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Best Roguelike Games for PC & Other Platforms to Beat

Games where you can't save and your death means a game restart are extremely popular among many players. Nowadays, there are many titles like this and it's hard to keep track of them. We would like to help you with a ranking of the best games in this genre.

Best Open World Games on PC: These Five Titles Are a Must-Have

Vast stretches of land, huge cities combined with a compelling story, and many side missions. That's what games can offer nowadays, better and better. Get an overview and find out which games of this genre are especially trendy right now.

PS5 Racing Games: Top 10 Best Racers on PlayStation 5 & Others

Are you looking for the best racing experience for yourself and need some inspiration? We are happy to provide you with a helpful overview with our top 10 list.

Indie Horror Games: Scary Survival Horror Titles to Terrify You

Celebrate Halloween month the right way and make your worst nightmares come true. If you are a fan of horror titles, then you should check out our list of the five best titles from the independent sector.

Best Stealth Games: A Top 5 About Staying Sneaky

Games from the stealth genre are rarely boring, have a lot of suspense potential and freedom in gameplay. In this article, you'll learn which stealth titles are particularly recommendable and which footsteps the genre is following.

Souls Like Games: Top Five Games Like Dark Souls

Engage in exciting, adrenaline-filled battles that require your full concentration, endurance and skill. Feel your heartbeat when the fight is over. These are games that follow the Dark Souls formula for success.

Fun Apps to Play for Android & iOS – Our Five Favorites

The list of mobile apps is overwhelming. Whether racing games, puzzles, or cooperative titles There is always something for everyone, but finding the right game is difficult. Our top 5 list will give you a good overview.

Best Platformer Games: 5 Titles About Finding Ground Again

Even though all jump 'n' run games are predominantly titles where you have to overcome obstacles, the presentation and gameplay style is very varied and ultimately account for the long-term motivation. A look at our list grants an overview of particularly good titles.

Best RTS Games: A Top 5 of Real-Time Strategy Picks

Real-time strategy games and their level of fun depend on many factors. We have summarized these factors and which games fulfill them particularly well for you in this list.

MY TOP 5 ANIME – #4: Steins;Gate

4: Steins;Gate Steins;Gate was among the first few anime shows I saw and I absolutely loved. I was a bit sceptical when I heard 'time...

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