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Armored Core 6 – Exciting News About Release Date & Gameplay

When you think of FromSoftware, you think of Soulborne games. But that doesn't necessarily apply to every title...

Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon, the sixth installment of FromSoftware’s popular mech series, will land on our planet in 2023. According to an insider, the exact release date is already set.


The mech series from the makers of Elden Ring has a long history. The first part was released ten years ago; meanwhile, the franchise grew to 15 games. Armored Core 6 will be a 2023 next-gen title for PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This reached the surface via the Reveal Trailer, which you can watch below:


What is Armored Core 6 about?

In the sixth installment, you’ll experience the continuation of the mech apocalypse, in which powerful corporations hire mercenaries to fight against each other in giant mechs in the battle for resources and bounties.

According to official information, a mysterious substance plays a decisive role. A powerful energy source discovered on the planet Rubicon 3. However, it caused disastrous consequences and destroyed the planet and the surrounding stars.

After half a century, the substance has re-emerged, but the traces of the disaster are still clearly visible on the planet. As an independent mercenary, you return to Rubicon 3 to recapture it at all costs. But you are not alone because other factions and companies also want to secure this energy source – a fierce mech battle breaks out.

Here we look at a fiery planet entirely composed of lava, showing the extent of the catastrophe caused by the substance.
The disastrous consequences of the substance in Armored Core 6 (Source: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco Games)


What is the gameplay like?

Armored Core 6 is a third-person sci-fi action RPG in which you move freely through three-dimensional, huge areas. All this while you battle against mighty bosses in giant battle mechs.

Sounds like a sci-fi Soulsborne? Well, it’s not supposed to be. Of course, we can also expect many challenges in Armored Core VI. However, Hidetaka Miyazaki emphasized to IGN that there are no direct efforts to make the action RPG a Soulsborne title.

We’ve not been making a conscious effort to try to direct [Armored Core 6] toward more Soulsborne-type gameplay


The game features profound control in customizing the mechs. Using money earned in solder missions, you can buy parts to modify and recreate your mech to the smallest detail.

You’ll only be able to play the story in single-player mode. But the game will also include an online arena multiplayer, according to Yasunori Ogura, a FromSoftware producer. As a result, you might not experience a co-op experience like you’re used to in games like Elden Ring or Dark Souls.

In Armored Core 6, we see a row of mechs with red flashing eyes in a spaceship in the backlight of the sun.
Armored Core 6 screenshot (Source: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco Games)


Armored Core 6 release date leaked

While FromSoftware has only revealed the release year so far, a leak from a well-known industry insider is now causing excitement by giving a definite date for the release.

The info comes from Tom Henderson, who predicted a release date for Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon in a blog article on Insider-Gaming. In the article, he refers to anonymous sources. According to his prediction, the combat mech game will hit the market on August 25, 2023.


Is the official unveiling this week?

According to a Chinese leaker, we could expect a new game trailer as early as this week’s end. The user from the a9vg forum had also predicted the ‘New Game Plus’ mode update for ‘God of War: Ragnarok.’

Based on a picture he posted on the forum, he believes a new Armored Core 6 trailer will be released this Friday, April 28. The image shows the date on yellow tape, which can be seen clearly and several times.

If this info proves valid, we should receive new gameplay content and possibly an exact release date officially this week. Of course, we must take these details with a grain of salt, but it sounds plausible.


Experience more boss fights without mercy

If you’re a fan of Souls-like games and like the formula of gritty settings and badass fighting techniques, feel free to check out our Souls-like Games ranking. Bloody Spell is also an original title in this field.

Besides Armored Core VI, the developers at FromSoftware are also ambitiously working on the new big Elden Ring DLC.


Do you know the Armored Core series? How do you like the setting and gameplay of the new mech game? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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