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Palworld: Release Date of the Pokémon Inspired Game Is Close

Don't be blinded by the sweetness of this game. Instead, let your weapons do the talking in the dialogs.

Do you think Pokémon is too peaceful, and you want to collect cute creatures the hard way? Palworld is the Pokémon for adults and the new game from the makers of Craftopia. The latest trailer shows fresh gameplay, and the release date gets closer.


In this multiplayer crafting survival game, you’ll encounter numerous Pokémon-like creatures in a vast open world. Catch them and let them do the work for you. But be warned: These creatures are not as cute as they seem.


Trailer reveals new Pals

Pocketpair released the latest reveal trailer last December. It shows fresh battle scenes as well as some new mysterious creatures called Pals in the game. You also get a very good impression of the combat mechanics and the beautiful open world based on the UE4 engine. Check out the Palworld gameplay trailer below:


What Palworld has to offer in terms of gameplay

The Palworld game combines the strengths of Minecraft with the features of Pokémon: You can explore, collect, craft, build, and catch Pals that turn out to be extremely useful for you. Here you can make them work for you on farms, in factories, in breeding, or battle. Beyond that, however, the Palworld gameplay offers much more. To give you an overview, we have summarized the most exciting features for you.

Palworld is a lot rougher than Pokémon, as shown here in this screenshot: Side by side, three sheep stand with serious looks behind MGs placed on a sandbag barricade. We glimpse the Pals in a long shot horizontally in the frame. Together they take up almost the entire frame. The sun is shining and the scene is brightly lit. In the background, we can make out steel girders, some dried yellow grasses, and diffuse metallic objects in the blur. The developers haven't revealed an exact release date yet, but the game will be released in 2023.
Pals use weapons in Palworld (Source: Pocketpair)


Explore and ride

The open world of Palworld gives you a lot of freedom, and you can explore it by running, swimming, riding, or even flying. Use your Pals to move faster. Discover many interesting locations either in the sea, on the land, or in the sky.


Discover the different strengths

Collect various precious Pals that generate electricity, kindle fires, and mine minerals to make your life easier.



Have your Pals construct large buildings, such as a great pyramid. Breaks are not needed, as you don’t have to worry about labor laws in this game, though.



You are not alone in Palworld. Dangers like harsh weather, food shortages, and illegal poachers are constantly lurking around you. If you want to survive, you must always be ready to respond. Even if that means sacrificing a Pal and eating it to survive. But you better make sure you find another food source. The poor Pals…



Start efficient agriculture with the help of your Pals and design orchards and farms. The Pals are especially good for different things, like watering, seeding, or harvesting.


Factory work

Automate your factory work by placing Pals in your factories and letting them do the work. The loyal creatures will work for you as long as they live. Be a good boss, and at least provide them with food in return.


Breed and Inherit

When breeding, Pals inherit the traits of their parents. Get the most out of your Pals and mix rare specimens to breed especially strong or useful Pals.


Explore dungeons

Protect yourself with Pals in dangerous areas by letting them fight for you. They’ll watch your back when you flee and protect you with their lives. Seriously, could you still eat them?


Commit poaching

Sneak into hunting prohibited areas to capture endangered species to get a large amount of gold. It’s only illegal if you get caught…


Multiplayer functionality

Grab your friends and experience the adventures in the Palworld game together. Moreover, you can also fight against other players or trade with them.

From a distance, we look at a beautiful open world. On the left side of the image, a green meadow with some large trees extends deep into the background. The meadow flows into a lake on the right side of the image, which also extends far into the background. In the distance, we see huge rocks with snow on top. In front of it, we see a similar forest landscape as in the first screenshot with the sheep in the field. On the beach in the foreground and also in the water further back, small penguin-like pals are depicted. On the left, a player is riding along the beach on a yellow-green pal with spikes. In the water, you can also see a blue-green dragon-like pal with two big flippers. The game will be released later this year.
Ride pals in Palworld (Source: Pocketpair)


Once the release date is hit, on which platforms can Palworld be played?

At the Tokyo Game Show 2022, it was revealed that Palworld will be released not only for PC but also for Xbox One and Series X|S. So far, there is no exact release date, though. On Steam, the game is only roughly scheduled for 2023. However, the title already makes a very mature impression in the recent trailers, which increases the chance that we can expect news regarding a release date in the near future.


Even more excellent games for adults

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Are you also a Pokémon veteran? What excites you most about Palworld? Let us know in the comments.

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