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11 Fortnite Building Tips to Dominate With Confidence

If you want to outsmart your opponents in build-fights, you must first take your foot off the gas pedal, reflect on the proper building techniques in their core elements, and then go full throttle again.

Do you constantly bite the dust in build-fights? Even a Bugha is not born a world champion and started small once. With our 11 Fortnite building tips, you will master all the crucial techniques to get more chicken dinners, even from scratch.


Besides very useful features like the ability to ride on animals, the building in Fortnite is still the most important component. This skill not only determines victory and defeat in intense fights. It also distinguishes the best players in the game.

If you want to bring home even more victories, check out the Fortnite building tips, some of which even world champions use to win. Should you want more general recommendations on how to get better at Fortnite, you can also check out these Fortnite Tips.

This screenshot again shows the player with black skin as in the first screenshot. He just lands with a white-brown parachute construction on a wooden floor, which we see at the bottom center of the image in the crop. The erected wooden structure continues centrally into the background, then goes up a mountain with many ramps, and then rises even higher into the sky. Finally, the wooden structure rises out of the top center of the image in the background. To the left and right of the wooden structure walk Suad members marked with a white triangle over their heads. In addition to the grassy hill in the center, we also glimpse a continuing grassy plain on the left, where two green fir trees and a yellow-leaved tree can be seen. In the distance, a similar landscape can be seen, but it is in the storm, so the background is completely colored turquoise.
Build Fights in Fortnite (Source: Epic Games, ShinyPanda)


11 Fortnite Building Tips for More EZ Claps

1. Boxing

Let’s start with a very proven and also common tactic: Boxing. You’ve been locked up in Fortnite long enough! Now it’s time to get your revenge: The best way to box an enemy is to first place a cone over them, as this has the longest range. Then build walls around the enemy and put a window in a wall. Through the window, you can kill your enemy and have cover at the same time.


2. Ramp Rushing

Should you be the one being hunted or being in a build fight, you will need to gain heights. One of the fastest ways in Fortnite to do so is Ramp Rushing. Just place ramps towards the sky while running upwards. To strengthen your ramp, you can put walls and floors under your ramps. This makes it harder for your enemies to hit you. Build the ramp in this order: First, the ramp, then the floor, and then the wall. Repete this process as often as you need to.

Here we see a male character again in the third person, as he builds a self-made wooden ramp in front of him to get higher and higher. In the background, we see a daytime sky covered by many purple clouds. The player wears a sleeveless brown and beige outfit and has long brown hair. He's running up the ramp that's rising in front of him at that very moment. Learn everything you need to know about ramp rushing in these Fortnite Building tips.
Ramp Rushing in Fortnite (Source: Epic Games, ShinyPanda)


3. Build the 90s

The fastest way to get higher, however, are the 90s. While you build forwards with Ramp Rushing, you build vertically upwards in the 90s. Here you turn to the side, 90 degrees, again and again, place walls and floors below you, and then a ramp on top of it to get higher. If the opponent is, e.g., on your left, it’s best to place walls on the left side first before you go higher. This way, you always block the view of the opponent and cover yourself.

The player is on a colorful bright island during the day and is standing on a round metal platform with a yellow border. He is shown in the third-person centered at the bottom of the image and is a female character with blond hair and brown combat outfit and a pickaxe. The blue sky can be seen in the background. The character is looking at a wooden construction he has just erected. This is a 90s build. The player has built several ramps on top of each other, always turned to the right at a 90-degree angle, in order to reach the top vertically. In doing so, he has built walls around the ramps to protect himself from enemy gunfire. Fortnite building tips also include this building technique.
Build 90s in Fortnite (Source: Epic Games, YOURGAMES.TV)


4. Build Single, Double, and Triple Edits

Do you want to reach your opponent above you quickly, put them under pressure, and be protected at the same time? This is where Single, Double, and Triple Edits come in handy. Run up your ramp and practice editing through floors and cones, either single, double, or triple, as shown below. In the Tripe Edit, you double-edit your way through the cone, then place a wall directly behind it and create a triangle out of it. A deadly combo that allows you to quickly reach your opponent, confuse them and take ’em out from close range.

The player is again standing on a ramp that goes way up, where we see the blue night sky. Directly behind in the cut and in front of him are wooden triangles as walls. These are originally normal walls that the player has used triple edit to make into a triangle so that when the player runs up the ramp, he can get through the walls and have cover from enemy fire at the same time. Single, Double and Triple Edits are also an important part of Fortnite Building Tips.
Do a Triple Edit in Fortnite (Source: Epic Games, YOURGAMES.TV)


5. Train in Creative Mode

Sure. In a build fight, you don’t really have time to practice. It’s best to get familiar with it in the Creative Mode of Fortnite. There you can try out, experiment, and practice all the methods at your leisure. There is no point in building furiously if you do not yet have the necessary relaxation to do so. All techniques must be practiced slowly and logically. The tempo comes all by itself.


6. Tunneling

Another very popular way to escape or to reach an opponent while maintaining cover is tunneling. Here you place box next to box, which you link together. The most effective way is to place floors in front of you, place walls around them and then edit the front wall to continue with the next box.

Here, the same character stands in a constructed wooden tunnel system that zigzags moderately horizontally forward. We can see the end of the tunnel in the background and the blue night sky in the distance. The player again has a pickaxe in his hand and looks into the background. Tunneling is also treated as an important method in many Fortnite building tips.
Tunneling in Fortnite (Source: Epic Games, YOURGAMES.TV)


7. Build Highwall

Next, you should master the Highwall. The simplest form is to build a Ramp, then build Walls straight in the air on top of it, then build another Ramp on top of it, jump on it, and then repeat the process. A reliable method to reach an enemy and block his view.


8. Thwifo cone

If you have your opponents behind you while Ramp Rushing, the Thwifo Cone is a very common technique you should use at this point. After building a ramp, build Walls with a swing behind you and build a cone on top. Repeat this process for every other ramp. This method requires proper aiming and timing. Here you need to pay special attention to your crosshair placement. If you look down too much, the cone will be built in the wrong place. Practice this process to get the cone in the right place.

In this screenshot, the player is again standing on one of the floating metal platforms with a yellow border. It is the middle of the day. He is looking at a wooden construction called a Thwifo-Cone, which can be seen in the background slightly to the left in the long shot and sloping upwards to the right into the background. Here the player builds a ramp, then turns around briefly to build two walls on top of each other directly at the beginning of the ramp and a cone as a roof above it. Immediately afterward he turns back and repeats the process with the next ramp. This way he is well protected from enemies below him.
Building a Thwifo-Cone in Fortnite (Source: Epic Games, YOURGAMES.TV)


9. Side Jumps

Now it gets a little trickier with Side Jumps. This method opens up new possibilities for dodging and changing direction during the build-fight. Start with the simple variant: Jump around the cone and land on a floor. From there, you can ramp up, tunnel, or do whatever you want to do. Especially popular are the more difficult Elevated Side Jumps. Instead of jumping on the floor, you jump to the side on a ramp. Here you place the floor first and then the ramp above it. To get on the ramp, you have to jump to the lower end of it. Not only will you get higher more quickly, but you will also create an additional layer that protects you at the same time.


10. Build 180 Retake

In addition to the 90s, you should also master the 180 Retake. You start by either building ramps below and above you or by doing the Thwifo cone. Then build a cone at the end of the ramp. Now, turn around and build walls behind you. Next, you jump to the side and build a ramp-up. A beneficial method to quickly get a few levels higher after a 180 jump.


11. Build a Side Jump High Wall

Take your high walls one step further and build Side Jump High Walls. When you do a side jump, create walls straight up while you are at mid-height. Land on a floor and build a ramp above it. When your opponent is behind the wall, you can close him with the box technique.

Here we see the same player floating in the air and looking at a wooden construction called the Side Jump High Wall. The construction can be seen in the center of the image a bit further in the background in a long shot. Here, a ramp slopes up from the metal platform to the left. At the end of the ramp is a cone roof. Just before the cone, the player jumped up to the left side and turned to the right toward the cone. At mid-height, he quickly built two walls on top of each other vertically up the cone and very quickly built a floor below him and a ramp above, which lead to the built walls in front of him. He then quickly ran up these and put more walls around them and a cone on top. This way, he could have quickly caught a player in a box during a build fight and killed him through a built window.
Performing a Side Jump High Wall (Source: Epic Games, YOURGAMES.TV)


Our general Fortnite Tips might also be helpful to you.

That’s it, for now: 11 Fortnite building tips to get you more chicken dinners. Take your time and practice these strategies at your own pace. Practice makes perfect. And be sure, once you internalize the building methods, you’ll soon be carrying home more victory! If you want to learn even more fundamentals to get better, go ahead and check out our general Fortnite tips.


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Did you understand everything in our Fortnite building tips, or did we forget something important? We appreciate your comment below.

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