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Witchfire: All About Gameplay, Graphics & New Release Date

What got its dark, impressive start with Doom or Quake is now brought to diabolical perfection with games like Witchfire.

Shoot the devilish spawn back to hell! A sinister shooter giant is ready to be unleashed on gamers. In the latest trailer, Witchfire shows off both its brutality and its graphical beauty thanks to the latest Nvidia technology.

The new evil masterpiece from the makers of Painkiller and Bulletstorm is called Witchfire – and the name says it all. Unfortunately, the planned release in 2022 could not be kept due to development reasons, so it was moved to 2023. But now the developers are back again with a brand new gameplay trailer, in which the new DLSS 3 technology for the GeForce RTX series is used.


As described in the trailer, the game makes use of the latest Deep Learning Super Sampling technology iteration (DLSS 3). This is supposed to provide the game with particularly sharp images as well as a very high frame rate thanks to AI-supported graphics. Even on older hardware – but you got to have a GeForce RTX graphics card. You can read more about this cool feature on the official Nvidia article.


Witchfire combines demon hunting with fast-paced gameplay

In Witchfire, we go to war against hordes of witches and demons, armed with shotguns, revolvers, and crossbows, on behalf of the church. You have been transformed from willing sinners into merciless witch hunters and got equipped with powerful firearms and spells. Your mission is to destroy the terrible Witch of the Black Sea along with her protecting phantom army and get hold of a special artifact to restore order. The game has rogue-lite gameplay, which means that you repeatedly run through interconnected game worlds and kill as many enemies as possible to raise your kill count before the monsters eliminate you. The setting is dark and sinister, and the pace of the game is reminiscent of genre pioneers like Quake.

We are again in a courtyard overgrown with plants and are standing directly on a stone path that leads straight into the background of the picture. To the left and right of the path, we see numerous beautiful-looking types of grass and different colored flowers. Three stone statues stand in the grass next to the path. On the right and in the background high stone building facades rise into the air. The scene is atmospherically illuminated by the slowly setting evening sun.
The beauty of Witchfire (Source: The Astronauts)


Release date, platforms & multiplayer

According to official information, Witchfire will be released at the beginning of 2023. However, there is no more detailed information about the specific release date yet. The FPS game comes out in Early-Access for PC as an exclusive title in the Epic Games Store. The developers have not planned multiplayer for the time being. Considering today’s gaming trends, however, it would be quite imaginable that the developers will subsequently add a multiplayer and/or co-op mode. That would make sense both in terms of the story and the gameplay (preyers hunting witches on behalf of the church).

Once again, we are standing in a similar courtyard during the day, but this time we seem to have just entered it. In front of us, a stone path again leads centrally into the courtyard. In addition to grasses and plants, we also see tall trees to the left and right, one of which is dead on the left side. Next to this tree, there are also several different gravestones with crosses. High cathedral-like architecture can be seen in the background, which is also overgrown with lots of plants. The blue sky is covered by gray clouds. Now there are more details about the release date and gameplay of Witchfire.
Witchfire screenshot (Source: The Astronauts)


More great games await you in 2023

You can not only look forward to wild Witchfire gunfights in 2023. New AAA games like Payday 3, Starfield, and Stalker 2 will also join the party this year.

Big titles also need a big performance. The newest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 laptop editions will provide you with great framerates – even on the go.


What’s your opinion about Witchfire? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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