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Party Animals Is the Acid Test Game Your Friendships Needed

Welcome to a game where it's hard to stay serious, and punches or kicks don't cause pain but tears of joy. Or end friendships.

Cute, cuter, Party Animals? So it seems. The fluffy fighting game will be released at the beginning of the year and will make your heart for animals and friends beat even faster. Besides a new trailer, there is already a lot to report about it.

Watching the latest trailer, it quickly becomes clear: Party Animals hits the right note and knows how to satisfy our need for fun, cuteness, and challenge.


Party Animals offers delightful gameplay

The game is a multiplayer brawler that makes fun use of the laws of physics. It is strongly reminiscent of popular hits like Human: Fall Flat in its mechanics and also clumsiness. One difference is that in Party Animals, instead of humanoid characters, you slip into the role of little innocent animals like bunnies, puppies, or little chicks, which can’t be surpassed in cuteness. In addition to your fists (or paws), you also have a selection of weapons and items at your disposal to defeat your opposing cuddly buddies (no, no, it’s just a game).

It’s this contrast of childlike cuteness and adult combat that makes the game so appealing to fans, which is why it’s one of the most wished games on Steam for a reason. And the developers think that it’s the perfect game for a weekend with friends. Just check out the cuteness for yourself in this new gameplay trailer:


When is the Party Animals release date?

The Chinese developer Recreate Games first announced the game in 2020 and had already gathered a large fanbase thanks to many trailers and demos. Due to the great reception, the team has thrown themselves even more into the development of Party Animals. This has resulted in the release date planned for 2022 being cancelled and postponed to early 2023. Unfortunately, at this point there is no further indication as to when exactly the game will be released. But as soon as we know more, we will update you.

In this screenshot, we see a battle between eight different cute animals on a submarine on the high seas from an elevated perspective. The submarine takes up almost the entire frame and has a dark gray color. Two yellow stripes run parallel as markers along the top of the boat. In the upper left, we see two green small roofs fighting with a gray rabbit and a small blue shark with a big mouth. At the bottom of the picture, two orange cats are fighting a gray beaver. On the top right, a small Haski is jumping to a higher level of the boat. Besides a PvP mode, there are also other gameplay options in Party Animals. A release date is very close and we might also get crossplay support.
Screenshot from Party Animals (Source: Recreate Games/Source Technology)


Is the game crossplay / multi-platform compatible?

The Party Animals game includes both local and online multiplayer with different game modes. For example, you can compete against your friends in PvP mode or play together with them in various ways in Co-op. Thus the game offers gameplay for every taste.

The beat ’em up title will be initially released for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. But a later release for PS4/PS5 and also Nintendo Switch is not off the table. Since the gameplay fits very well with the target group of Sony and Nintendo, this assumption seems quite natural. The combined PC and Xbox announcement also feels like a hint at crossplay/platform functionality between the systems. Since the two ecosystems are similar, the development effort to that end is probably the lowest initially. However, there is no official statement from the developers about it yet. We will keep you up to date on this.

We are again on the submarine map and look at the action from a similar perspective. However, this time we are a bit closer and look in the opposite direction. On the left side of the image, a bit further back, the gray rabbit and the beaver are shown in a long shot fighting each other. The rabbit holds a gray-green tennis racket in his hand. on the right side of the image in the foreground, a rocket is taking off vertically toward the sky, which has the same dark gray coloring as the submarine. To the left of the rocket, an orange cat and an orange and white dog are attached to the rocket. The cat looks sweetly at us. At the bottom right of the picture, the red-orange flame catches our eye.
Party Animals screenshot (Source: Recreate Games/Source Technology)


Even more interesting games await you this year

2023 has a few gems in store for us. You can increase your anticipation even more with great upcoming titles like Stalker 2, Dead Island 2, Sons of the Forest, The Day Before, or Blood Bowl 3.

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How much are you looking forward to this cute party game? Feel free to write us in the comments below.

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