjoy a horror story together with impressive modern graphics. The game provides more than 100 possible endings, which makes it always fun to get back to.

A screenshot from the game The Quarry is shown. In the picture, we are looking from a slightly lower view into the worried face of a playable character, who is shown here in close-up in half-profile on the left of the picture. This is a player with brown skin and short black hair. He wears a dark blue T-shirt and has brown eyes. He looks worriedly into the distance. In the background, we can see a section of forest on the left in the blur and a kind of building facade in the lower right. Above it, the moon is schematically depicted, illuminating the otherwise very dark blue scene and the character with bright white light.
The Quarry screenshot (Source: Supermassive Games/2K Games)


The title supports up to 8 players in local and online Co-op, and you can get it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


11. Asterix & Obelix XXXL: The Ram From Hibernia

In the new Asterix & Obelix installment, you and up to three other players can once again beat up Roman legionaries (shoot them into the air) in couch Co-op mode. This time the story focuses on a golden ram, which the famous Gauls have to return to the chief Whiskitonix. On your way, of course, you will meet numerous Romans again. A colorful, humorous journey coupled with very atmospheric musical interludes can begin, which you better not miss in your library for 2 player PS5 games.

The main characters Asterix and Obelix are shown in isometric perspective in the center of the image. They are standing on a brown sandy path during the day, which runs horizontally in a slightly meandering manner through the image. To the left and right of the path are numerous green areas of varying heights, on which bushes and gray stones can be seen. To the right of the characters is a large light gray stone archway. In the top left corner, we catch sight of Asterix's avatar along with a health indicator in the form of red hearts and a power bar that is currently empty. Around the player Asterix, a red circle glows on the ground, indicating that the player is selected and playable.
Screenshot of Asterix & Obelix XXXL: The Ram From Hibernia (Source: OSome Studio SARL/Microids SA)


The game supports up to 4 players in couch Co-op. Purchase it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


10. Godfall

Join your friends on an epic ancient adventure and take on the roles of mighty knights to prevent an apocalyptic event from happening. As one of the first very impressive PS5 exclusives, you’ll engage in intense melee combat and fight for glory. Kill numerous monsters in search of bold loot and upgrade your gear. This is a game you’ll definitely want to check out, especially since it’s been slashed in price. A welcome distraction and adventure for you and your teammates.

With Godfall you experience one of the most epic 2 player PS5 games, as illustrated on this screenshot: A blooming windy landscape consisting of red trees, red grasses and gray rocks can be seen, which takes up the lower half of the picture. A tree protrudes almost horizontally into the image at the bottom right. In the middle of the landscape stand 3 heroic different warriors with heavy strongly reflecting armor. They look in different directions and are arranged in some distance to each other behind each other in zig zag formation. The foremost warrior can be seen slightly to the left of the picture with a lion-like head, white hair and a huge sword consisting of two blades. A little further right more in the background is a female looking character. He has wing-like shoulder pads and has a sword in each of his hands. The third character, even further away, can be seen in the center of the bottom of the image, standing on a rock with a large spear in his hand. Above the heads in the upper half of the image, against a light blue cloudy background, is the title of the game in orange gold capital letters "Godfall" and above that in white capital letters "Lightbringer Update".
A cover of Godfall (Source: Counterplay Games/Gearbox Publishing)


The title supports up to 3 players in online Co-op, and you can get it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


9. Warhammer Chaosbane: Slayer Edition

Welcome back to the world of isometric hack-and-slash games. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to Diablo / PoE, or you’re just a fan of the Warhammer universe: With this installment of the series, you’ve found a great adventure RPG for your PlayStation 5. Wipe out bloodthirsty hordes of witches, demons, and orcs. Looting and upgrading your gear plays a significant role here too, and is also a lot of fun. Team up with friends, choose your hero from several classes, and off you go. The Slayer Edition comes with optimized graphics and all previously released DLCs.

We have a bird's eye view of a playable hero of the game Warhammer: Chaosbane - Slayer Edition, one of the highly recommended 2 player PS5 games. The player is a white dragon-like creature standing on two legs and with long outstretched wings and is depicted in the center of the image in a gloomy snowy landscape. Around him are numerous snow-covered fir trees. A snowy stone staircase can be seen in the upper left corner. The playable character in the picture is currently spitting a huge flame of fire at one of the two opponents standing in front of him, who are armed with shields and mace. They are standing on the right in the lower half of the picture. Slightly above them, another enemy, whose two arms represent long pointed spikes, is running towards the protagonist.
Warhammer: Chaosbane – Slayer Edition (Source: EKO Software/Games Workshop)


The game supports up to 4 players in couch and online Co-op. You can also play in combo Co-op (a mix of the two). Purchase it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


8. Overcooked! All You Can Eat

The popular cooking game series is also playable on PS5, and it includes the first two parts and all DLCs. In this popular Co-op game, you’ll have to cook, serve, and clean up together while not losing your concentration. It’s a fun title in a race against time. Prepare food together amidst hot lava or at dizzying heights with a hot air balloon. Where other Co-op games invite you to relax, in this game, your stress level will be tested.

If you are looking for good entertainment and excitement at the same time with your friends, Overcooked! All You Can Eat should be one of the most suitable 2 player PS5 games for you. In this screenshot, we have a bird's eye view of the playing field, which consists of a square-shaped wooden kitchen floating in dark grey clouds. The kitchen hangs from four large ropes that rise out of the image to a blue hot air balloon visible in the crop. At the bottom of the kitchen, a long L-shaped kitchen counter is shown with several white plates, a wash basin, and various vegetables. The corners of the playing field are lit by four torches. At the top are more wooden tables and in the center are three different-looking players in the role of cooks, busily preparing the right menus in time.
Overcooked! All You Can Eat screenshot (Source: Ghost Town Games/Team17)


The game supports up to 4 players in local and online Co-op, and you can get it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


7. Sackboy: A Big Adventure

This 3D platformer is comparable to games like Crash Bandicoot or Spyro. As Sackboy, you can jump and run through the colorful world with up to three other friends on your PS5. Even though the game is suitable for singleplayer, it offers a lot of fun in cooperative game mode, especially with friends and family. The game features a very layered and thoughtful level design and offers extremely entertaining gameplay. This game wins the feel-good award in our ranking for the best 2-player PS5 games.

In this screenshot, the protagonist Sackboy can be seen in the center of the image in long shot. He is running away from a huge cute yeti-like white creature. The creature has white fur and its face has blue skin. With its mouth wide open, in which two round white teeth can be seen at the bottom, it is chasing the brown-colored Sackboy with its cute big sack-like head, which also has its mouth wide open. On a purple carpet leading toward the camera, the two run toward us. We are in a blue square-shaped room that resembles a toy world and has diverse playful different-colored motifs, such as a pointing hand or two face stickers that resemble the Yeti. To the left and right of the carpet, you can see the abyss, in which white mist.
A screenshot from Sackboy: A Big Adventure (Source: Sumo Digital/Sony Interactive Entertainment)


The title supports up to 4 players in local and online Co-op, and you can get it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


6. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Although this game is already the sixth Lego Star Wars title, it is also one of the most impressive works of the series. All nine movies from the Star Wars universe are included in this Lego adventure. You can choose between a whopping 380 playable characters, and the graphics are extremely nice to look at. Enjoy this massive Star Wars spectacle solo, but it’s even more exciting and fun when you team up with a friend in 2-player split-screen.

In this screenshot, we see two familiar Starwars characters in the center of the lower edge of the image in the wide shot in the foreground. The left character has brown clothes, blond hair, and a green lightsaber in his right hand. The right figure is a black character with light gray clothes. He holds a purple lightsaber with both hands. The two are standing on sandy ground in daylight, with numerous brown robot-like characters with black Assault Rifles depicted in the background. Further in the background, we glimpse a huge sand-colored mountain front taking up the entire frame and running vertically. On the left side, you can see a huge metallic gate through which you can enter the mountain.
Screenshot from LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (Traveller’s Tales/WB Games)


The game supports two players in split-screen mode, and you can get it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


5. Borderlands 3

Since its launch in 2009, the Borderlands series hasn’t changed much in terms of gameplay and innovation. But it doesn’t have to. This very humorous action FPS game is a lot of fun and offers gameplay full of carnage and looting with the third installment. Play the exciting campaign in pairs – either horizontally or vertically. Numerous side missions in a vast open world await you. Or go on a mission as a foursome and loot all the weapons and items together.

This screenshot from the game Borderlands 3 shows a combat robot and a player in combat gear with a minigun in a long shot in daylight. Both open fire and look past the viewer on the right. They are standing on a stone floor and in the background a slanted high fence made of corrugated metal can be seen, on which the following two sentences can be read in white capital letters on a sign: "Give your flesh, take your guns". This game is one of the very good 2 player PS5 games.
Borderlands 3 (Source: Gearbox Software/2K Games)


The game supports up to 4 players in local Co-op, and you can purchase it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


4. FIFA 23

Thanks to HyperMotion technology since FIFA 22, the sports simulation series from EA has developed into a real next-generation title. Especially the latest installment of the series provides an extremely realistic gaming experience. Both in its game mechanics and graphically. FIFA 23 now offers local multiplayer with up to four players in offline mode, i.e., 2 vs. 2. Only one player needs to have a PS Plus account, and the others can join as guests by pressing the triangle button on their controllers.

Play digital soccer in FIFA 23, one of the best 2 player PS5 games. This cover from the game impressively shows an intense soccer match. In a long shot on the left side, a southern player with wide pants, a light blue jersey, and a black pigtail can be seen in a slightly oblique perspective in the bottom view. He has just kicked the ball, which is shown in motion blur in the lower left of the picture in the air above the green artificial turf. On the right, directly behind him, an opposing player in black pants, a white jersey, and black short hair jumps through the picture. His gaze falls on the ball. Behind the two players, other players in white and blue jerseys are shown running after the ball. In the blur, we catch a glimpse of the huge grandstand filled with spectators.
FIFA 23 (Source: EA)


The game supports up to 4 players in local play, and you can get it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


3. Human: Fall Flat

Do you prefer to slow things down and look for a comedic play? Then you should definitely give this ragdoll physics-based title a try. Many different levels and character outfits await you here. Grab the PlayStation 5 controller and play alone or with your partner/friend. The goal in this game is to get to the end of each level with the help of physics and the amusing nature of your characters. Teamwork is very much in demand, and funny situations are inevitable.

Play fun PS5 2 player games like Human: Fall Flat. Here we see a screenshot of the game, where the typical white character in third-person view is seen in the center of the image from behind, standing in daylight in front of a castle with a tall tower and a windmill. He is a white character holding a large gray stone in his hand and standing on a brown background. To his left are several stones of the same kind, and behind them is a wooden catapult, for which the stones are projectiles. The sky is slightly grayish. Enjoy this game in pairs on PlayStation 5.
Human: Fall Flat (Source: No Brakes Games/Curve Digital)


The game supports two players in local Co-op, and you can get it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


2. ARK: Survival Evolved

This action adventure from Studio Wildcards is all about two things: Crafting and dinosaurs. If you’re a fan of Jurassic Park and Minecraft, you should definitely check out this title, which is graphically very impressive on the PS5. The game has evolved very well over the past few years, adding many new mechanics and features. This now includes a two-player mode, which works exceptionally well locally for couch Co-op. However, if you want to play online on servers, you might need to wait for a future update.

Play Ark: Survival Evolved on PlayStation 5 and hunt dinosaurs. In this screenshot, we're aiming a tense bow in first-person perspective at a T-Tex standing on a green field, which we're also standing on. The dinosaur is shown in profile in the middle ground of the image, running to the right. Directly in front of it are two other players. The one on the left is armed with a bow, and the one on the right with a spear, who are also attacking him. On the left edge of the image, a green forest can be seen in the crop, and a volcano in the distance on the right. Above it, we glimpse the bright blue sky with a few white clouds. This game is one of the highly recommended PS5 2 player games.
Ark: Survival Evolved (Source: Studio Wildcard/Snail Games)


The game supports two players in local Co-op, and you can get it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store. But as it’s a PS4 port, you need to have the latest firmware on your PlayStation 5 installed.


1. It Takes Two

As the title suggests, this PlayStation 5 game from Hazelight Studios offers a two-person Co-op adventure. You’ll play two characters the size of an insect and have to try to get back to your normal size and find the way back to your daughter. Your path will take you through toys, household appliances, gardens, and many more strange places. It is one of the PS5 2-player games which encourages you to work together very intensely. The game plays impressively well both locally and online and is without question one of the best 2-player PS5 games on the market. In case you like to get some inspiration on more games like It Takes Two, we have you covered in our other article.

In It Takes Two you'll have to solve numerous tasks together with your partner, as seen here in this screenshot, in which the two main characters are shown in the center of the image, sliding down with a flower. To the left and right are oversized objects of all kinds, such as a Rubik's Cube, a tomato, an hourglass, and a bucket. These objects are elements that make up the levels in the game. In the background, we'll discover a glistening light in a light fog at the back right and a tall mountain in the distance, on which a dancing box-like creature is depicted.
It Takes Two (Source: Hazelight Studios/Electronic Arts)


The game supports 2 players in local and online Co-op, and you can get it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


More than two-player games to discover for PS4 & PS5

If you are looking for more interesting titles on PS5, then you might find a good read in our lists of the best Survival Games on PS4 & PS5, best racing games for PS5games like Dark Souls.

Do you think there’s still a key title missing? We would be happy to add it to the list. Feel free to tell us about it in the comments below.

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