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Century Age of Ashes – Season 2 Ignites Epic New Dragon Battles

It's skyward again, Dragoneer. Be even faster and more devastating in Season 2 to impress Smaug.

Rule the skies again in Season 2. The epic free-to-play dragon game Century Age of Ashes enters its second round today with The Fate of the Dragons and comes with a heap of new exciting content.


Age of Ashes fulfills the childhood dreams of many players. As a legendary dragon rider, you can fight competitively alone or in a team against other players for air supremacy and prove your skill and speed. But the game offers, besides PvP, also a PvE game mode, in which you have to withstand enemies’ attacks in Co-op for up to four players.

This is a unique game about the sacred balance between humans and dragons, born out of necessity. A certain level of mutual respect has existed for centuries, but this balance is threatened by dissidents that spread like poison. It is up to only a small group of people who sympathize with the dragons to change the fate of dragon lore for the better and restore the sacred order between the parties.


Century: Age of Ashes fires up a load of new content in Season 2

Many new and existing Dragoneers can dive into a new fiery chapter today in Century: Age of Ashes. We have listed the most exciting features of The Fate of the Dragons below.


New leveling system

From now on, you can complete missions in the game to get stars and levels. With the stars, you can buy rewards, and by leveling, you unlock reward levels in the Dragon Pass. You can earn soft and hard currency if you are particularly successful and reach level 100. With Season 2, there is also access to the Lore Books, which will give you more profound background information.

The player stands in knight's armor before a yellow dragon in Century Age of Ashes, a fantasy battle game.
Century: Age of Ashes screenshot (Source: Playwing LTD)


Fresh items to unlock

You can discover and unlock brand-new items with the Dragon Pass. As you level up, there are over 70 rewards for existing and new classes in Age of Ashes. Prepare for new rider outfits (torso, head, cape, etc.), exclusive dragons, unique weapons, consumables (XP boosts, soft/hard currency), and player customizations.


New Thornweaver class

This unique class is a particular highlight in Season 2. The Thornweaver is the archetype of the elves and a recklessly proud fighter. You can get this new class with hard or soft currency via paid access.

The Thornweaver also brings a new dragon type with a unique design and area-controlled gameplay mechanics. Numerous customizations and variations are possible. You can purchase these via the in-game shop or through the Dragon Pass. Get ready for a class of enormous power and agility.

Here we see the Thornweaver class in Century Age of Ashes Season 2, standing in front of a blue dragon and seemingly able to control nature.
New Thornweaver class in Century: Age of Ashes (Source: Playwing LTD)


Hünavatn Lake overhaul and a new map

The Lake Map Hünavatn is an absolute favorite among the community. That’s why the developers have completely revamped it and given it a fresh fantasy look. Nature has reclaimed the abandoned outpost, allowing open areas for fast chases. The map also features hiding places for Dragoneers, air flow boosts, and tunnels for close combat, and is strongly story-oriented. Besides, you can play a completely new map called Eliean Càirn.


New ranked PvP season

You can also expect a new ranked season for competitive events. With additional quality-of-life improvements and reworked rages, fights will become even more immersive.


Besides on PC, the fantasy shooter has been available for the next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X|S since last year. Grab a free copy for Windows via Steam to get started. But just in case, maybe put on the fireproof armor first.

An old venerable castle is shown in front of a mountain range in the setting evening sun. Three dragons fly straight over it.
Screenshot from Century: Age of Ashes (Source: Playwing LTD)


If you prefer to fight dragons from the ground

In Century Age of Ashes, you’ll be in dizzying heights. If you’d instead want to feel solid ground under your feet while fighting dragons, the world of Souls Like Games might be the right setting. You can also look forward to the next big Elden Ring DLC.

Or discover the numerous great Valheim biomes as a Viking. Another interesting option is our Lost Ark Guide to ensure a successful start in the popular MMO.


Have you always wanted to ride dragons? How do you like the game concept of Age of Ashes? Let us know in the comment section below.

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