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Endling Is Now Available on Mobile Devices With iOS & Android

This game should become a must-play for every politician on Earth because of its high emotional depth and also immediate relevance.

Tablet and smartphone players, look out: Since yesterday, the sensational survival and exploration game Endling – Extinction is Forever is also playable on mobile devices with iOS or Android. Dive into the heartwarming story of a caring fox mother.


Emotions reach people. This concept is used in this great 3D sidescroller, which addresses one of the most important issues of our time. It does so in such a charming way that even the most hardened environmental sinners should get some food for thought. And now also on the road.


What makes Endling stand out?

The game is a relentless appeal to humanity and describes a plausible future in which we humans have affected the earth to such an extent that life for animals and plants is becoming increasingly difficult. We also have less and less oxygen to breathe. In the dying apocalyptic world, you slip into the role of an animal – the last mother fox on earth. It’s not only about your own struggle for survival but also about the survival of your clumsy, extremely cute cubs, who would be absolutely helpless without their mother. Sounds touching? Feel free to check out the trailer for the game below.


Multiple awards for the game speak for themselves

Endling – Extinction is Forever has already won several awards for its harrowing yet outstanding story, deeply relevant message, beautiful graphic style, and soundtrack. It also received a nomination at The Game Awards 2022. With all these honors and over 90% positive reviews on Steam, chances are you’ll have a soft spot in your heart for the young fox mother too.

Another screenshot shows the mother fox again at night. This time, however, she crouches on the right side of the image against a high wire mesh fence, which runs from the back to the right in the foreground and thus protrudes from the right side of the image. We are looking at the mother fox from some distance away, so she can be seen quite small in the long shot. She is just in the cone of light of a flashlight held by a person in an orange protective suit and gas mask. This person is shown on the left side of the picture. In the background, comparable tall trees and some rocks can be seen again. The playable plane in this scene is parallel to the visual axis as in a 2.5 D sidescroller. If you are a mobile gamer, you can now download Endling to your iOS or Android.
Endling – Extinction is Forever screenshot (Source: Herobeat Studios/HandyGames)


Key features of Endling – Extinction is Forever

The game has numerous exciting features in addition to its gripping story. To give you an overview, we have gathered the most critical aspects of the title game.

  • Discover and explore devastated areas, which are based on current scenarios.
  • Go hunting for other animals to ensure food for you and your youngsters. But beware, you can become the prey too.
  • Feed your cubs and teach them new skills that make them more resistant to their environment.
  • The game demands all your survival instincts and is a stress test for your nerves. You have to make numerous decisions that can push you to the limit emotionally.
  • Your environment is a rough place. Find and use shelters to be protected from various dangers.
  • Available for PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One & X|S, Nintendo Switch, and now also for iOS / Android.
Again a screenshot in 2.5 D sidescrolling perspective can be seen. While the previous screenshots were blue and played outside, this time we are in a corridor and the color is more turquoise. We catch a glimpse of the mother fox in the wide shot in the center of the image. She is leaning on her hind legs and is trying to help one of her young foxes down from a high platform. The walkway seems very narrow and is not too high, which creates an oppressive feeling. All around the scene, the image sinks into absolute darkness, which reinforces the uneasy feeling.
Screenshot from Endling – Extinction is Forever (Source: Herobeat Studios/HandyGames)


If you are a mobile gamer, you can download Endling for your smartphone or tablet on the Galaxy Store, Google Play, and App Store for $9.99 USD.


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What do you think about the story in the Endling game? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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