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Sons Of The Forest: Release Date and Gameplay Updates

The good is worth waiting for - even if the long wait hurts a lot while you crave the woods. But redemption is near!

The long-awaited survival sequel Sons Of The Forest had a long maturing process. But it seems to totally pay off. Luckily, a release date is set, and we can look forward to innovative survival gameplay again very soon.


As the player, we are looking at an extremely realistic-looking waterfall in the middle of an equally realistic-looking forest. The waterfall is seen in the upper right in a long shot and the water flows from the upper right out of the background down to the lower left in the foreground of the image. A lot of sprays are represented on the water. In the lower left of the image, several water lilies can be seen on the surface of the water. At the bottom right of the picture, there is a rock leading to the water. At the top left of the image, we can see numerous trees on a rocky outcrop. The scenery is impressively illuminated by many rays of sunlight and directly in the center of the waterfall stands a woman in a green swimsuit.
Sons Of The Forest and its new beauty (Source: Endnight Games Ltd.)

Next month, the time has finally come. Then the infamous sequel “Sons Of The Forest” will finally be released. The open-world survival title from Endnightgames Ltd. is one of the most wanted survival games internationally. According to SteamDB, it is currently in 6th place among the most in-demand games. And the hype around this title is certainly also the product of a very long waiting period.


When does Sons Of The Forest come out?

Sons Of The Forest was initially supposed to be released in the spring of 2022. Then it was postponed to the fall. But unfortunately, nothing came of that either. Finally, the developers announced in a Tweet that a last postponement of the release date would take place, and the Forest successor will hit the market on February 23, 2023. Currently, you can pre-order for $29,99 via Steam.


Sons Of The Forest gameplay offers a unique survival experience

The trailer presented at the Game Awards 2019 already created extreme hype around the title and it quickly became clear: The sequel will surpass The Forest in many ways. We can look forward to significantly polished graphics, new gameplay options, more extremely creepy enemy types, and new story content. A feast for every horror-survival lover.

The player holds a yellow Taser pistol in both hands, which we can see in the center at the bottom of the image. He is looking at an amazingly realistic-looking stone beach during the day, on which there is a lot of brown-colored seaweed, which we can see at the bottom right of the image. On the right edge of the picture are two large gray rocks. In the center and left of the image are two dead killer whales lying on the beach. Small waves can be seen on the water and the blue sky with white clouds is shown in the upper half of the picture. In Sons of the Forest, you can expect very realistic gameplay and the release date is now known.
Killer Whales in Sons Of The Forest (Source: Endnight Games Ltd.)


Then, in December 2021, another spectacular trailer followed, showing the revolutionary open-world survival simulation in all its glory. And now the wait is almost over. Soon we will once again enter an island dominated by cannibals. Watch the latest trailer to really get in the mood.

In Sons Of The Forest, you are supposed to find a missing billionaire on a strange island, but this operation goes wrong, and suddenly you are surrounded by numerous deadly cannibals. Whoopsie. Explore, fight and build to survive, either alone or with friends in Co-op. Exciting gameplay with a lot of depth and secrets to uncover.


In this screenshot, the player is in a completely dark cave and has just spotted a new type of cannibal creature. With a flashlight in his left hand, he looks at the creature in a first-person perspective, which we see in a white light cone in the center of the image in the semi-close-up. It consists of an elongated bloody lump of flesh and has no arms. From below, many parallel ribs protrude grotesquely from its body pointing in the direction of the player. Because the monster is currently in frantic motion toward us, it is rendered in motion blur. There is absolute blackness around the beast. The release date of Sons of the Forest is in February 2023 and we can look forward to gripping gameplay.
Creepy moments in Sons Of The Forest (Source: Endnight Games Ltd.)


More Open Worlds to discover together with friends

Impressive cave systems and forests can be found in other games too. Bring some variety into your adventures, and feel free to check out our favorites of Best Survival Games for PS4/PS5, Best Open World Games, or Sandbox Games. There you should definitely find some inspiration to shorten the waiting time. There you should definitely find some inspiration to shorten the waiting time.


How much are you looking forward to Sons Of The Forest? Feel free to write your opinion below in the comments.

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