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Wizard with a Gun: All Details About Gameplay and Release Date

Are you tired of being the wizard in the background and want more attention? Then put your magic wand aside and fire bullets instead... But don't worry, magic works too.

The Co-op survival game Wizard with a Gun reminds us a bit of Don’t Starve, but it doesn’t want to be. So far, we’ve seen in-game scenes that suggest a title with much potential. Everything about the gameplay and the release date.


Fans of cooperative survival adventures can look forward to another exciting title. As the name suggests, Wizard with a Gun comes with a highly original game concept.


Wizard with a Gun brings magic and technology together

It may be due to the oversaturation of the market (Hogwarts Legacy *cough*). In any case, the wizards in this game own hats and robes but no wands. Instead, they use enchanted guns and pistols to slay nasty beasts. An innovative approach that should bring some variety to the world of magic. Feel free to check out the Reveal Trailer below.


The awesome reveal trailer


The game resembles Don’t Starve but with a different gameplay concept

Many players compare Wizard with a Gun with Don’t Starve – and rightly so. Because the game features a very similar 2D drawing style. But no, the game is not made by Klei Entertainment but by the developers of Galvanic Games. And while the world may be similarly gloomy and populated by monsters, this title focuses on the combat system paired with sandbox and survival elements, not on scary gameplay.

You explore a magical, procedurally generated wilderness full of of resources, secrets, and dangerous creatures alone or in online Co-op. This is where your shooting irons come into play, for which you can craft enchanted unique ammunition. In the trailer above, you can see how a wizard changes and modifies a weapon.

Two wizards stand on a wooden platform in Wizard with a Gun. One player is shooting with his gun.
Wizard with a Gun screenshot (Source: Galvanic Games/Devolver Digital)


In addition, you’ll be able to design furniture and decorate your residential tower with them. Of course, you can also dress your mage individually, from hats and robes to accessories and armor.


On which platforms will the game be released, and is there a release date yet?

The game will come out for Nintendo Switch and PC. Unfortunately, the developers couldn’t keep the release date in the launch trailer. On Steam, it is only noted that Wizard with a Gun will be released in 2023. Whether it will come out for Xbox also remains to be seen. We recommend you watch the game’s Twitter channel for news, where new video snippets are posted regularly.

We see a wizard in the middle of the room, standing in front of a workbench with an orange inventory open.
Screenshot from Wizard with a Gun (Source: Galvanic Games/Devolver Digital)


What do you think about the game concept of Wizard with a Gun? Feel free to leave us a comment below.


Play other great titles until the release date

We hope that Wizard with a Gun will soon be able to give a definite date for its release. Until then, you can enjoy other top-notch games with friends. You can find a good selection in our ranking of the Best PS5 Co-op Games.

You can also go underground on exciting team explorations and harvest valuable resources. Our Deep Rock Galactic Tips will tell you how to get started in this game. As a strategist, you can also look forward to Frostpunk 2, one of the most requested games on Steam.

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