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Best Metroidvania Games: Five Intense Sidescrollers to Beat

Games like Metroid or Castlevania have already become a genre of their own, which has brought numerous popular titles into existence. Our Top 5 ranking reveals which of them are particularly well done and in your favor.

Best PS5 Co-op Games: Our True Favorites on PlayStation 5

Go on your adventure, but it's best to take a few friends with you. Because it never hurts to have someone looking out for you, and together everything becomes even more lively and engaging. Find out which games are particularly good to play with others.

2-Player PS5 Games: 15 Multiplayer Hits on PlayStation 5

Jump from level to level together or shoot your way through these five selected local multiplayer games for Sony consoles. Grab your partner or friends and let's go.

The Best Survival Games PS4 / PS5: Our Favorites

There are many different games on Playstation 4 / 5 in which you fight for your bare survival. We picked our favorites from the recent past and maybe our list can help you out in finding your next adventure.

Best Free RPG Games: A Top 10 List

The range of free RPG games is exploding. It's time to find out which are the 10 Best Free RPG Games currently available. Our list gives you an insight.

Best Free FPS Games: Top 15 Ranking for Competitive Desires

Meanwhile, many FPS shooters are available for free and the offer is increasing. The more interesting question: What are the Best Free FPS Games? We have created a list.

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