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House of the Dead Remake Celebrates Comeback on PS5

Owners of the PS4 version also get a double reason to grab the remake of the popular zombie arcade classic again.

Fans of arcade horror, watch out! The House of the Dead: Remake is coming to your PlayStation 5 this week in a polished version and offers even better gameplay with many graphical optimizations. The developers really want you to have a good time.

The House of the Dead is an arcade rail shooter that came out in 1997 for Sega Saturn and PC. In 2022, Mega Pixel Studio and Forever Entertainment released The House of the Dead: Remake, giving the zombie original a modern look and feel.


What is the gameplay of an arcade rail shooter like?

Many will probably be familiar with this kind of arcade game. It is a shooter in which the movement control is limited. Like in a ghost train, you move from section to section on a “rail” – and kill the undead. Your movement is restricted to aiming and shooting using your mouse or controller.

These “rail-shooters” were a very common type of arcade game in the 90s and extremely popular. The focus is less on exploration and more on scoring points. But it is this external control that creates an uncomfortable feeling of being at the mercy of others, and it also holds some bloody scary moments for you and your friends. In this trailer, you can get a very good impression of the new look and feel:


House of the Dead Remake with numerous improvements for PS5

The remake of the zombie arcade game gets many overhauls. Particularly noticeable are the modern graphics and the new sound design. But the navigation has also been reworked, and there is now a horde mode in which the number of undead keeps increasing. In addition, a gallery, a photo mode, achievements, and leaderboards found their way into the game, and you can also enjoy the whole thing with a friend in local Co-op mode and unlock a bunch of weapons. Unfortunately, there is no online mode or crossplay / cross-platform functionality at this point.

The player stands in a courtyard at night. High-stone walls can be seen in the background. A stone path leads from the front into the background, on which three zombies running in a row approach us in different clothes and looks. The zombie in front is shown in the semi-close-up in the center of the image with red eyes and a wide open mouth, as he just stretches out his left hand towards us. Our red crosshairs are just to the left of him. In the lower-left corner, you can read "1P" in red letters, and above it, a red marked pistol icon is seen. This scenery and the gameplay shown from The House of the Dead Remake are bathed in a warm tone from a streetlight we see on the right side of the image.
Zombies in The House of the Dead Remake (Source: MegaPixel Studio/Forever Entertainment)


Release date & PS4 bonus

Have a nice start to your weekend: The new PlayStation 5 version of the House of the Dead Remake is set to be released this Friday, 1/20/2023. Owners of the PS4 version can rejoice because they will receive the remake for the PS5 with a free upgrade. But even if you don’t have it yet, to celebrate its upcoming release, the PS4 version is discounted for 50% on the PlayStation Store until Jan. 19, 2023, and you can purchase it for $12,49.

In this screenshot, the player catches a glimpse of a giant flying zombie bat in a beige color. The creature can be seen in a long shot and stretches across the entire frame. With glowing orange eyes and black claws, it tries to attack the player. In the center of the upper frame, we see the horizontally displayed health bar of the end boss, which only shows about a sixth of the life energy. A dark sky can be seen behind the creature.
Flying bat-like creature in The House of the Dead Remake (Source: MegaPixel Studio/Forever Entertainment)


House of the Dead: Remake on Switch and other platforms

If you’re more into other consoles, that’s no problem because The House of the Dead Remake is also available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. No upgrade is planned for these platforms yet, but the current version is just as fun and lets you relive the nostalgic feel of the legendary Sega Saturn arcade classic with friends in a modern flair.

You can purchase the Remake on Steam, and via the Microsoft Store. Get a copy for your Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo Store.


The haunting also goes on beyond this house

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Or get an exclusive horror kick with the free remakes of the P.T. Game. A single-player teaser for a Silent Hill game that was never finished. Very close to the release date is also Blood Bowl 3. The grotesque but fun football game based on the Warhammer universe is ready to play in the coming month.


Are you a fan of the original from 1997? What do you think about the remake of the game? Feel free to write us in the comments below.

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