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Games like It Takes Two: A Top 5 List of the Best Co-op Games

Looking for a new cooperative game? Search no more as we made this list of selected co-op games that will for sure bring you lots of fun.

Going on adventures together and solving challenging puzzles. Games like It Takes Two have reshaped the co-op genre and fueled the desire for immersive 2-player co-op experiences. Because it’s so much fun, we made a Top 5 List of similar titles.

It’s a rainy day, and you’re sitting at home. You’ve just successfully completed the adventures of It Takes Two and already ask yourself: What’s next? We’ve compiled a list of co-op games that are comparable to the popular It Takes Two.


5. Snipper Clips

If you want to master challenging puzzles together with your friend or partner as in games like It Takes Two, you’ll get your money’s worth in this title. Although this game doesn’t offer an emotionally deep story or impressive worlds in 3D, it convinces even more with its innovative game mechanics and the associated concentrated load of comedy and fun. You play as two paper shapes and have to cut each other to fit the required shapes and reach your goal. The game starts out fairly easy, but the difficulty increases quickly. Since the two playable paper shapes include a female and a male character, the game is also very suitable for couples. With huge laughs guaranteed while cutting out!

Play one of the games like It Takes Two with Snipperclips. This game is less epic, but all the more fun. On this cover, the title of the game "Snipperclips" is shown on the left in black capital letters. Below that is the subtitle "Zusammen schneidet man am besten ab" in German text and in capital letters in white behind a red and yellow background. These colors are also found in the same way in the main characters, which we see on the right side in a long shot: On the left is the male Main character and on the right in red is the female. The two characters look at each other smiling, while the female character cuts away a part of the male one. Below the figures, a blue and a red Joy-con are shown being held in their hands. The background is made of checkered college notebook paper and elements like a paintbrush, a ruler, shapes and a pen can also be seen at the edges of the image.
Snipperclips (Source: SFB Games, Nintendo)

The game is available for Nintendo Switch and has a 2-player co-op.


4. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

This title can actually be called the base game for It Takes Two because, again, Josef Fares, who also directed It Takes Two, took over the lead development. It is a sad, yet adventurous story of two brothers. The special thing about this game is that you can also control both sons with only one controller and play solo. In a newer version, however, there is also the possibility of going on an exciting journey together with a friend or your partner in the classic co-op mode.

If you are looking for games like It Takes Two, you will probably like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Here we can see the cover of the game, with the title "Brothers a Tale of Two Sons" written in white capital letters on the left side. To the right, we can see the two sons side by side from the front in a long shot, looking off into the distance in different directions. Behind them, a misty valley with mountains and fir trees can be seen.
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Source: Starbreeze Studios, 505 Games)

The game is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, Android
and has a 2-player co-op.


3. Unravel Two

This lovingly crafted 2.5D platformer has more in common with It Takes Two than you might first think. In this game, you take control of two cute characters made of yarn. Again, your cooperation is required to a very high degree! Together you’ll run and jump through wonderful yet challenging levels, and you’ll always have to solve puzzles that are often directly related with the help of your yarn. Just like It Takes To, mutual consideration for your partner determines your successful progress in the game, and the story is also designed to be very emotionally charged.

On this cover of the co-op game Unravel Two, we look at the two main characters, who are made entirely of yarn and are currently holding each other on a grassy hill with the help of a yarn thread to avoid falling down. The character on the left is made of red yarn, and the one on the right is made of blue yarn. In the background, you can see the sky with clouds and the sun. It's one of those games like It Takes Two where the two players have to work very hard together to succeed.
Unravel Two (Source: Coldwood Interactive, Electronic Arts)

The game is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC and has a 2-player co-op.


2. Portal 2

The critically acclaimed guessing game got a cooperative mode with part 2, which really has it all. In this game, we move through clinically white rooms in science fiction style and have to solve tricky puzzles with our teleport partner. Grab a friend or solve challenging puzzles together with your partner, which always involve the laws of physics and demand your full cognitive effort. If you are searching for games like It Takes Two, this is another very unique experience.

In this picture, we see the player in the first-person perspective with his teleporter gun standing in a kind of warehouse. In front of him is a large metal framework with a staircase. The floor is partially covered with a snow-like substance and a white, viscous mass is falling from the center of the image into a blue portal placed on the floor in the foreground. The scene is very dark and there is a light mist in the air. Play Portal 2 as one of the games like It Takes Two with a friend.
Portal 2 (Source: Valve)

The game is available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC and Mac with a 2-player co-op mode.


1. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

The game, which was originally supposed to be released for the Nintendo Wii U, has now made its successful debut on the Switch, offering you a fun, adventurous co-op spectacle set in the Super Mario universe. Take on the roles of your favorite characters and join forces as you experience lovingly designed levels and defeat numerous bosses together. Bowser’s Fury also offers a successful expansion of the story, which you can also master cooperatively.

The cover of Super Mario 3D Wörld + Bowser's Fury can be seen here. The left side shows numerous colorful game elements, platforms, and enemies from the various levels of the game. In front of this arrangement is the logo along with the game title "Super Mario 3D Wörld" in colorful capital letters. Above it, we see Super Mario together with Luigi, Peach, and Toad. Below the logo, Super Mario is jumping into the air in a cat outfit. On the right side of the image, in contrast to the cheerfully colorful Mario world, a dark, foggy world is depicted, in which a giant, fire-breathing Bowser can be seen. In front of it, we see a much smaller Super Mario looking up at Bowser. Diagonally above the villain's head in the upper left corner we see the logo with the red inscription "Bowser's Fury" in capital letters.
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (Source: Nintendo)

The game is available for Nintendo Wii U, and Switch, and has a 4-player co-op.


Games like It Takes Two for a relaxing time

We hope to have been helpful in your search for a suitable co-op game and wish you a lot of fun playing together! Maybe you are looking for a new FPS or RPG game too? Feel free to check out our lists for the best free RPG games or 10 best free FPS games too.

Do you think of another game that belongs on this list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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