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Rooted Features Stunning Survival & the Release Date Narrows

I suppose you miss the people in Sons of the Forest. In Rooted you will meet them even more often, but less curious and much more deadly.

The survival open-world game Rooted is one of the first titles of its genre to offer a fascinating post-apocalyptic setting in Unreal Engine 5 glory. The gameplay includes an exciting mix of crafting, exploration, and fighting.


Inspired by The Last of Us, Rooted offers a massive contrast between overgrown forests and post-apocalyptic cities full of skyscrapers. This abandoned world is gradually being reclaimed by nature. The survival title uses a new lighting technology in UE5 called Lumen, which provides highly realistic global illumination. In addition to the use of MetaHuman, which improves the facial expressions of characters a lot, a very promising technological foundation.


What the game is about

The starting situation is less original: a war with biological weapons has broken out worldwide, and only a few people have survived. You are a part of this remaining civilization and now fight with up to 7 other friends in Co-op or solo for survival, day by day. The game offers the familiar survival features you know from games like DayZ or The Forest.

In the gameplay of Rooted, you can build bases in the forest. With a bit of luck, you can play the alpha of the game.
Rooted screenshot (Source: Headlight Studio)


The Rooted gameplay

To survive in the new anarchistic world, you must set up a camp, which you can build individually. Hydraulics and electricity also play an essential role. Of course, in the forest, you must provide water and food, collect plants, make medicine, and build defenses. Why? Because you are not alone!

In this forest, bears, wolves, and hostile people attack you as Lone Wolves or in groups. You can condition animals as companions and even create and modify your weapons to defend yourself from them. You can arm yourself with robots and drones to further improve your security. But be sure that enemies will also use them.

Once you are sufficiently equipped, you can explore larger cities to recover, repair and use lucrative items from the previous civilization, from clothing to electronic and mechanical things. But as other human troops are also eager for it, always have your weapon ready. Check the Rooted gameplay out via the official trailer.


Play the Alpha before the Rooted release date

Rooted is one of the most followed upcoming games on Steam right now, and the eyes of the players following the survival game’s development are full of excitement. And they have good reason to do so!

Headlight Studio allows you to register for the Alpha version, which will be launched in May. You can check this page on Steam, to read all about the process. But that’s not all. The team has also already revealed Rooted’s roadmap on the official site. According to this, the plan is to start the Closed Beta in the fourth quarter of 2023 and Early Access on Steam in the spring of 2024.

The team is also planning a release for Xbox Series X|S and PS5 once Rooted reaches full release on PC. However, that is still in the distant future.

Here the player walks with a camouflage backpack and uniform toward an abandoned supermarket.
Screenshot from Rooted (Source: Headlight Studio)


Let’s get into survival mode right now

Rooted takes you into the post-apocalyptic wilderness full of danger. If this setting appeals to you, we can recommend our Sons Of The Forest review as well as the game The Day Before.

Otherwise, it’s worth checking out our top favorites among Survival Games or our Open World Games ranking.


What would you do first to ensure your survival in Rooted? Let us know in the comments below.

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