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Dead Island 2: New Trailer, Release Date & Gameplay

Welcome to the hell of California, full of dirt and blood. But you shouldn't let that take away from your quality of life.

Bloody, bloodier, Dead Island 2: The survival zombie shooter developed by Deep Silver will arrive this spring and offers us splatter gameplay that truly gets under your skin. That’s exactly the tingling feeling the developers want to trigger in you.

Probably the most brutal zombie survival shooter of all time is approaching its release date. After more playable characters were presented last month, another video was recently released that introduces Ryan, the Slayer:


Dead Island gameplay is a cinematic spectacle

The once glorious City of Angels becomes a gruesome breeding ground of ravenous zombies. A deadly virus dominates the city of Los Angeles and has been declared a quarantine zone by the military. However, the soldiers have retreated. As an infected but immune returnee, it’s up to you and other randomly immune humans to clean up the city of LA… sorry… Hell-A. You have a wide range of crazy, but also effective options at your disposal. The official trailer of Dead Island 2 shown below speaks for itself:


How do you want to face your infected friends in the wild today? With stabbing attacks, fists, or a flaming inferno? The streets are teeming with biters, of which there are many different types. Get ready for challenging fights due to the extremely realistic behavior of your opponents. The new ability system helps you specialize in certain skills and access crazy builds. A total of six different characters are available for you to choose from. Find out which one is closest to your personality/play style.

We are the player in first-person perspective in a side alley in Los Angeles. With our left hand, we are strangling a male zombie with a blue T-shirt, black hair, and aviator goggles. With his mouth wide open, we catch sight of his virus-ridden teeth and decayed skin, and red eyes. Our character has numerous colorful tattoos on his left arm and purple nail polish on his right hand indicates that we are playing a female character. In our right hand, we hold a blue flashing self-crafted metal blade. To the left and right are high wooden fences that run along the alley into the background. There we see an abandoned ambulance and different colored house facades on the right. The sun is shining and gives the scene a summery mood. This zombie survival shooter offers you extremely intense and brutal gameplay.
Screenshot of Dead Island 2 (Source: Deep Silver)


With all the zombie carnage, you also need someone to talk to. The developers at Deepsilver understand this as well, which is why they give you the opportunity to enjoy the zombie madness as a Co-op adventure. Team up with two other friends and greet your zombie buddies together on the streets of Hell-A.


The release date of Dead Island 2 is not far away

There is some confusion regarding the release date: The official trailer presents the date as 2/3/2023. In the meantime, however, the developers have moved the release to 4/28/2023, which is also stated on the official website.

Dead Island 2 will be available for the next-gen consoles PS4/PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. For PC, you can pre-order it via the Epic Games Store or via Amazon (Affiliate Link). A Steam release will follow in the future.

The zombie-infested city of Los Angelos is shown here as a panoramic view from a distance. The city is called Hell-A in Dead Island 2, where a release date is now known, which is very well represented in this picture: From a hill, we look into the distance and see the city of L.A. in the lower half of the picture. As we do so, we catch sight of the many skyscrapers in the city center directly in the middle. Directly above is the setting sun, which turns the city, which extends into the foreground of the image on all sides, into a black, gloomy landscape. Smoke rises in several places and buildings are on fire. Above the city, the sky and clouds are colored red by the sun, emphasizing the prevailing post-apocalyptic.
Los Angelos in Dead Island 2 (Source: Deep Silver)


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If a bit of waiting and anticipation are right up your alley: Look forward to a comeback of an absolute survival horror classic already this month with the Dead Space Remake, followed in February by Sons Of The Forest (a sequel to the famous island survival horror The Forest).

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What are you most looking forward to in Hell-A? Let us know in the comments below.

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