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11 Fortnite Tips on How to Get Better Including Best Settings

Behind the colorful facade of Fortnite lies a massive load of fast-paced, hardcore combat...behind even harder walls. Let's get you more EZ Claps.

How to get better at Fortnite? This is a question that many players ask themselves because the game has very challenging gameplay. With these 11 Fortnite tips, you’ll quickly find your way around the game and soon be able to celebrate additional victories on the battlefield.

Fortnite has an original mix of survival, looting, and building. This particular gameplay scenario can be extremely overwhelming and challenging at the beginning. But don’t worry: With the help of our tips & tricks and some good practice, you’ll soon do more EZ Claps after your victory.


11 tips, including the best settings for Fortnite

Many factors determine your survival in this shooter, and the right decisions must be made at the right moment. Once again, practice makes perfect. But what should you practice? We have created a brief guide with helpful Fortnite tips and the best settings, which you can use in order to get better at Fortnite (get the game for free on epicgames.com).

Our Fortnite Building Tips could also be helpful to you.


1. Best Fortnite Settings

Whether you win or lose in this battle royale is determined not least by the settings you choose. So before you jump into the fray, you should have done the following things:


Install the latest graphics card driver

Make sure you have enough FPS (frames per second) for the maximum gaming experience and battle advantage. Either download the driver from the manufacturer’s website or, in the case of an Nvidia graphics card, use the “Geforce Experience” interface and click the “Driver” button at the top.


Optimize your video settings

You should play this shooter with your native display resolution at a frame rate of at least 60 FPS. If your graphics card supports it, feel free to increase the FPS to 120 or 144. You should try to get the most out of your FPS by adjusting your video settings. Click on the Menu button in the upper right corner of Fortnite, and then on the gear icon below to get to the settings. Depending on your hardware, you may have to accept poorer graphics for the sake of better performance and an FPS advantage. We can recommend the following settings:

  • Window Mode: Fullscreen
  • Display Resolution: Match it to your monitor’s native resolution, e.g. 1920×1080 Pixels (reducing it to 1280×720 could give you some additional FPS, though)
  • Frame Rate Limit: Set it to “Unlimited” (could also be locked to your monitor’s refresh rate, but more is better in case your hardware can handle it)
  • 3D Resolution: Set it to 100%
  • View Distance: Epic
  • Shadows: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • Textures: Low
  • Effects: Low
  • Post Processing: Low
  • V-Sync: Off
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Rendering Mode: DirectX 11
  • Ray Tracing: Off


Activate the FPS display in Fortnite

If you want your game to look a little nicer, you can also experiment with the video settings and study your FPS in the game by checking the “Show FPS” box in the Video Settings tab. But again, more FPS is better, and reducing the visual fidelity might also give you an advantage as you see your opponent earlier and more clearly.


2. The right landing

Your FPS are as constant as possible? Wonderful! Then you are now ready for the (correct) jump. This is critical to staying alive and getting off to a good start. In the beginning, most players will jump over the big cities, because the chance for good loot is especially high. But there is also a very high chance that you will die, as it is very crowded. As a beginner, you should avoid this danger at first and jump over smaller places at the edge of the map. There you will also find enough loot for the beginning.

The correct landing on the map is crucial, as this screenshot should illustrate: In the center of the screenshot, a blue bus can be seen in a long shot, hovering with the help of a blue and white hot air balloon over the turquoise sea, which we can see below. The water takes up the entire lower half of the image and extends far into the background. There we see a green island landscape with a huge pointed mountain rising into the sky at the top left of the image. Overall, this map, which plays during the day, looks very bluish and friendly in this image. With the right Fortnite tips and best settings, you'll succeed in landing.
Landing in Fortnite (Source: Epic Games)


3. Loot the best gear you can and remember it

Look for the best possible loot right after you land. Open as many chests as possible to equip yourself with the best weapons and items. The distant location will also give you enough time and peace to do this. The loot has the following color coding in the game, which you should keep in mind:

  • Common | Grey
  • Uncommon | Green
  • Rare | Blue
  • Epic | Purple
  • Legendary | Orange
  • Mythic | Gold (only occasionally)


4. Use headphones if you can and/or use this setting

You can’t be paranoid enough in Fortnite! With headphones, you can ensure an optimal and concentrated soundscape, which is crucial in this battle royale. This allows you to identify exactly from which direction footsteps can be heard or shots are fired and react to them in time. An additional advantage is the option “Visualize sound effects” in the audio settings, which shows you the decisive sounds on the User Interface (HUD). Especially recommended for players without a headset.


5. Building in Fortnite

Fortnite doesn’t only require you to run and shoot; it also requires your skills as a builder, because an essential part of the game is creating and modifying barriers and walls to protect yourself from your enemies’ attacks. After you have collected your appropriate combat equipment, you should farm some construction materials. As a rule, it is recommended to collect at least 300, better 800 materials to be ready for sufficient construction projects. However, this ends up depending on the type of game you play.

In Fortnite, you can farm three different building resources: Stone, Wood, and Metal. These have different pros and cons:



This resource provides you with a very good mix of resistance and fast harvesting. Some stones can bring you up to 100 stone materials. Overall, a great building material and a perfect compromise between speed and durability.



It has the lowest resistance, but it’s very fast to harvest and offers you quick protection in any case. Fortnite’s maps are equipped with numerous fences, trees, and pallets that you can use for this purpose. In addition, built wooden walls have small holes through which you can look and spot opponents. But of course, it also gives opponents a chance to taunt you, so be on your guard.



It is the strongest material, but also the most difficult to farm. It is also extremely rare on the maps. But you can still get it by farming metal pallets, ship containers, or metal fences. But in general, we rather advise stone, because the ratio of effort to benefit is much better in this respect.


If necessary, build high up, if you do not know from which direction you will be fired at. You can change this “room” at any time and expand it, for example, by adding stairs, floors or roofs. Often it is very helpful to build a window into a wall to be able to shoot at the enemy from safe cover. This very fast building and changing needs to be practiced. Because in a dicey situation, this can quickly overwhelm and should therefore be routine. It’s best to practice this art at your leisure in the game’s creative mode.

Practice building with helpful Fortnite tips. This screenshot shows a female character in a brown top, blonde open hair, and gray jeans. The player is holding a light blue map in her left hand and a pen in her right. Around her, she is currently building a kind of shelter, which consists of wood and metal walls. Below her, there is a wooden floor and directly in front of her another metal wall is being built, which is visualized by blue transparent shapes. In the background of the image, there is an urban environment by day with several gray buildings and a police car in the middle.
Building in Fortnite (Source: Epic Games)


6. Healing is key

One of the Fortnite tips that sounds very trivial, but is essential for survival, especially for beginners: In addition to the right firearms, you should always have enough healing items with you. It is best to reserve a place in your inventory for this. Before healing yourself, always take cover first. In the open field, you should first build walls around yourself before you start to heal up.


7. Be your environment (or water, my friend)

If you want to survive, you should draw as little attention to yourself as possible in everything you do, and preferably go unnoticed. Become one with your surroundings. Be water my friend. The sneak function is key here. When you’re in a building with enemies, you should make as little noise as possible, and sneaking will help you to achieve that.

For our younger readers who may not understand the water reference: The famous martial artist Bruce Lee once said this.


8. Blur your traces

Another important point in our Fortnite tips is that you should not underestimate your opponents. Your enemies will also become deadly paranoid killers, and you should make it as hard as possible for them. When you enter or leave a building, you should always try to cover your tracks by closing the doors. If you want to stay and camp in an area for a longer time, it’s also helpful to destroy your buildings and walls, so that enemies who appear later will remain unsuspecting. Leave as few traces as possible.


9. Keep moving

Fortnite has extremely fast gameplay, so quick movement is equally important along with careful actions. After the first timer expires, the area of the next zone is indicated on your map. Make sure you move there in time to avoid getting caught in the storm. Then try to make your way through the cities on the way, to maybe pick up some additional good loot. At this point, you should also encounter fewer enemies, so be careful. Always stay moving, so you’re harder to hit.


10. Always keep an eye on the storm

In the beginning, it’s not the enemies but the zone that can be the biggest problem for you. It will narrow the playable area more and more, and you will have to stay in the circle to survive. Try to manage your time well and regulate your greed for loot accordingly, always keeping an eye on the timer to make your way to the safe zone in time.


11. The right behavior in combat

If you spot a fight between players, you should first stay in cover and observe it. This will give you valuable information and probably at least one less opponent. Try to sneak up slowly from behind to kill the opponent at close range. It’s best to surprise him then before he can heal. Another good moment to kill him is when he starts collecting the loot of the other killed player. However, you can also quickly become a target. If that happens, as I said, first buy yourself some time by building walls, protecting yourself, and getting more shooting angles. Then try to heal yourself as quickly as possible and find out the position of the shooter, so you can react accordingly.


Next, our Fortnite Building Tips may be helpful to you. That’s it for now with our general 11 tips on how to get better at Fortnite. Refer back to this guide whenever you need it, and consider these Fortnite tips at your own pace. Because remember: First of all, the execution must be correct. The pace then comes by itself. Practice makes perfect.


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