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Gothic 1 & 2 for Nintendo Switch: Tweet Gives Reason for Hope

THQ Nordic gives us a brilliant start to the new year! Apparently, they are not only working hard on a remake for Gothic 1...

Will the popular adventure RPG be playable on the go very soon? A recent Tweet from the developers leaves fans puzzled. At the same time, an image makes it seem almost certain that we will get Gothic 1 & 2 for Nintendo Switch.

Over the Christmas holidays, we were able to inform you about the Gothic Remake that is currently in the works. Now the developers have seemingly made another announcement about the franchise in a Tweet.

In this screenshot from the upcoming Gothic 1 Remake, we see a beautiful mountain landscape in daylight with lots of grass and trees in the foreground and background. In the center of the picture, we see a wooden suspension bridge, which leads to a small camp under a rock. There a torch is burning. To the right of the camp, we can see a waterfall.
Gothic 1 Remake screenshot (Source: Alkimia Interactive/THQ Nordic)


Will we really get Gothic 1 & 2 for Nintendo Switch?

The developers posted a New Year’s greeting on their official Twitter account, thanking all of their fans for their great support and wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2023. They closed their words with the sentence “May the coming years be full of surprises” and at the same time, published an exciting photo in which we can see a draped Nintendo Switch seemingly running Gothic 2. If that’s not a hint with the fence post! So we have good reason to believe that Gothic on Switch will be released at some point. However, when and how is still completely uncertain. We will of course update you as soon as there is more information about it.


Afterward, one of the producers, Reinhard Pollice (Megalomaniac), spoke up in a german community forum and announced that there would be more information about this in 2023. So all Switch owners can be more than excited. So, even if the Tweet doesn’t give us any further information about the release of Gothic 1 and 2 for Nintendo Switch, it at least makes the hearts of genre fans beat faster and raises hope.

An official tweet gives reason to believe that we'll be getting Gothic 1+2 for Nintendo Switch. In this screenshot from the first title, we catch a glimpse of a large brown dog-like beast in a hazy mist with its mouth open in the wide shot in the center of the image. Around the creature stand four characters with different looks and different weapons, ready to attack. Three of the players wear armor, whereas the second person from the left wears a red robe and summons a blue spell in his right hand. At the bottom left we see a plain red healing bar. The scene takes place in a hilly grassy landscape with dark trees. The sky is gray and dreary.
Screenshot of Gothic 1 (Source: Piranha Bytes/Nordic Games Publishing)


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Which Gothic part do you most want to see on the Nintendo Switch and why? Feel free to leave your opinion below in the comments.

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