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The Day Before: Release Date Nears & More Game Details

Just like the undead, we have an unsatisfied hunger ... for an even more thrilling next-gen survival experience.

Hardly any other game is as high on the Steam wishlist as The Day Before. Now, shortly before the release, the developers finally want to give us more insights into the game and its gameplay.


There is a big hype around the new open-world MMO. According to steamDB, The Day Before is actually the second most wanted game on Steam right now.

Set in the post-apocalypse, the third-person survival shooter is already scheduled for release on March 1. However, fans have yet to see any proper unedited gameplay videos. Well, that’s not entirely true:

At the CES in Las Vegas, Nvidia and Fntastic presented a few in-engine impressions in a gameplay reveal, showcasing the latest Nvidia raytracing and DLSS 3 improvements. You can watch this trailer below:


Fntastic promises new The Day Before gameplay for January

The developers want to counteract the impatience and soothe the community with new footage from the game in light of the approaching release date of The Day Before. They announced on Discord that they will show brand new raw gameplay in January (source: Reddit.com).

Raw gameplay coming this month
by u/TheCryptik in TheDayBefore


At the same time, they apologized to the community for the long wait and emphasized that they have now received permission to show more scenes. The upcoming videos will provide a comprehensive look at the gameplay elements, features, and development status of The Day Before.

So the fumbling in the dark will end very soon because up to now, there was not much information about The Day Before game besides links to social media accounts and the invitation to wishlist the title on Steam.

We see the player in the semi-close-up in third-person view on the left side of the image. He is wearing a hoodie and a cap and has the hood pulled over it. We are in a very dark room. The player holds up a pistol with both hands, which has a flashlight, causing a cone of light to illuminate the room. At the same time, we catch sight of numerous zombies in the center of the screen running toward the player. They have different clothes and one of the zombies on the right is a policeman with a light blue uniform. At the bottom right, we can see a wooden desk in the crop. In the background, we can see the shutters of several windows pulled down. There are several neon lights on the ceiling, but they don't make the room much brighter. The game The Day Before is a survival MMO and will offer impressive co-op and PvP gameplay including cross-platform. A release date is in the very near future.
Zombies in The Day Before (Source: Fntastic/MyTona)


What we know about the game so far

The Day Before is set in a huge world in America that has been completely destroyed as a result of a pandemic and is now populated by innumerable infected people. You take on the role of a survivor and fight for important resources, cars, and weapons that will ensure your survival and that of your companions. You can’t remember what America used to be like – what counts is only your survival in the here and now. Besides the exciting Co-op experience with friends, the game will also feature an online PvP mode for competitive fun.

The developers of The Day Before have postponed the release date from mid-2022 to March 1, 2023. Already two years in development, it’s been a year since the last official trailer of the survival MMO. But even then, the trailer made a very promising impression on the fans thanks to the underlying Unreal Engine 5:



On which platforms will the game come out, and is it crossplay?

The Day Before will be released initially for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. But that also brings us directly to the next important question, which is certainly on the minds of many fans: Will the game also support crossplay / cross-platform features? Unfortunately, there is still no official announcement from the developers on this. However, it is a very popular mechanic these days to maintain high player numbers in multiplayer and provides additional freedom in deciding who to play with. In this regard, we want to remain confident that this function will come and keep you posted.

Three survivors can be seen sitting around a campfire in this screenshot. The camp is in the middle of a snowy forest at night. On the left in the crop, one of the characters with a leather jacket and hood over his head can be seen in profile. In the center of the image, in a long shot, we see a character playing guitar and wearing a cowboy hat. On the right sits a character with a similar leather jacket, black hair, and a beard. He wears glasses and is leaning over the campfire to look at the goose that the three men are roasting over the fire. It is snowing and the scene is idyllically illuminated by fire.
Surviving in The Day Before (Source: Fntastic/MyTona)


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What are you looking forward to the most in The Day Before? Feel free to drop us a comment below.

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