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Final Fantasy 16: Fight for Vendetta in FFXVI to Restore Peace

Are you ready to resume the fight against the overwhelming evil to save the world from destruction?

The new installment of the popular RPG franchise Final Fantasy 16 will come out this summer exclusively for PS5. While fans are eagerly awaiting the imminent release date of FFXVI, Square Enix knows how to get the anticipation going with fresh gameplay glimpses.


There is hardly any RPG franchise that is as famous and popular worldwide as The Final Fantasy series. And soon, the franchise’s new title, FFXVI, is set to launch. Yesterday, the developers surprisingly shared an exciting gameplay clip on their Japanese Twitter channel for the upcoming RPG title Final Fantasy 16, focusing on Torgal, Clive’s four-legged companion.


Curtain up for Torgal in Final Fantasy 16

The loyal animal has accompanied Clive since childhood and has grown into a magnificent wolf. Torgal is the ideal support for Clive on his dangerous journey and knows how to attack, hurl enemies into the air and even contribute to Clive’s healing.


The fluffy wolf listens to Clive’s commands like “Ravage,” “Heal,” or “Sic.” He hurls enemies into the air at the former, while at the latter, he bites. Clive can optimally set off devastating combos in these moments, as the gameplay clip impressively shows.

The AI companion is also essential during exploration. By pressing a button, it should be possible to send Torgal ahead to find the right path. The extent to which the wolf can also target specific destinations remains to be seen.
Square Enix has published a new short gameplay tidbit for us on Twitter today.


FF16 tells the story of a Vendetta

The story of Final Fantasy 16 takes place in Valisthea, which consists of six realms and is under the rule of mountainous mother crystals (sources of magic). However, this order is always in danger.

Each nation has a so-called Dominant, a person who possesses a deadly power called Eikon. With the help of this, they can transform into a gigantic monstrous creature. Some Dominants are abused as weapons, but others are treated like kings.

In FF16, you play the protagonist Clive Rosfield, who has sworn to protect his youngest brother Joshua, another Dominant. However, tragic circumstances (which the developers haven’t revealed in more detail yet) force you to embark on a vendetta. Feel free to check out the trailers below for a deeper look into the story and gameplay.


Exact Final Fantasy 16 release date and Editions

FF16 will be released as a PS5 exclusive on 6/22/2023. A release for PC is planned according to Square Enix but it might still be a long way off. You can get the game in the PlayStation Store as a pre-order in Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition.


Standard Edition


  • Pre-order bonus: Bravehear
  • Pre-order bonus: Cait Sith’s Charm
  • Pre-order bonus: Scholar’s Spectacles


Digital Deluxe Edition


  • Digital Mini Artbook
  • Digital Mini Soundtrack
  • Pre-order bonus: Braveheart
  • Pre-order bonus: Cait Sith’s Charm
  • Pre-order bonus: Scholar’s Spectacles
A giant firebird from Final Fantasy XVI is shown. Watch gameplay from FF16 in a trailer and enjoy the release date for PS5.
FINAL FANTASY XVI screenshot (Source: Square Enix)


FFXVI Demo to come

In an interview with the Japanese video game magazine Famitsu, Naoki Yoshida revealed that Square Enix intends to release a Final Fantasy 16 demo. However, this should not be published too early, but only shortly before the release date.

Yoshida explained that publishing a playable teaser shortly before release makes more sense since interest is still very high, and people can jump right into the purchasing process. However, it is still unclear what exactly the content of the Final Fantasy 16 demo will be.

Fight as Clive against giant fire-like beasts in Final Fantasy 16, as shown here.
Screenshot from FINAL FANTASY XVI (Source: Square Enix)


Even more fantasy and RPGs await you

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Are you also eagerly awaiting FFXVI? How do you like Clive’s new AI companion? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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