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New Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Mod for Online Co-op Incoming

Finally, we will be able to fire the spells into each other's faces. Sternius.

Until now, Harry Potter fans could only explore the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on their own. Now many gamers’ dreams of getting a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mode have become a reality thanks to a Co-op mod.


Hogwarts Legacy is simply a must-have for all Harry Potter lovers. The title hit the market on February 10 and has almost always made positive headlines so far. However, as excellent as the game may be, it has been missing a crucial functionality many fans want; a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mode.

A Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer lets you explore the school together in co-op. Here we see students in the stairwell.
Hogwarts Legacy screenshot (Source: Avalanche Software/Portkey Games)


Mod makes Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer with Co-op a reality

You heard right. The Together Team, also responsible for the popular Skyrim Together mod, is already ambitiously working on a Co-op multiplayer Mod for the game. If you support the developers financially on Patreon (at least Grown Otter tier), you will get an early access version of the HogWarp mod. In the following video, you can get an impression of Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer:


Co-op support for up to 8 players

Even though “HogWarp” is a real cause for joy for Co-op fans, it is not yet clear how successful it will be. The mod is still very early; you can only run around together so far. That’s it. Experiencing the story with your squad is not yet possible.

However, modder Yamashi revealed in an interview with PCgamer that the team aims to enable the entire Co-op campaign. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the Together Team achieves this (our) dream.

Yamashi has been working on a similar mod for Stray for a long time. Since both games are based on the same Unreal Engine version, he was able to transfer his progress to the HogWarp Mod in a relatively short time. This is an absolute masterpiece because the game was just recently released. However, it is unclear how the holders of Hogwarts Legacy IP will react to the mod.

Of course, Hogwarts Legacy already offers an excellent singleplayer campaign. The game is available for PS4/PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. For PC, you can purchase it via Steam. If you want to get a copy for less, feel free to pick up the game via Kinguin (affiliate link). It’s also scheduled to be released for the Nintendo Switch on June 25.

We see a student with his magic wand standing in a forest at night in front of a huge dragon.
Giant dragons in Hogwarts Legacy (Source: Avalanche Software/Portkey Games)


Are you excited for the Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments below.


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Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League will also provide some hilarious Co-op fun.

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