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Valheim Biomes Grow Bigger & Hotter With the Ashlands

Now the idyll is over: The future of Valheim brings high temperatures with it and leads you as a Viking to much more desolate places.

It was quiet around the popular adventure RPG for quite some time. After the big Mistlands update, the developers are finally back with a news update. Another area, the Ashlands, will enrich the existing Valheim biomes. In addition, the game comes to the Xbox, including cross-play.


According to a blog post by the developers, the new biome is officially in pre-production and will be very different from the previously known Valheim areas. Here you will not have to deal with small islands but a largely connected area.

While the previous development of Valheim took place mostly behind closed doors, the developers would like to involve the community much more in the ongoing development process. This should also give fans a better understanding of the time it takes to add, improve and extend the game.


First artworks of the Valheim Ashlands

As part of the news update, the devs posted two concept artworks showing different enemies from this new area: The Charred and The Morgen. The realm is said to send players to the Land of the Dead – a fiery hot place full of volcanic rock.

The Valheim biomes get a new addition: In the new region “The Aslands” you will also meet new enemies, as illustrated in this concept art: Against a turquoise background, which has a dark noisy vignette, we look at three similar-looking skeleton warriors designs. They are shown in this image in the long shot parallel format filling. All skeletons have the same body type, the same head with red glowing eyes, and a red glowing light in the chest region. The left warrior has a large orange-colored sword in his right hand. The middle one holds two shorter orange-colored swords in his hands and the right one has a wand in his right hand. Both the right and the middle warriors carry another skull on their left shoulder. In the center at the bottom of the image is the text in large orange letters "The Charred".
“The Charred” in Valheim (Source: Iron Gate Studios)


This time, a concept art of a spider-like creature is shown against the same background. We see it in the long shot in the center of the picture. The creature has two legs and two arms with which it moves like an insect or a spider. The legs look like two giant spikes and the torso is a single blood clot, open at the front with several white skulls peering out. The monster does not have a head. The limbs are beige and partially light brown. At the bottom center is the text "Morgen" in large orange letters.
“The Morgen” in Valheim (Source: Iron Gate Studios)


Besides a new biome, the developers are also planning other interesting things. They are working on new difficulty levels and a new gameplay feature that they call Hildir’s Quest. New clothes for your heroes are also in the works.


Valheim for Xbox, crossplay & cross-platform

The Viking game has enjoyed great popularity since its release in 2021 and still has a consistently high player count, according to Steamcharts.com. For example, the title peaked at over 127.000 concurrent players at the beginning of last December. Over the course of the last few days, it was played on average by about 50.000 users daily on Steam.

The game is already available via Xbox Game Pass for PC since September 2022. But you can also buy it for PC via Steam or the Microsoft Store. Console fans can look forward because Valheim is scheduled for release on Xbox in the first quarter of 2023. There is also crossplay support making it possible to play between PC and console. However, when exactly the release date is remains to be seen. If you don’t know the game yet, watch the latest Valheim Mistlands gameplay trailer:


Explore other dangerous biomes with your friends

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In which Valheim biomes do you like to stay the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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