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Gloria Victis Celebrates Its Full Comeback With Version 1.0

We know impressive PvP battles from Mordhau or Chivalry. But how about epic battles in an open world, highly flexible character creation, and additional freedom?

After 6 years of Early Access, Gloria Victis 1.0 is finally released on Steam. The MMORPG combines epic, realistic PvP combat with a deep medieval simulation system. A second look is definitely worthwhile.


In 2016, Gloria Victis was initially released via Early Access. The medieval MMO is now celebrating its comeback in version 1.0 on February 7, 2023, giving another chance to consolidate the initial actual good reviews further.


New launch trailer and fresh servers for Gloria Victis

As part of the release on Steam, Black Eye Games has published a brand new launch trailer for Gloria Victis. The gameplay trailer demonstrates various areas and mechanics of the game, such as 1v1 sword duels or siege battles and the training facilities. Check out the video below.


For the launch, the developers provided new servers called “New Beginning Servers”, where new players can start their adventure in unexplored areas. At the same time, the historical servers will be preserved so that the progress of game veterans will not be lost.


What kind of gameplay awaits you in Gloria Victis

In the new trailer, we get to see really impressive medieval PvP battles and sieges. But the game has much more in store for you. You can conquer entire lands, forge your own weapons and rise in fame. In the following, we have summarized the key features of Gloria Victis for you.

In this screenshot, you can see the values menu of a player. In the middle, you can see a knight in a long shot. He wears leather shoes, a chain mail shirt, and over it brown cloth clothing. Around his arms, he wears red iron protectors and he has large iron shoulder pieces. On his head, he wears a conventional iron helmet with a nose guard. He looks at us. Below him, in a horizontal arrangement, we can see his weapons inventory, which he can call up in a battle with the short keys. On the right side, we see his entire inventory, which already contains numerous different items. Above that, we can see a gray silhouette of the player and many selected armor items around it, which he is currently wearing. On the left side, we see the attribute values like Strength and Constitution, and below that statistic values like Total Damage or Max Health. In Gloria Victis you can create your very own individual character.
A character and its values in Gloria Victis (Source: Black Eye Games)


Epic PvP

Fight in sieges of castles, in cities, tournaments, or epic battles where huge armies clash. And all of this with an emphasis on slightly fantasy-inspired realism.


Non-target combat

In so-called action-based non-target battles, it’s all about your tactics and skills. Earn fame and prove your skills as a sharp-eyed archer, a merciless duelist soldier, or a renowned commander.


Partial loot system

After you defeat your enemy, you can loot him and choose the items you want to take. But hurry up because you only have 30 seconds to do so.


Territorial control

Siege castles and cities that are not yet populated and conquer entire territories. Upgrade fortresses to your advantage.


Complex crafting system

Go in search of the best materials and resources, use crafting sites, and cooperate with others for even more efficiency. Learn and master one of 8 different realistic crafts. The economy depends on you. Swords don’t fall from the sky.


Glory and dishonor

Climb the hierarchy and be part of a vibrant feudal society. Emerge victorious under the banner of your guild, or flee and live the life of an outlaw.

From an elevated perspective, we catch sight of numerous knights fighting with each other in predominantly reddish clothing and equipment. Some bloodstains already lie on the light brown ground, which is overgrown with many types of grass. It is daytime and in the background, we can see a large feudal city consisting of wooden walls and stone buildings. In front of it, there are some big trees with green leaves.
Gloria Victis screenshot (Source: Black Eye Games)


Class-less progression

Develop your character without any artificial pre-made classes. Customize your equipment with hundreds of possible items.


Low-key fantasy setting

Explore lands modeled after the Middle East and medieval Europe, search for forgotten treasures, and discover ancient secrets and battle creatures of medieval lore.


Breathing open world

Experience the stunning, challenging, seamless, and dynamic world of Gloria Victis that responds to your actions.


More spells and fantasy, please

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What’s your impression of Gloria Victis? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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