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Falling Frontier: Sci-Fi RTS Sparks Excitement for Release Date

Stutter Fox Studios knows how to tease with stunning content. But we finally want something more concrete.

Fans eagerly await Falling Frontier, initially planned for Early Access in 2022. Titles like Homeworld and Stellaris inspire the game. Now the Sci-Fi RTS shows a new sign of life in the form of a ship reveal trailer.


Falling Frontier is a science fiction real-time strategy game in which strategic planning and logistics are crucial in trying to dominate a vast, procedurally generated star system. Build your own ships, disrupt your opponents’ supply chains, lay minefields, set up outposts for scouting, and surprise enemy forces lurking in asteroid fields and nebulae.

The new reveal trailer shows a Sukula-class mining barge for gathering resources. The ship is said to be the first of numerous new spaceships that will be included in the final game. In addition to the gorgeous graphics, we can also look at new mechanics, such as a tactical waypoint system, collision physics, and obstacle avoidance. The team promises to present more ship variants in the coming months. Feel free to check out the new video below:


Falling Frontier offers appealing Sci-Fi RTS gameplay

The game is a revolutionary combination of space simulation and sci-fi RTS and also uses the 4X strategy, where construction, discovery, logistics, and combat are the main aspects. You’ll build colonies, orbital installations, and spaceships for trade and military operations while discovering and exploring new planets and interstellar anomalies.

While fans wait for the release date for Falling Frontier, they can watch close-up shots of spaceships, as seen here.
Falling Frontier screenshot (Source: Stutter Fox Studios/Hooded Horse)


Indeed, you won’t be alone: rivals from past colonial wars between Earth, Venus, and Titan, as well as other factions, are also in your solar system. Watch the official reveal trailer and Falling Frontier gameplay below:


About the Falling Frontier release date

Falling Frontier is planned as Early Access title for PC and will be released via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. Unfortunately, Stutter Fox Studios couldn’t keep the initial release in the summer of 2022 and moved it to 2023. However, the new trailer doesn’t reveal an exact release date yet. On Valve’s platform, it is only stated that the game is planned for 2023. Hopefully, further reveals from the developers will provide us with more details.

We see a menu with a black spaceship in the center, including information about the equipment.
Screenshot from Falling Frontier (Source: Stutter Fox Studios/Hooded Horse)


Get ready with more galactic games

If you want to get strategic now, our ranking for the Best RTS Games will give you a good orientation with excellent titles. Besides Falling Frontier, humanity is also waiting in anticipation for Starfield. A galactic sandbox adventure awaits you soon in Lightyear Frontier.


What do you think of the upcoming Sci-Fi RTS? Does the simulation appeal to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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