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Inside the Impossible – The Insane World of Speedrunning

It's like walking on a thin line between playing and not playing. This balancing act has a steep learning curve. Prime examples will give you a great insight into this incredible fast-paced art.

Games Like Baldur’s Gate: 10 RPG’s Fans Must Play

The D&D-based RPG series from Larian Studios has inspired numerous other excellent titles for years, and it's worth looking at all these gems right now.

Best PS4 & PS5 Games in 2023: Top 12 New & Upcoming Titles

Are you an explorer, fighter, team player, or wizard? It doesn't matter! Because in 2023, everyone gets their money's worth with absolutely fantastic games in every genre. Our list provides proof.

Best PC Games 2023: Top 7 New & Upcoming Titles

It's going to rain a lot of hot titles this year, that's for sure. This ranking will tell you which ones you can look forward to in particular!

Nintendo Switch Games: Best New & Upcoming Titles in 2023

This year we can again expect top-notch titles on Nintendo's console. And a true masterpiece is just around the corner. Find the best upcoming games for Nintendo for '23 now.

Best Assassin’s Creed Game: Which AC Is the Ultimate Title?

AC Unity, Valhalla, or rather one of the older installments? Especially newcomers can be overwhelmed by the large selection. These top candidates give you a good orientation.

Best PS5 Co-op Games: Our True Favorites on PlayStation 5

Go on your adventure, but it's best to take a few friends with you. Because it never hurts to have someone looking out for you, and together everything becomes even more lively and engaging. Find out which games are particularly good to play with others.

PS5 Racing Games: Top 10 Best Racers on PlayStation 5 & Others

Are you looking for the best racing experience for yourself and need some inspiration? We are happy to provide you with a helpful overview with our top 10 list.

Best Stealth Games: A Top 5 About Staying Sneaky

Games from the stealth genre are rarely boring, have a lot of suspense potential and freedom in gameplay. In this article, you'll learn which stealth titles are particularly recommendable and which footsteps the genre is following.

Souls Like Games: Top Five Games Like Dark Souls

Engage in exciting, adrenaline-filled battles that require your full concentration, endurance and skill. Feel your heartbeat when the fight is over. These are games that follow the Dark Souls formula for success.

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