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Stunning Cinematic Trailer Preps the Release Date of Forspoken (Update)

Link from Zelda: Breath of the Wild would certainly feel extremely at home in this world - and Miss Holland's movement should impress him as well.

Before the end of this month, you’ll be able to take on the role of Frey Holland and explore the mysterious kingdom of Athia. Forspoken impresses with beautiful graphics, very impressive combat, and movement mechanics.


Update, January 19, 2023

With a new launch trailer, Square Enix makes gamers’ hearts beat faster shortly before release. With some gameplay scenes including boss fights, we see the protagonist fighting, running and jumping around in full in-engine graphics glory. Shortly before that there was another video with gameplay scenes from the PC. The tension is rising…




Original article, January 11, 2023

Square Enix is pushing the anticipation of the release to the extreme and presents us with a cinematic trailer, whose many beautifully rendered scenes give a comprehensive insight into the world of Forspoken with its dangerous creatures.


In Forspoken, the young protagonist Frey Holland dreams of a better life. She suddenly finds herself in a strange fantasy world called Athia. This place is as breathtakingly beautiful as it is dangerous. The start is a real jump into the deep because right at the beginning, she has to undergo very challenging boss fights. These creatures are swarming all over the place, and an ordinary woman becomes a heroine who has to fight her way back home. A magical bracelet that she has received helps her on her journey.

Many people and animals are infected and corrupted by a so-called “break” in this world, which makes them aggressive individuals. Frey, on the other hand, seems to be immune to this corruption, but this doesn’t make her any less vulnerable to the infected.

Here we see an in-game screenshot of the game. Frey is shown in a long shot in third-person view on the right side of the image. She wears a dark brown leather cape and has her black hair pinned up. She is standing on a grassy rock that takes up most of the picture and rises toward the background. At the top center of the image further in the background is a dog-like black creature. To the left and right, we see two similar creatures running in the direction of the protagonist. With her right hand outstretched, she is casting a spell on the middle creature, causing yellow lightning to shoot from her hand toward the creature. The spell also causes huge brown tentacles to wrap around the middle creature. The scene takes place during the day and in the background, we can see snowy mountains in the upper left corner along with the blue sky.
Gameplay screenshot of Forspoken (Source: Luminous Productions/Square Enix)


The Forspoken gameplay almost gives you wings

As a player, you move extremely agile, almost flying. Discover many mysterious places on your way home in this beautiful open world. The magic grappling hook comes in very handy here, and the title gives you the typical character stats of an RPG title. You’ll learn magic attacks that revolve around elements such as fire, water, or lightning. But you can also use other abilities, such as enchanted spears that can kill enemies with an explosion. However, the focus of the game is clearly on magic, which is why upgrading and modifying weapons are not to be expected. Below you can get an impression of the Forspoken gameplay.


When is the release date of Forspoken?

The game’s release was initially planned for October 11, 2022, but was postponed to 2023. As the new cinematic trailer already underlines, Forspoken will come out on January 24, 2023, and fans can already pre-order the game.

The question of the release date for Forspoken is now finally settled. In this screenshot, we see Frey from the side and in a long shot in the center of the screen. She is jumping from a ledge at a 45-degree angle upwards to the right in the direction of a flying human-like creature with big wings and a spear in its hand. On the ledge to the left are three wolf-like creatures covered with some kind of branches. In the background, a gigantic round rock archway is depicted on the right side, and the rest of the landscape is equally rocky and brown. Behind the archway, the evening sun shines through and gives the scene a warm tone. All the creatures and characters shown appear almost as black silhouettes due to the backlight, which has a very cinematic effect.
A screenshot from the cinematic trailer (Source: Luminous Productions/Square Enix)


Forspoken will be available on these platforms

Forspoken will be released for PC in late January, and if you want to pre-order it, you can do so via Steam, Microsoft Store, and the Epic Games Store. When it comes to consoles, it will be exclusive to the PS5 for around two years. Afterward, it will then most likely be released for other platforms, such as the Xbox, in January 2025.


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What do you think of the story and gameplay mechanics of Forspoken? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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