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Blood Bowl 3: Release Date, Gameplay & Crossplay for BB3

In BB3, the referee should be more than concerned with all the (deadly) punches, kicks, and weapons - and the question of fair play is actually quite redundant.

The release date for Blood Bowl 3 is close. Already next month, you can land your bloody touchdowns. But will the third part also be crossplay / cross-platform, and what can be expected from the gameplay?

The turn-based strategy game Blood Bowl 3 is in the starting blocks. The third part once again offers a bloody combination of Warhammer fantasy and American football.

Two teams compete against each other on a football-like field, trying to land as many touchdowns as possible to win. Assemble a Blood Bowl team consisting of elves, orcs, humans, or other creatures from the Warhammer franchise, and warm up your throwing arm (and weapons). You can even manage your team outside of the actual games, optimize the lineups and players, etc. Then the actual games can really get down to business. Score touchdowns through punches, slashes, and strikes as hard as you can.

BB3 brings new features, such as coaches, cheerleaders, fields with new game rules, as well as special passing statistics. It is based on a well-known and popular board game and is an ideal alternative to its physical version. If we’ve just made you bloodthirsty, be sure to check out some of the very well produced trailers and more game footage:


When is the release date for Blood Bowl 3?

Cyanide Studio has meanwhile set the release date for Blood Bowl 3 for February 23, 2023. The fantasy game will be available for Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch (delayed), as well as for next-gen consoles like PS4/PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Pre-order opportunities have started, and there are various bonuses up for grabs through the many editions. Below is a brief overview of what’s available for you.


BB3 pre-order bonus and Editions

If you are already full of anticipation and want to pre-order the game, you can do that, and there is even a bonus for early birds. You get three exclusive team logos and a special pair of dice. This starts at the Standard Edition for $29,99.

For an additional 10 bucks, there are also the Black Orcs and Imperial Nobility Edition. With these, you get extra individualized ball packs and customizations for your bloody players.

Then there’s the Brutal Edition for $49,99 – this combines everything from the cheaper editions but adds a cheerleader pack and in-game 1,000 Warpstones for you. The game also gets unlocked 48h earlier.

If you’re a PC gamer, you can pre-order with a discount on Kinguin (affiliate link), or use the regular offers on Steam, or the Epic Games Store.

Find all the options for pre-ordering Blood Bowl 3 for your console on the Microsoft Store, or the PlayStation Store. A release for Switch is also planned, but the exact date is not known yet, unfortunately. So far, the game cannot be found via the Nintendo eShop either.

In Blood Bowl 3, you will probably be able to use cross-play. A release date is confirmed and the game will come out in the near future. In this screenshot, we can see from an isometric perspective the football-like field, where an Orc team in red color plays against a team of humans in blue color. The game is about to start and all players are in their positions. One of the orc players is selected on the left side and a long white arrow leads in the arc towards a human player, from which radially many white arrows lead away. Around the playing field, we see the typical football environment with substitute players, coaches, and spectators. Various information about the game is displayed at the edges of the screen, such as the names of the teams, the time, and the distribution of points. On the left side of the screen is the avatar of the selected player with his skills and stats.
Screenshot from Blood Bowl 3 (Source: Cyanide Studio/Nacon)


What is the Blood Bowl 3 (BB3) gameplay like?

The gameplay of Blood Bowl 3 is, of course, one thing above all again: bloody. But the developers at Cyanide Studio have come up with a few refinements to further optimize the proven game concept. There are new skills to discover, changes to the pass system, more races to play, a solo campaign for all, and much more. In the following video, you can see some BB3 gameplay scenes and a general introduction to the game concept:


Is BB3 crossplay & cross-platform?

Since BB3 is predestined for multiplayer, many gamers are wondering if Blood Bowl 3 also supports crossplay / cross-platform features. Fans had already missed this feature in the second installment. Two years ago, a user posted a Tweet from the developers, which confirmed cross-play for BB3. However, this was promptly revised. In another later tweet, the devs said they are still waiting for confirmation from the partners. So crossplay is definitely intended by them, but whether it will eventually find its way into the game remains unclear so far. We can stay tuned for this feature and will keep you posted.

From a strong bottom view, we see a powerful orc with a similar appearance to the one described in an earlier screenshot from BB3. He stands in the middle of the playing field during the day and is in front of a blue human player lying on the ground, which we can see out of focus in the foreground on the right. The orc player is about to strike with a huge axe. In the background, the cheering crowd in the stands with numerous blue and red banners can be seen out of focus. The stadium has a very round shape.
BB3 screenshot (Source: Cyanide Studio/Nacon)


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Which creatures do you like to score your next touchdowns with? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.

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