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Smalland: The Survival of the Fittest Party Starts This March

Smalland offers you the largest open world - at least in scaled perception. Experience what it's like to be as small as a bug.

Smalland is within reach. Merge Games finally considers its new survival open-world title mature enough to release it in Early Access and massively increases the anticipation with a fresh trailer.


There is news to report about the hotly anticipated game Smalland. The survival open-world title, reminiscent of games like Grounded, was originally planned for Early Access in October last year. However, Merge Games decided to postpone the release to spring 2023, as they felt the game was not ready enough.


Trailer for the release date of Smalland points to Early Access in March

Via Twitter, the developers posted a brand new trailer illustrating the release date of Smalland. Early Access on Steam will start as soon as March 29, 2023. Check out the trailer below to get a glimpse of the various gameplay features.


What is Smalland about?

In Smalland, you take on the role of an elf-like fairy creature in a world full of giant plants and large insects. Dangers lurk around every corner (or behind every blade of grass). Your people have lived underground for centuries and just discovered the daylight of a new, genuinely vast world. Now it’s up to you to ensure your survival there.

Here we see the player in a long shot at the bottom center of the image, sitting on a very realistic-looking grasshopper, which is currently on a brown earth floor. The grasshopper and the player are looking to the right. Behind them a bit further in the background are numerous types of grass reaching high into the sky, impressively illuminated by the sun, which we can see at the top center of the image in the sky. At the top right of the picture in the distance we can see the treetops of a forest. Smalland is scheduled to be released as Early Access in March 2023.
Ride grasshopper in Smalland (Source: Merge Games)


Survival of the fittest (tribes)

This world is enchanting, but you’ll find that you are now at the bottom of the food chain. All sorts of insects, such as grasshoppers, beetles, or wasps, pose a life-threatening danger to you, and you’ll have to defeat them to avoid ending up as food yourself. However, you won’t have to face the merciless struggle for existence alone. Let friends join your Smalland for a Co-op game (up to 10 players), build camps together and create powerful armor from the resources you gain.

The open world can be explored not only on foot, but you can also ride creatures and fly. Discover the landscape on the back of a spider or fly through the world on a scarlet dwarf dragonfly. Conquer and tame a variety of nature’s inhabitants. Competitive fun is also provided: The game master can switch to PvP mode at any time, so you can also fight and compete against each other.

In the survival game, you can also fly as a player like an insect through the counter, as shown here in the screenshot: The player can be seen in the long shot in the center of the image from the front. He wears armor reminiscent of a wasp and a matching helmet, which has a kind of hairy down at the top. Large insect-like wings extend from his back. He is flying through a forest and we are looking at both the player and the forest from below. The forest consists of several mighty maple trees with thick brown trunks and maple-typical leaves.
Smalland screenshot (Source: Merge Games)


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What do you think of Smalland’s game concept? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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