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Voidtrain: Don’t Get Lost, Next Stop of the Unique Game Is Steam

In this game, you are not stationary, but constantly on the move - on two legs, on wheels, and in weird gravity conditions.

Gamers could test many games during the last Steam Next Fest event. Voidtrain also caused quite a stir. What makes this survival open-world crafting game so special, and what about the release of this indie title?

Voidtrain left a lasting positive impression on many players. The game stands out from the masses of open-world sandbox games in its setting and game concept. This is a title that you should take a closer look at.


Explore alien dimensions with a self-designed train

In this first-person survival game, you build an interdimensional train to travel through the, you guessed it, void. A world with a different kind of gravity that feels a bit like being underwater. Wonderful but dangerous: This place is full of deadly beasts and rich with treasures and resources. With it, you can create new weapons, equipment and upgrade your train.

Enter the mysterious nothingness, explore the procedurally generated world, and uncover its secrets and puzzles. All this while, step by step you build a magnificent train with whole wagons from a lorry. The bigger your train gets, the higher you climb the skill tree and unlock new gameplay possibilities, like new tools to build better weapons. In its survival craft gameplay, Voidtrain is also somewhat comparable to Raft or Subnautica, but the setting sets it apart from these titles. The following Early Access Trailer gives a good overview of what to expect in the game.


Play Voidtrain in Co-op

Fortunately, you don’t have to enter this almost limitless open-world adventure alone. Grab your favorite gaming companions, and play Voidtrain in Co-op with up to four players. In a team, you will uncover many of these secrets faster and can more effectively eliminate nasty enemies. It also makes crafting a lot easier with the ability to split up the work.


The release date for Steam

Players on Epic Games have been busy jetting through the void in Early Access for quite some time now. Steam players are already getting quite restless, and HypeTrain continues to keep mum about an official date. However, the version on Epic, and everything released recently, gives an excellent and finished impression of the game. So we can probably expect a Steam release soon.

The player is currently being attacked frontally by a shark-like hideous creature. Voidtrain may also be released as a co-op game for the Xbox.
Scary creatures in Voidtrain (Source: HypeTrain Digital)


Initially, the team planned a Steam release in October 2022. They have now moved this date to an as-yet-undetermined time in 2023 but are keeping their focus on that process. Whether Voidtrain will appear for Xbox or other consoles is plausible but has not yet been confirmed. However, considering that the controller already works quite well, there shouldn’t be much that stands in the way.

The player is standing on a kind of rocky plateau. To the right is a building and to the left is the head of a giant fire-breathing dragon creature.
Giant creatures in Voidtrain (Source: HypeTrain Digital)


What impression does Voidtrain leave on you? Feel free to write us in the comments below.


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