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Dying Light 2 Update: After Killer ‘Gut Feeling’ Soon Follows DLC 2

Looking for a way to get your heart racing without caffeine? Trust your guts.

Spring is off to a bloody start at Techland, as the new Dying Light 2 update is here. What can you expect in the new DLC, and what about upcoming content for the post-apocalyptic action RPG?


The further development of Dying Light 2 is in full swing. Techland has big plans for the year 2023 and did release a first major update, which should especially please gore fans. Buckle up and sharpen your weapons.


Dying Light 2 update: Gut Feeling DLC

If that’s not a coincidence: Techland has released the new ‘Gut Feeling Update’ for Dying Light 2 and a very ‘convincing’ trailer precisely one day before Dead Island 2. The recent update is part of the planned roadmap, which the team announced via Twitter in February. If the brutality in the game still leaves something to be desired, or you are looking for the right adrenaline kick, take a closer look at the reveal trailer below.


The Dying Light 2 update, released on April 20, is supposed to massively improve the combat mechanics so that the battles are ‘even more brutal, physical, and rewarding.’ In addition, there is now a transmog system that allows you to dress Aiden as you wish, regardless of your stats. On top of that, you can craft new special weapons using found blueprints. Another update will be released in June to enhance the in-game parkour flow further.

Let more blood flow in the zombie fights with the new Dying Light 2, and maybe play the game crossplay in the future.
Dying Light 2 screenshot (Source: Techland)


Second DLC is planned for 2023

While you can let off steam with the Gut Feeling Update, Techland is already ambitiously working on a new DLC, which will be released later this year. The developers have given a sneak peek in a recent update DLC trailer, which leads you to an Asylum. Unfortunately, the team doesn’t give us any more information, but we can look forward to the year excitedly.


Is Dying Light 2 cross-platform?

Like its predecessor, the game supports co-op play. Except for the prologue, you can enjoy the title with up to three other friends on PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The game is also playable as a cloud version for the Nintendo Switch.


Unfortunately, there is no crossplay support for the post-apocalyptic game so far. But that might follow. Tymon Smektala, Lead Game Designer at Techland, told WCCFTech that they hope to enable cross-platform later. Using cross-play, players from different platforms can play together in online co-op, for example, a PS5 player with an Xbox player.

Enjoy the new update now and get Dying Light 2 for PC via Steam with a discount of 50%. If you want to save even 10% more, purchase it via Kinguin (affiliate link).

We see five players walking towards the camera with melee weapons in a desolate alley in the city during the day.
Screenshot from Dying Light 2 (Source: Techland)


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How do you like the new Dying Light 2 update? Or was the game already bloody enough for you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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