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Simpsons Anime: Treehouse of Horror Episode in Death Note Style

The next episode of Treehouse of Horror transforms the Simpsons into very special characters. Try not to be creeped out.

The special episode of Treehouse of Horror pays tribute to Death Note and brings a Simpsons anime to television.

The Simpsons are back and this time in a very special way. After premiering with a parody of Stephen King’s horror film “It”, titled here “Not It”, another Halloween special will follow. The second episode “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” will include a parody of Westworld, The Babadook, and “Death Tome”. The latter will be a tribute to the popular anime series Death Note. Now, just before Halloween, a short video was published on Twitter, which already gives you a good foretaste of the special episode:


The short film comes with solid animations from the renowned South Korean studio DR and already makes a promising impression. Here we see Lisa as the recipient of the Death Note (Death Tome), and she finds herself in a city that is the victim of great environmental pollution. Frustrated, she utters the sentence:

The human race is 20 cow farts away from total extinction and we deserve it.

It seems that Lisa will use her new powers to save the world from destruction, which will not be easy for her. In addition to the short film, we can also already take a look at some published screenshots, which can also be seen below. In them, we see Marge, Homer, and Lisa in their respective anime style.

This screenshot shows, from left to right, Lisa and Homer sitting at a table, and Marge standing next to them at a grill. Contrary to the normal drawing style of The Simpsons, this scene is drawn in Japanese anime style. The setting also has a Japanese feel to it. Homer looks contentedly into a small ceramic cup. Lisa looks apathetically into the room. Marge watches Homer, frightened. This scene is from Death Tome, a part of the "Treehouse of Horror XXXIII" episode which adapts the story of the Death Note mangas.
Lisa, Homer and Marge in “Death Tome” (Source: DR Movie)


When will The Simpsons anime “Death Tome” be aired

The Treehouse of Horror XXXIII episode will air on October 30, 2022, at 8:00 pm EST on FOX and will also be available the next day via Hulu. Once again, it’s very impressive how the Simpsons are always finding new ways to stay creative.

In this screenshot from the special episode Treehouse of Horror XXXIII, Lisa can be seen in the lower left corner of a dark room from the side in a long shot, lying on the floor and holding herself up with her hands. It's nighttime and moonlight shines into the room through a window in the center of the frame. Directly in front of her stands the huge Frankenstein-like monster, looking grimly at Lisa.
Simpsons Anime in Treehouse of Horror XXXIII (Source: DR Movie)


Watch not only the horror but also play it

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What is your opinion about the Treehouse of Horror XXXIII episodes and especially Death Tome? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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